Quick Tip: Keeping holiday packages safe from ‘porch pirates’

hi I’m Jason Knowles with more holiday package quick tips you may not realize this but the merchant may not always cover you if your package is stolen at your doorstep so you want to protect yourself this holiday season the easiest thing you can do is require a signature at drop-off and if you’re not there at the time you can easily reschedule that delivery next is you can schedule your items to be sent to a secure pickup location like an Amazon store or even your local post office finally there’s a new feature now with many of the deliverers and many of the shippers you can actually ask them to put your package in a secret location perhaps the side of your home or the back of your home on a deck where a porch pirate won’t spot it from the street I’m Jason Knowles for the ABC 7 i-team hey if you liked that video be sure to subscribe to our ABC 7 Chicago You Tube channel

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