Problem Picnic Final Thoughts

hey everybody final thoughts time for problem picnic which it’s just a ridiculously charming family dexterity game I mean if you have kids I can’t think of a reason not to get this this is just gonna be a blast everybody’s going to enjoy it yo and really this is a game where the more the merrier you want to have as many dice as possible caroming off each other flying all over the place and just looking cool i mean it’s its a bright vibrant colorful lovely game the more players you’ve got the more opportunity there are four interesting surprising me of course one of these gets handed out every turn no matter what but you want to just not always see these going to the same person over and over again you want to see them spread around quite a bit you want to see more colors you want to see a big jam-packed board like this um and yeah so there’s not much to say I really if you’ve got kids and you want to have a good fun time with them you know and the thing is do I mean the game is really really nice with its auto balancing also you know the fact that whoever is in last place always gets one of these cool super powers and these superpowers like this stomp they are huge they can really make a big difference or seagull seagull basically flies down and takes two pieces away entirely you know because it just took some of the food or bug spray it automatically everybody’s really doing well now I want to be able to move in there boom my bug spray this one it sends everybody back home and from now on this one’s poison so you know if this is the one that’s really hard for you to hit because its farthest away from you just bug spray no it’s not no it’s no man’s land for anybody it become if anybody lands on there in the future they immediately get knocked out so many clever little ideas if I had any complaints at all I mean one thing that’s a little the kind of surprised me is at the beginning of around when you’re determining who’s going to get the round bonus if multiple players are tied for last place you know like the tiebreaker is age the youngest player always breaks and for me and Jen that was really kind of a problem because you know I mean gently like nine months he hunkers with me so it really didn’t make much sense that whenever we tied because we would tie a lot because we were fairly bounce it just made no sense if she kept getting all the stuff and I never got any but it makes sense what do you think about the target audience i mean the publisher this is kids table board gaming this is a game for kids so yeah it makes sense that if you have a wide range of Ages give the tiebreaker to the youngest he probably needed the most because they haven’t developed as many motor skills there and all that but yeah it’s just a very sweet charming game i guess there’s another odd thing the scoring i really like this scoring idea of hey random different objectives and all the objectives get random scores assigned to them as well really clever i mean i can’t i can’t think of anything I’ve seen like this since kramer and keys llings um what’s it called a house is a Carrara which is y all very kind of a very deep euro game maybe we’re taking that same idea incredibly modular goals that it makes every game mean you’re shooting for trying to do something different i love that but jen i did find in with more players you’re going to have more of these you know as it goes on it can be kind of tricky coming up with the ideal thing to hit i mean in this game is pretty obvious because cookies ended up getting the just about the highest and plus they got the highest score so cookies are pretty straightforward but how do you value the rest of the stuff don’t get me wrong i’m not saying that’s a bad thing at all i think it’s actually really really great because young kids can use this as an opportunity to learn you know logic cause and effect type stuff as well you know it’s all public knowledge so parents can walk them through it right up front and they can learn how to you’ll make those decisions for themselves the more they play it’s just a sharp sharp game it’s just so charming and sweet and these ants are so cute and it just you know it’s certainly something an experience everybody’s had you know seeing those lines of ants coming out and trying to grab all the food it’s just just cute as a button and that’s it folks that is problem picnic thanks for watching you have any questions comments concerns as always please let me know once again this is on kickstarter the links for it right up there you hit the eye or follow the link in the show notes and otherwise I’m gonna say thanks very much for watching everybody but very nice day talk to you later so long up a bike


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