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Preko is a small town on the island of Ugljan,
it is situated opposite of Zadar, another beautiful town in Croatia. In Preko, you can enjoy the sun while drinking
cocktails and dipping in the refreshing Adriatic sea. Ugljan beaches
Ugljan has a very indented coast of about 20 kilometers. Near Preko, you will find many nice beaches
as well as hidden coves if you prefer solitude and peace. The sea is clean and the nature untouched. Some of the beaches on the island are: Mostir beach in the center of Ugljan is a
sandy beach suitable for children and non-swimmers. There’s also a beach volleyball court if you
want to play. Luka cove is a sandy cove in Muline surrounded
with pine trees. The cove can be reached via gravel road from
the parking in Muline. Cinta cove is surrounded by big, steep rocks. It is suitable for boat trips and for those
seeking peace and quiet as well as some privacy. Suha cove is a sandy cove surrounded by horizontal
rocks and Mediterranean vegetation. The beach of the Ugljan Hotel is situated
in Ugljan; at the beach you can rent parasols, deck chairs, pedal boats and kayaks. Other beaches worth visiting are: Gaj in Batalaza,
Garmina and Tratica in Susica, Pavlesina and many others Things to do in Preko Croatia
The island is perfect for nature lovers who can explore the island riding a bike or hiking
along the trails. You can also rent a boat or a kayak or go
scuba diving and explore the untouched underwater world of Ugljan. As for the entertainment, on the island you
can enjoy the traditional public festivities, concerts in churches and live music on hotel
or restaurant terraces or open-air scenes. Zadar to Preko Ferry
Getting to Preko is easy! Whichever means of transport you usually use,
unless you have your own boat or yacht, you have to come to Zadar, from where you take
a ferry to Ugljan. The ferry rides are frequent and last less
than half an hour.


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