Poland’s Kraków wagon tour takes you back to the Middle Ages! [Battle Trip / 2017.07.28]

I hope you will do better. We showed you a musical trip this time. – Is there more Chopin? / – No. The second half in Poland will be a historical trip. You may think history is boring at first but it’s fun if you go there and experience it yourself. – Of course. / – The musical trip was enjoyable. And I can’t wait to watch the historical trip now. We give you… – The second half of Poland. / – Okay. It’s the second day in Warsaw. (Good morning) It’s great to be on a trip with my good friend and relax in the park. That looks nice. It looks like they’re shooting a commercial. That’s right. Do you carry your personal lightings? Is there a reflector below? I admit they are beautiful. I really wanted to come to Europe but now that I’m here, it doesn’t seem real. Though it’s a weekday, people don’t seem to be bustling around. Did you just drink coffee and eat bread since it’s morning? We had a musical trip yesterday. It will be a historical trip today. We’d like to visit places other than Warsaw too. Are there any places you’d like to recommend? Yes, there is one. It’s Krakow. – Krakow? / – Krakow. – Krakow. / – Krakow is… The old capital of Poland. The history of Poland is mostly there. So there are a lot of things to see and eat. – What is that? / – What is it? – It’s like Gyeongju in Korea? / – It’s a historical city. The hot-air balloons will be impressive. – Did they ride it? / – That looks amazing. – That’ll be amazing. / – It will be. (Soboru Tour’s historical trip) Shall we go take a train? – Great. / – Let’s go. (A train to Krakow) How long does it take by train? Two hours. Two hours? The train is arriving. It looks like KTX. It does. It’s a high-speed train. It’s an express train and a little more expensive. It costs $80 for a round trip. It’s as far as Busan. $80 for a round trip? – A bit more than 2 hours. / – 2 hours 40 minutes? We’re moving now. This is amazing. I’m riding a train in Europe. Since I’m riding a train in Europe, it reminds me of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” – You too? / – Right. I heard a snack cart will be here in a while. And we can have water, coffee and tea for free. – It’s included in the ticket. / – No need to spend. – Almost everything is free. / – You paid for the toilet. We didn’t have to. It was all free. I’ll ask for water later. (In a moment) It’s coming. They are not all free, right? – They are all free. / – They are. You can just take one out? Yes. They give it to you for free. – Too late. / – That’s why it’s free. It’s too fast. You can’t catch it. – If you can catch it, it’s free. / – Right. – If you stop it, you have to pay? / – Exactly. (The snack cart is gone with the wind) (I have to drink free water in Europe) (Soeun passes out frowning) – She looks serious. / – She’s frowning. Maybe because she couldn’t drink the water. Do I look okay on screen? This is a train trip in Poland with Boah. Ta-da. – It’s gorgeous. / – How beautiful. – What a beautiful sight. / – Look at the clouds. – Water is here. / – Water. – Grab a bottle. / – Nice timing. Water is here. (Goal achieved) After a two-hour ride from Warsaw, we arrived in Krakow. It only took two hours. – It did. / – It doesn’t take long. It was the capital in the past. Right. It’s not crowded and it looks so nice. And the outdoor cafes are gorgeous. They can be called as pioneers because… – Poland is not introduced a lot. / – Right. I think it’s the first time to be introduced in detail. Tell me about it. Don’t those kinds of squares look so good? – So beautiful. / – Squares in Europe are beautiful. The square is very big. Gosh. Look at that. I saw it from a distance and it was so beautiful. Look at that. It’s amazing. It’s so tall. The buildings are so elaborate. They look so antique. Now that we’re here, let’s try pizza bread that is famous in Krakow. Bread? Did you know we didn’t have lunch? – I know. Let’s eat it. / – Frankly, I’m hungry now. – Please eat something. / – Let’s go immediately. We should start with eating. Pizza bread is here. It smells so good. It’s the smell of pizza bread. (This Poland pizza bakery opened in 1980) (Apple juice is a must) They make it fresh. – It’s fresh fruit juice. / – No ingredients are added. They only put in apples. – They just squeeze it. / – They grind the peels too. (How does it taste?) It’s good. Two apples are in here. There were only 3 or 4 apples and nothing else. – How expensive is it? / – It’s only $1.80? – The prices are so low. / – Just $1.80… For freshly squeezed juice? The pizza bread seems so delicious. (Pizza bread is a must as well) (Zapiekanka is a light Polish snack) (With onion, cheese and mushrooms on a baguette) (It’s so good that it makes you dance) Do you know funghi pizza? It tastes like that. I like it because the baguette is not too thick. It’s crispier than I thought. Baguettes are usually hard. This is a baguette, right? Yes, it’s a baguette. It’s good. It’s so delicious. Now… I would have eaten at least two if I had been there. Shall we take a look around now? That’s Main Market Square, the biggest medieval square left in Europe. There are a lot of flowers here. They are beautiful. It’s strange when girls walk around holding hands. One is a manly trip and the other is a girly trip. – Indeed. / – See? I told you, shopping is better than Chopin. Awesome. Can I try it on? How do I look? I look like a maid of honor, don’t I? – It looks good on you. / – Does it? (Similar flower hairbands but so different) Who was that? – It was you. / – Was it? It’s pretty. Hello. Look at them. Look at the carriages. Looking around this square and Wawel Royal Castle, riding a carriage is a tourist attraction in here. I heard tourists always ride this carriage. What do you think? We should ride it. Sure. – They match your outfit perfectly. / – They are cute. I feel like I’m getting married or something. Hi. (Welcome) The black horses look cool. They look like princesses. I really like this. Hello. This is a rare experience. When will we ever ride on a carriage like this? I feel like an aristocrat. – Your outfit and garland fits too. / – You’re right. – Where is this place? / – This place is so nice. – This is fun. / – It is. It’s even fast. (The carriage stops) Is this subway running above the ground? – It’s a tram. / – Tram. – This place also has a tram. / – That’s also cheap. It’s pretty. They all have flower pots up there. They’re blowing bubbles. Children will like that. (Every sight is like a scene from a picture) This is Soeun’s first time to Europe. – It’s more thrilling for her. / – I completely fell in love. It’s perfect to go with your lover. – It’s perfect. / – Isn’t it perfect for a honeymoon? You can ride a carriage and the food is so cheap. This is romantic. This is what I thought Europe would be like. It’s so nice. It looks amazing. Soeun, look at that. What is that? Look at that. – They restored it. / – Yes, they restored it. – They restored it. / – The color of the bricks… Are all different. This also looks like it was restored. I think you’re right. The white brick looks restored. I think that Poland works very hard to preserve things from the past. They only repainted it. Other than that, they preserved the old style. Is this the Wawel Royal Castle? They also restored a lot of this. – The colors are different. / – The walls are different. (Krakow is a small but historic medieval city) I’m 29. Why is this my first time in Europe? – You were busy. / – I can only think about that. – You had to work. / – I should have traveled more. You need to go to Europe during your 20s. I started to enjoy traveling after Battle Trip. – Really? / – Whenever I have about 2 days off… – I pack up and go on a trip. / – You go on a trip? – Run. / – We’re already here. We’re here. Thank you for the ride. Let’s get off.


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