Pokémon GO Travel: Research Tour—Meet the Team! (Ep. 1)

oh my gosh it’s time to trade stickers it what is this a QR code [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Xiomara we are in Dortmund Germany right now and we’re here for the safari zone I am excited and nervous at the same time I’ve just seen a small fraction of the pokomoko safari venue indoor moon and it is absolutely gigantic Malakal acoustical de la la food on me holding a Pokemon go finished ate their new home I did ok Mongo wall today just a photo la wanaka puncture finding out who my teammates where it was a real surprise for me people from all over the world all combined into one summit or Toronto has changed everything for me it kind of forced me to get out and be amongst people make friends and communicate a little more it hasn’t only changed my life is but it’s become welcome this week in safari zone is gonna be absolutely intense it’s gonna be over 50,000 people getting out there gonna be epic do you have a plan like have you seen this Pakistan okay normandeau will not leave you we got the native speaker here I got the feeling this is the right direction [Music] friends let’s play slide the head from their polka salami then Phoenix stone Thank You Sharon Lewis he would become spilled some polka stuff to reveal some golden raspberry awards golden raspberries I’m nervous I’m nervous one you know nearby – yeah so they’ll scenic tour here so that’s another focus top shiny – huh Johnny’s what have you done yesterday I have all the stuffs already okay where do we go great catch great catch okay let it go oh yeah got in three shinies in ten minutes if I switch my game language to German I’ll have better luck [Music] [Music] my name is Talia most likely known as spirit rent and yeah I like to play pokemon go for this videos about that and uploads its to the internet the first time playing pokemon gold it was a really nice story so I was going for vacation with my dad my mom my sister a few friends and it was on the day that Pokemon goal was to be released and I was checking the App Store when is it out when is it out and then it finally came out right when we arrived at the hotel and instead of going into spa and whatever we just downloaded the game ran into a forest called the PJ kata wheedle caught every Pokemon and the whole family was playing it was like it was a lot of fun I go raiding with my dad almost every day yeah when I was a child we played together on the consoles etc but then when I got older it kind of like drifted apart but Pokemon go brought us together like gather it’s really amazing so I came here to Dortmund to the best fan paga heard there is some big stuff going on an event like this if Arizona can join the whole world in one country like the social aspect of the game it’s really you can’t compare to anything else you have to be here to know what it’s like the safari zone is a meeting of the minds everybody who’s passionate about same thing Pokemon [Music] pokeball go safari zone in Dortmund is gonna be absolutely crazy it’s gonna have players from all over the world that are going to be coming together for K Montana each bike on kind of schedule illu t Noah cheated on a KD no more most like online a pied-a-terre Oh Monica see if I don’t leave with the shiny swablu I might actually try so we got to get that this weekend I just called a new friend over 50,000 people that’s a lot of people all at once and I feel like I could get lost in this sea of Pikachu lovers so I’m all about that I think the coolest thing about all of this is people I’ve been talking online to each other about Pokemon and now they actually a gather opportunity to meet face to face and actually make friendships real moving throughout the years and growing for these it’s the community that keeps this game intact so for updates like trading to come out that now entice meeting people it makes the whole community aspect of the game way more fun and the community is really the biggest part of Pokemon thank you so much for the vision the community it spans all genders races ages and none of that matters when you’re playing poker one go so I’ll go out and I’ll see families playing together young kids grandparents and everyone just gets along you to Burma for volunteer mystic seven yeah now I cannot deliver from an animal kill model and I have been expelled I’ll video server as an truthful mahabharatha if you know stability pianos the consejos on a ferret I can take a little SATA mingle papaya shiny shiny [Music] he was flying shiny gift one piece maybe here let’s try that [Music] [Applause] trying shining your phone oh my god did you won first time we got here next one [Music] [Music] okay let’s go one two three [Applause] [Music] [Applause] this was like the one Pocono [Music] hey guys your name yeah sorry Nick announcing you announces three [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] making of modes oh yeah don’t oh no sorry so uh you want a more melodic cake in staccato not at Iona hey he’s Johnny so this partisan was amazing I don’t stick up to meet so many people and experience was really humbling I didn’t get every Pokemon I wanted to get but I mean overall we saw the city we saw the park we got a kid Pokemon in both places catch shinies in both places was a fun experience the highlights definitely was the whole crowd like the whole community coming together the coolest thing that happened at the Safari Zone probably was a shiny challenge we only had 30 minutes and I ended up with two new shiny pokemon that’s definitely fastest I’ve ever gotten Chinese I think for me it was just being able to play with my friends old and new friends from all over the world really cool to be able to meet Daniel and Yamada and spend more time with Brandon Holly and Jia to America [Music] you


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