Pomona College Campus Tour

Hi, I’m Nick Timms and I’m a second year
International Relations major. And I’m Erica Berry and I’m a senior Economics
major. Welcome to this tour of Pomona College! We’re starting right here in Marston Quad,
the beautiful green space at the heart of campus, it’s the perfect place to show off
our sunny Southern California weather. On warm sunny days, most days that is, you’ll
see a lot of students out here studying under all of the trees. Sometimes in fact, you’ll see an entire
class out here on the lawn. And since we’re right at the center of campus,
it’s a great place to get oriented. Just at the edge of the Quad, you’ll find
Bridges Auditorium. That’s where lots of big name speakers and
entertainers appear. Performers like Dave Matthews, Larry Wilmore
and Taylor Swift. And on the other side of the quad we have
our Carnegie Building, one of many academic buildings on this part of campus. Look north and you’ll find Smith Campus
Center, the center of a lot of our social life. Beyond that lies north campus, where lots
of juniors and seniors live. And past that lies the rest of the Claremont
Undergraduate Colleges. And look south, and you’ll see one of our
truly iconic buildings, Bridges Hall of Music. Beyond that is South Campus where all the
first years live, Nick’s going to take you there next. Here on South Campus we have a row of residence
halls primarily reserved for first and second-year students. Here’s one our three dining halls, Frank
Hall. Side note, they have amazing omelets. Right next door is Mudd-Blaisdell Hall, where
I live. It’s also where I serve as a sponsor for
a group of 18 first years. Come on inside. The residential experience for first-years
here at Pomona is centered around the sponsor program, with small groups of students who
live with student sponsors who are here to support them and make sure their transition
to college life is easy. Sponsors like me are here to help them get
their bearings and fit in, and be there whenever they need some friendly guidance. Here’s my room. As you can see, it’s a single. About one third of the freshman class will
have singles, with the other two thirds having doubles, and you’re going to have the occasional
triple. While we’re here on South Campus, let’s
check out our international center, Oldenborg, where you can live in a dorm with students
who speak only Spanish. Or French. Or Russian, German, Japanese or Chinese. You can also have lunch here at one of our
language tables, where you can practice conversing in almost 30 different languages, from Arabic
to Vietnamese. As you can tell, living here on campus is
great. But let’s go check out some of the places
where you’ll be taking classes. This is the Studio Art Hall, which is kind
of a work of art itself. It’s full of amazing spaces for making art,
whether you want to major or you just want to dabble. Next door is the Seaver Theatre complex, where
you can watch some incredible plays, or maybe even act in and direct one yourself. You remember Bridges Hall of Music, right? If you love music, you’ll probably spend
a lot of time here, either listening or performing as a member of one of our many ensembles—from
choir to Balinese Gamelan. Plus, you can take music lessons in just about
any instrument you can think of, and the lessons are all free. Here we are in Pomona’s science district. The buildings here are equipped with state-of-the-art
lab equipment and since there are no graduate students, undergrads have the opportunity
to do original research with our professors. This is Millikan Laboratory for Physics and
Mathematics, the newest building on campus. And one of my favorite things to do here is
go to the new beautiful, immersive digital planetarium where you can just kick back and
look at the night sky. Speaking of looking skyward, tucked in between
Lincoln and Edmunds Halls is a permanent art installation called Skyspace, done by world-renowned
artist and Pomona alum, James Turrell. The light show that happens here at sundown
is kind of mind-blowing, but it’s also kind of nice just to sit around this little infinity
pool and study. Now I mentioned the Carnegie Building earlier. It’s one of the most recognizable buildings
and houses our Economics, Politics and International Relations programs. As an econ major, I spend a lot of time here. Right next door is the classic Stanley Academic
Quad, home to the Humanities disciplines and also home to the oldest academic building
on campus, Pearsons Hall. By the way, this is one of a number of fountains
you’ll find here on campus, and on your birthday, you may find yourself taking a dip
in one! This is Haldeman Pool, where our water polo
and swimming and dive teams compete. Pomona and neighboring Pitzer College join
forces to offer 10 varsity sports for men and 11 for women, and they all have great
facilities on our campus. Of course, you don’t need to be a member
of a team to enjoy our beautiful Olympic-size pool. And you don’t need to be a varsity athlete
to enjoy sports here at Pomona College. We also have tons of 5-college club team opportunities
and intramural sports. If you’re an athlete like myself, or a sports
fan, you’ll probably find yourself spending a lot of time on the east side of campus where
all of our athletic facilities are. Here we are in the Rains Center, where you’ll
find everything from two basketball courts to a wide range of workout facilities and
classes in Zumba or fencing. That brings us to North Campus, where I live. Here we are in Frary Dining Hall, where you
can have a slice of pizza or a bowl beneath a priceless work of art. This mural of Prometheus bringing fire to
humankind was done by famous Mexican muralist José Clemente Orozco in 1930. We like to compare Frary to the famous dining
hall at Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series. It does have that kind of magical feel, doesn’t
it? Surrounding Frary are the residence halls
where most juniors and seniors live, often in suites with three or four friends. This is Dialynas Hall, one of the newest dorms
on campus and home to many of our seniors. Come on upstairs and I’ll show you around. Here we are in shared living space. Many seniors live right here in suite arrangements
just like this one. I can say from experience, life in a suite
is pretty sweet. And finally, just north of the Pomona campus
are some of the buildings that serve all five undergraduate colleges here in Claremont. This is the Honnold-Mudd Library, which has
over 2 million volumes, not to mention a really cool coffee shop. So here we are back where we started on Marston
Quad. We hope you enjoyed the tour. And we hope it whets your appetite to learn
more about Pomona College. Come for a real tour, and it will be our pleasure
to show you around and answer all your questions. See you soon!


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