PUBG VS NINE LINE | First Time Crusade for a Chicken Dinner

Do you think your army training is going
to help you out in this game? Oh yes, definitely. I think my army wife
training is gonna help me H 8 6 baby. Video games? Do they
attribute to violence? We’re going to find out here at Nine
Line and go get us some chicken dinners. Yeah, I mean this is just like real
combat. Just stay in the staging areas. You’re constantly just right around. Are
people just running around like I am? Yeah. Showing their
ass? Yeah. Three two one , three two one push. Oh, B’s eject. Oh, should we
count to three, right? One, two, three. What the fuck? Oh, I see you. Is that you mother******?
I don’t know why I did that. Red Zone has started, tab to see gear,
F*ck we gotta go to that red zone. Where’d you find a weapon to fight
there’s. Why do you have a pan? Cause this my weapon.
Anyway. Pick me up. Well, I’m going to get caught in the tree. That’s what happened to
my friend when she jumped, when she was like E-4
she got caught in a tree. I cant stop laughing at your Afro. It’s a tactical Afro, okay? Do it for the team.
Someone came up behind me. Terrorist style shot me in the back then. How do I go to the play area? If
you don’t see a name above them, they’re not your friend. Oh yeah. I
just got all that. Oh look, there’s [inaudible] stand up. Hold
on. Oh no. How do I stand up? Dude? You suck. This guy’s
a dick. Did you die already? That’s what you get for leaving me. See
how it had your back, man. Yellow. Okay, so I’m moving out of the red
zone. That’s a good thing. Ooh, sh*t someone shot me. Woah.
Did you get hit? Get up.. Why am i like slouching
around like a douche I am going to cheat you if you keep
leaving me. It’s going to happen. How do I pick up? How
did you pick up stuff? I’m laying on it. I keep laying.
Huh? It’d be more exciting if there were more people here. There
will be. I want the people. All right, we’ll go to this and yeah, that took about eight seconds.
Just got schwaked by a two year old. Are we going in the right
way? Restricting play area. Oh no! Oh, look i’m down.
It hit me in the head! I’m so sorry. Exciting. Hey Zac you wanna play a
game where you drive around. Wonder if you’re going to blow
up. Oh boy. It’s, O I F 2.5 again. You’re running sideways all
day long, all day. That’s, that’s all she knows how to do. Run sideways because she’s got a major
wedgie and you can’t move if you have a wedge. She should. If we thought this [inaudible] dude, [inaudible] man, you got out to Jesus. We got killed by really? Yeah. Douche.
Their name. I felt it in my core. Oh. Oh. Get up. Hit a couple for you its fine. Why would someone just come up behind
me and hit me? Where they at yeah, dead. Yeah. I’m not gonna lie. It didn’t
end well for me , can I revive you? Did you get shot in the
building? Do you have tequila? I think he’s fiddling
with the corpse. You sick, Jeffrey Dahmer . Well, he doesn’t
know his fingers never gonna smell the same. If you like this guys
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