Quality Picnic Tables – The Best Outdoor Picnic Table

Not all picnic tables are manufactured equally. Here at Quality Picnic Tables, we manufacture the heaviest duty, longest lasting, kid friendly picnic tables on the market. What sets us apart from other picnic table
manufactures? It starts with the design of the steel support
legs and structure underneath our tables. The support legs are made from heavy duty
steel tubing and 11 gauge laser cut brackets that are fully
welded. Welded to the bottom of our support legs are 3/8th inch thick foot pads for rust prevention and stabilization on uneven
surfaces. The support legs then undergo a highly effective powder coating process of sandblasting, epoxy priming, and powder coating with a super durable TGIC
powder coat. Our sandblasting process uses an 80 grit abrasive
star blast to clean the metal of all the impurities and
create a profile on the metal’s surface that allows us to adhere
the primer to the metal. Our epoxy primers are specially formulated
to have a molecule size of 1/10th that of powder coat
top coat. This allows us to melt the primer deep into
the profiled metal giving us a stronger and tighter mechanical
bond to the metal surface. Our powder coating top coats are formulated
to hold up against chipping, scratching, sun fade, and
normal wear and use of the products. And finally our kid friendly table top and
seats. Made from extruded aluminum our table tops and seats provide the most
durable table top available on the market. Heavy duty bolts and nyloc nuts are used for
assembling the picnic tables. So why choose Quality Picnic Tables? We are dedicated to providing the best customer
service, the highest quality table, and a product that’s going to last for years
and years and years. Picnic tables, that’s what we do! That’s why we do it best.

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