Pokémon GO Travel: Research Tour— Community Day with Eevee and the Raid Battle Challenge! (Ep. 3)

ah, it holds a lot of memories for me as a city. I’ve been coming here since I was a kid, I’ve a lot of family up here. This is my first time in San Francisco, it is absolutely gorgeous here. I just love the culture of the city. It has always been my dream to come to San Francisco because obviously it is like the home base of Pokémon GO. We’re gonna to try to work up some strategies,
we’re down one point but we cannot afford to lose. Oh, no way the other team will come back, like,
we’re winning this, we’re taking this home. Hi, hey, how are you? Being reunited with the Pokémon GO Travel Team is so exciting,
they’re like brothers to me now. We’re all so tight now, it’s amazing. Eevee! The Community Day in Pokémon GO was like the best invention Niantic has ever made. I see people from eight years old all the way up to eighty years old. Tall, small, like, single, engaged, married. It’s infectious when everyone is so happy together in a big group. Community Day we have once a month, we get a brand new shiny in the game. We get a brand new shiny with a brand new moveset, and we just get a bunch of really wild and crazy spawns
for a couple of hours, it’s always a fun time. Eevee! CHALLENGE 4 EEVEE CHALLENGE COMMUNITY DAY
LIGHTEST EEVEE WINS Are we going? OK. Ready to go? OK, ready to go. Let’s go Eevee. Oh wow there’s three right here. Woah, there is it, there is it! Got him, got him. Nice. 3.63. That’s small, that’s small. Extra small. So guys, I first met Jackie back at the Dratini Community Day
in Civita Park in San Diego. What do you most look forward to with Community Days? Community Day, just seeing everyone come out, people who I don’t usually see. I got my first shiny on the Incense, so it’s the lucky play. Oh there you go, there’s one, there’s two, there’s three. I just caught a small Eevee, so, I think we’ll win this. Twelve-thousand kilometer trade. Here we go. OK, here we go, here we go, here we go. Aaaaaah, yeah! That one was 2.77. That’s the best one, right? Yeah that’s the smallest so far. One, two, three, yes. First shiny Eevee, in the bag. I like this spot. It’s a great spot, beautiful. But do you know what’s a really great spot? What’s a really great spot? Down by the water. This is paradise. Wow, there are so many here. Eevees? Yeah. Oh, you’re gonna give me a Heracross?
Oh dude, thank you so much man, that’s awesome. Oh, yes! Nice dude, nice. There he is. Is it gonna– 697, wow, that’s a big one. Oh it’s lucky. No, yeah, it’s lucky. Woah, I’m spinning the Pokéstop real quick right now. This is insane. Dude, I’m gonna save this one forever man. I might even max this one out, ‘cos this is iconic. Like, all the communities, all the events, all the shinies, that really has got me like motivated to,
actually playing and walking around more. Oh you actually caught some crabs? Crabs for everyone. / He’s being covered in crabs. That’s my crab sleeve, yeah, just get it on man, yeah. One, two, three, Eevee! He’s getting all my shinies for me, they’re all going in my bag later. Oh, wow, a Minun, a Minun, a Minun Shiny, yeah. 3.04. Oh, that’s all she wrote, that’s all she wrote. 2 o’clock. It’s over. EEVEE CHALLENGE RESULTS 3.91. OK, alright. That’s sweet. 2.99. Oh, cute. 3.04. Alright. 2.6. 2.6. 2.51. 2.51, and shiny. How do you keep getting these? I don’t know man. TRAINER PROFILE TRAINER TIPS My name’s Nick, I live in Long Beach, California,
and I am a full time Pokémon Trainer. As a kid, and even now, I would say I’m pretty quiet,
reserved, definitely an introvert. Kids want to be astronauts, or doctors or whatever, and I think Pokémon Trainer was probably always a legitimate career option in my mind as a kid. Towards the end of 2014, I was going through a little bit of a rough patch. Just quit a job, I’d ended a long-term relationship,
I guess you could call it a phase of depression. I felt like I just needed to go spend some time alone, so I bought a van, remodeled the inside of it, just did a solo road trip up the West Coast of the US. Just being alone, out in nature sometimes, I felt really liberated, I had a lot of time to think about myself and what I wanted to do, and how I wanted to move forward in my life. I started making videos about six months before the game actually came out, mostly just news, any small updates, any little
bits of information I would cover those. Once the game actually launched the channel just exploded. The game obviously went viral in its first few weeks
and basically took the channel with it. Coming out of that rough patch in my life, having this direction now, I just put all my energy into it, and
I was just ready to go full speed into Pokémon GO. I think I’m just a lot more confident about who I am, a lot more confident about what I want to do, and I’m enjoying it a lot more. San Francisco is special because it’s the home of Pokémon GO. Niantic is based here, it’s one of the best cities to play Pokémon GO, there’s just Pokémon everywhere. So to be here, in the, maybe in the place where I guess it all started, it’s a good place to be. The lobby at Niantic is pretty epic. It is actually a recreation of the maritime museum, because Niantic is named after the ship Niantic. So we wanted to give it that maritime, real museum feel. [LIZ GLOBAL COMMUNITY MANAGER – POKÉMON GO]
My role is a very interesting one. It’s taking feedback from the community and bringing it back to the team. Often times, people feel like they might be unheard,
[MICHAEL SENIOR MARKETING MANAGER, LIVE EVENTS] but we are paying attention to the feedback, and bringing it in to the different product decisions that we’re making as a company. When it comes to thinking of new features and improvements of the game, we’re really lucky that many employees at Niantic are die-hard players of Pokémon GO. At lunch, if we want to go out and go raid a gym and go, you know encounter Pokémon we can, and we have a whole, whole office full of people who want to go. Just seeing the comments and the wants and the cries
and the desperation for certain features, and knowing what’s coming I’m just over-the-moon excited for them to see it. The possibilities of this game are really endless, and it’s really up to the community and really up to us to, you know, drive that and figure out what that looks like. But, I mean, in five years, I mean look what we did with two, you know, five is going to be amazing. CHALLENGE 5 RAID CHALLENGE 60 MINUTES
CATCH, TRADE, AND EVOLVE A POKÉMON BATTLE PARTY FASTEST VICTORY WINS 3 2 1 GO! Alolan Raichu, electric and psychic type. Got you. Weakness ground. Ghost, dark, bug. Can we do a Gengar raid? What’s around here? I mean, we don’t need many Pokémon, we just need the right ones, right? Right. Oh, hi. Can we do some trades? Does Tyranitar – Tyranitar would be great, Tyranitar would be amazing. I’ve just got a Tyranitar, a Bite/Crunch Tyranitar, for a Pidgey. That’s a fantastic trade, right? We’ve done it, yes. Alolan Persian, thank you so much, you’re gonna help me out with this battle. Come on lucky, lucky, lucky, no lucky, lucky, no lucky. Two Tyranitar. Two Tyranitar, and a Gengar. We’re ready. We solid. We’re winning dude. Lucky! There’s a Magikarp right about there, we can evolve it into a Gyarados and then we can get dark moves on that, with the TM’s. We’re off to a really good start here. Yes. We might not even need a full team of six. Let’s go. Let’s go. A Shadow Claw Gengar would be incredibly helpful. OK I got it. Karate Chop, Cross Chop. Are you willing to part with that? I have one– I will, I will trade that if that’s what you want. Alright. That’s, that works, that works for me. One, two, three. We’ve got a little over 10 minutes left, I think that Magikarp is a pretty strong one. Two, one, go! I got Tyranitar, Absol and Persian from a trade. Tyranitar, Tyranitar, Gengar, Gengar, Gyarados, we’re good to go. Politoed. That’s a good one, yes. Alright, so the raid’s just down this way. Let’s do it, yeah, on to the raid. Let’s get it. Thank you for that. Oh yeah. Hi, how we doing? Nice matching shirts. Right here. I’m curious how this one is going to turn out. I am too. This is going to be exciting, this is the most fun challenge so far, I feel. Five, four, three, two, one. Let’s go! And it’s down! Here we go, here we go, Everything’s super effective. Yes! What was the time on your counter when you finished Raichu? Ah, it’s 113. 113. Congratulations, not bad. But? But, we actually ended ours. Tell him. At 120. Snap! That’s going in my clips compilation. TRAINER PROFILE MYSTIC7 My name’s Brandon Martyn, I go by Mystic7 on YouTube, and I’m a full time YouTubers and Pokémon GO trainer. A large part of my family is Italian, very talkative, very animated, and I think that kind of factors into my channel as you all probably know. When I started YouTube it was never, I want to do this for a living, or I want to do this because I want to make money or I want to be famous from this. It was just, I like making videos, and I enjoy this game. Once I hit about 50,000 subscribers,
that’s when I was like, OK, this could be something. My old videos were just seated, right, I didn’t do anything crazy, I kind just sat down and played games for a couple of hours. Pokémon GO, you go out, you explore,
I travel the world, it’s such a different experience. I focus more on the fun, the aspect of community,
so even though it wasn’t super hardcore, it was more about the hype than about the strategies. My parents were a little bit confused, a little bit concerned, because you know I was focusing more on YouTube
instead of school and that’s very untraditional. My parents warmed up to it, they saw the potential in it, they saw where I was going, they saw my drive, and I mean to this day they support the heck out of me, my parents are you know my biggest fans
and the biggest reason why I’m successful. We put together a pretty good strategy. We got some good trades in, we got some strong Pokémon. The Gengar I think, definitely carried us through that challenge. Big time. So a shout out to everyone for the trades. Jessie the fisherman put all those crabs on my arm,
that was like the highlight for me. We all won, because we’re having a great time, just catching some Pokémon. I met so many people, I caught so many shinies, it was an awesome experience. All my friends came out, my brother came out, and then some local raid groups that we know came out as well, so it was a very community, very shiny filled weekend as well. San Francisco is an amazing place to play Pokémon GO! Woo! See you in Yokosuka! DON’T MISS A CATCH!


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