Prairie Dogs, Route 66, Old Cars, Wet Hole & Good Food

um look out my window you seeing what
I’m seeing well this guy standing up right there another guy moving over
there’s another guy standing way over there are those prairie dogs
there’s prairie dogs outside my RV guys Texas is full of surprises look at this
look at all these prairie dogs everywhere look how close he is right
there oh my gosh I have never actually seen a prairie dog up close like like in
the wild like this I’ve seen them I don’t know I probably seen them at a few
zoos but I love how they build those little holes they’re like little you
know what you call little little Gophers they remind me of a groundhog day and
then they got I love how they stand up like that is that where the term I’m a
prairie dog and it comes from because they just kind of stick out of the hole
a little bit look at this friendly guy he wants to
come right up to me I didn’t bring any food mister sorry
it’s like well then you got I got no use for you now buddy these guys are
adorable what a neat little surprise here just outside of Lubbock Texas I
don’t know they’re funny little dudes and they’re pretty darn friendly they’re
pretty photogenic too I’m surprised all right mister we’ll see you later
okay I don’t think I’m allowed to feed you so it’s actually called prairie dog
town vision of prairie dogs you can’t just tell them where to go there must be
a reason why they’re here oh because people put bread and food out for them that’s awesome but we got to get on the
road west today all right bye prairie dogs nice to see ya well we drove today
sorry I didn’t film a whole lot but I will make this video longer in the next
day adding to it because we’re here at another Texas free campground with
partial hookups another one yeah and Miranda’s all level there but I got
to show you something cuz we’re here in Littlefield Texas mama don’t let babies
grow up to be Cowboys you know that is Waylon Jennings no country music guy
from highwayman yeah yeah he’s from here Littlefield
1937 this is his free RV park here in Littlefield Texas I think three nights
free with power and water they got a garbage over there it’s close to town so
I mean that’s pretty awesome sauce right there’s a couple more actually – we’re
about 50 miles from here for Texas remember the hair furred Aquatic Center
that I did on route 66 a couple years ago same same thing like this free
campground with hookups I’ve traveled all over the country and you just don’t
see any other state catering to RVs like this hey welcome to our city plug in
farewell Texas now we’re actually in farewell Texas we’re waiting for this
train to finish up here and then we are leaving Texas officially in fact some of
these back roads the roads are really bad the gas prices are really high and
there’s still 75 mile an hour speed limit on roads that anywhere else would
be like 40 or 45 in the country so we’re gonna get back to i-40 for the amenities
and the gas prices and the better roads and the straighter route but Texas was
nice today we’re getting into New Mexico oh and we are there’s the welcome to New
Mexico sign right there so Oh hopefully the roads will get a little
better now we’ve got what 121 miles to kind of diagonally shoot up to tie into
i-40 but yeah here’s New Mexico and yes that
rattling back there is gonna get fixed eventually there’s a list the railroad
track is miles away and the day is loud with voices speaking yet there isn’t a
train goes by all day but I hear its whistle shrieking all night there isn’t
a train goes by though the night is still for sleep and dreaming but I see
it cinders red on the sky and hear its engine steaming my heart is warm with
the friends I make and better friends I’ll not be knowing and yet there isn’t
a train I wouldn’t take no matter where it’s going a poem by Edna st. Vincent
Millay travel well we are back on the Mother Road
remember this one i-40 in New Mexico or otherwise route 66 and I got a couple
stops I want to make things I didn’t get to in 66 days a couple years ago but
first check out the blue hole I think that water is gonna be warmer than the
ambient temperature outside right now and nobody is here year-round 61 degrees
guys I jumped in from that up there a couple years ago who the water looks
don’t you push me look at that water oh it’s just gorgeous
today they do allow diving too got to have your diving permit yeah water looks
good not jumping in but let’s go test the temperature all right here we go
it’s not warm it’s not armed but it’s not as coal is like a freezing Lake look
how turquoise blue it is that is cool but I don’t want to be freezing today so
all right let’s go find what food first yeah we’re gonna get some grub first oh
yeah is that how you do it Angela can you sit on the couch with a
dinette jax’s reclaiming his seat yeah it’s
funny because as soon as we get going just like in Yoda he’d rather be on the
floor underneath one of these seats or something but um it is cute we’ll see
how long you last I’m gonna go try to find this rest day
you run ready Jack’s ready Angela you bad she giving me the grumpy face Jax
you putz you still mean get you share I’m gonna share that’s very nice of you
okay see Angela you can have it back thanks buddy so we’re gonna call this
area Santa Clara our resting point for one day we put on a lot of miles today
at least five hours of driving Santa Rosa that’s what it is
what’d I say I wouldn’t have caught that identity neither not quite sure where
we’ll be able to park but see this restaurant sign off to our left oh there
you go I’ll try that but it is a route 66
restaurant let’s see I am going so in a big rig this is how you want to enter
these big dips at a steep angle like this and find some parking easy parking
in the rear oh it’s good to be back on route 66 didn’t even plan this but I’m
wearing my route 66 cap two burgers tacos I’m Steven I’m Steven Oh proper attire
this proper at the whole restaurant to ourselves but I like it
classy I know I normally go with the burger but today I’m feeling a little
adventurous the bacon burger I’m starting my diet tomorrow hmm yeah yeah
the route 66 auto museum over 30 cars on display first a couple outdoor cars the
old convertible firetruck there huh that’s a lot of room
now hey yeah those are sharp New Mexico
Thanks you don’t got to pay Elias got pay attention no a couple more
shovel-ready that’s right we bad it’s great I love it backhoe in the back this
thing’s got everything awesome all right let’s go check it out
Wow look at this place you could smell the smell of gasoline in
here ah it’s great looking at the magnets here first I think I’m gonna
have to get this route 66 thermometer magnet because I don’t have a
thermometer in the RV yet I’d be great right
even the cash register – hmm pictures are okay and I’m only taking 30 per
second right now here with you guys it’s $5 to get in what the heck is this 1974
Co with a 454 in it Wow now I feel old if a if a Datsun is retro
and old oh they got the old Kevin Harvick back when he was sponsored by
Budweiser yeah that black and white Chevy Nova NASCAR stuff here the Jeff
Gordon Chevy Street rod 74 Vega could be yours for 11-5 hey bad
it’s cute tow that behind the RV my absolute favorite color in this chevy
pickup truck cerulean blue that is an actual paint
color cerulean blue it’s gorgeous can’t go wrong with a 65 Mustang get
that wood paneling that’s great the inside too yeah okay that’s creepy doll
but yeah look at this Impala here this one’s for you Shawn
61 for 55 grand hmm how’s she look on the inside she looks clean clean and
Illinois plates huh just pretty yeah they got some fun cars fun history in
here the Mother Road where are we right or all right well we’re gonna go find a
campground to stay at tonight cuz well because we don’t have solar and it’s
cold and we’re boondocking freezing tonight actually I think 28 to 30
something like that so because of that we don’t want to run the generator all
the time it’s this isn’t it’s not practical to boondock until we get solar
so we’re gonna go find a little park to plug into and then we got to get into
another state tomorrow yeah all right well we’ll put up my new magnets first
that slick route 66 1 mm-hmm and since I’m a Ford v10 guy gotta have it well that was a bit of an adventure up
here we’re pretty far up here hi we had to drive I don’t want to say in the
mountains but really high in elevation to get up here I got this $8 camping on
free campsites and we got up here and of course the gate was closed they don’t
open till April first but luckily there was another campground with some two
sites available that are really unlevel look at that wasn’t gonna work but can
you believe Miranda is level there ivy we used every bit of those automatic
leveling jacks and in the back the back ones no they’re all the way up to the
curb see that he’s never inch and then we had to drive the RV back pretty far
back into our covered area to be able to get level but I guarantee you there was
no way we would have stayed here without hydraulic leveling jacks it just wasn’t
wasn’t gonna work I’m really happy with it actually for one night it’s really
gonna work and Drizzy poos outside getting some fresh Air’s when you think
buddy where’s jax man you done driving for the day alright I appreciate your
help today with sleeping it off okay man it’s a 30-amp again so using my adapter
over there no biggie I don’t need it dump the tanks
I don’t need to get water we’re fine we just wanted to have electric until we
get the solar stuff done but look trees that are taller than I am
the shrubs but still maybe some walking trails around here service is an issue
but it’s worth it for one night do you have anything you’d like to say
Jax just the normal stuff okay cool good night everyone see you soon a few days I
hope from a new state


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