President Trump Takes a Tour of H&K Equipment Company

The President: They just
said that their business has never been better the
last year — the best year they’ve ever had. That’s fantastic. Look at what they do. They make them brand new. They redo them,
make them brand new. So, this is (inaudible.) That’s great. Look, the old and the new. I’d say they
did a good job. How are you? Doing okay? How are they doing
in Washington? The Press: Doing okay. But what did you tell
Mr. Kelly last night? The President: Well, the
wall has been something that I have been very
consistent on always. And as you know — in
fact, in an interview with you, I said the wall —
you don’t need a wall where you have a mountain. You don’t need a wall when
you have a (inaudible). So, everybody knows that. I’ve been saying that for
three years, and everybody know it. But a wall is not
necessarily a wall where you have a mountain. So, everybody
understands it. In fact, we sent out some
information where I said it three years ago
— two years ago. The Press: Do you wish
Mr. Kelly would have explained it a
little more clearly? The President:
No, he’s great. I think he’s
doing a great job. I think General Kelly has
done a really great job. He is a very special guy. The Press: Did you mind
him calling you uniformed about immigration when he
talked — The President: About what? The Press: Did you mind
that he told members of Congress you were not fully informed
about immigration? The President: No,
he didn’t say that. Well, I don’t think — he
didn’t say it the way you would like him to say it. No, he didn’t say that. He’s doing a terrific job. We have a big
immigration problem. You see what’s happening;
you see what’s going on. And we have a big problem. We’ll see if we can get
it straightened out. I will say this, the Democrats,
because of the tremendous success we’re having with the tax cuts
and the tax reform I mean, these gentlemen, they own this
facility, and you look at what’s happening — they said, “You know,
it’s just the last six, seven months, we’ve never
had anything like it.” They almost can’t
take any more work. And when you look at that and
you see what’s happening — and this is real America. The Democrats want to see a
shutdown to get off this subject, because this
subject is not working for them. The tax cuts and tax
reform has not been working well for
the Democrats. Now, yesterday you saw
with Apple — $350 billion investment. Now they’re also giving
thousands of dollars to their employees. That’s happening all over
the country, and I’m really happy. People are really
doing well. They’re doing better
than they have in years. And to be honest, the tax cuts
— not only have they worked, they’re working
much bigger and much faster than we ever
thought possible. We’ll talk to you later. The Press: (Inaudible.) The President: Rick Saccone
said he was Trump before Trump. Rick is a great guy. I think he’s going
to do really well. He’s a great guy. He loves this area,
loves this country. He just met me
at the plane. He’s here someplace. But actually, this is
about tax cuts today. You know, this is about
our economic reform. But Rick is a great
guy and special. He’s a special person. The Press: You won this
district by 20 points. The President: Right. The Press: Can he
do as well as you? The President: I hope so. I want him — I just said to
him, I hope you’re going to do as well. But we’re here — we’re
going to be helping him. I’ll be back for Rick, and
we’re going to fill up a stadium and we’re going
to do something really special for Rick. I look forward to it. The Press: Are you still planning
to go to Florida tomorrow, given the
possible shutdown? The President: We’ll
see what happens. No, if there’s a shutdown
— again, I really believe the Democrats want a
shutdown to get off the subject of the tax cuts
because they’ve worked so well. Nobody thought, including
the Democrats, they could work this well. They’ve been so good that
I think the Democrats would like to see a shutdown in order
to get off that subject. That is not a good subject
for them, the tax cuts, because of the way
they’ve worked. The Press: Mr. President,
a lot of steelworkers hoping for help from your
administration — The President: We’re going
to be helping them. We’re going to be helping
the steel workers, just like we’ve helped a lot
of the groups, including here. But I love — I love
the work you did. You know I love this
business, right? Mr. Cicero: Absolutely. The President: And I
understand this business, but you’re probably a
little bit surprised. When I see that going into
that — and that’s a 1980 version —
that’s an amazing thing. And it’s brand new, and
it’s got a brand new life. I mean — so that will be as
good as if it were brand new. Mr. Cicero: It leaves here
with a brand-new factory warranty — (inaudible)
factory warranty. The President:
That’s so fantastic. That’s a 1980, and it
looks like it just came out of a factory
brand new. Thank you all very much. No, Rick Saccone — good man. Great guy.

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