Rainy Day Garden Tour & Harvest

hi everyone we’ve had three days of
torrential rain and we finally have a little bit of a break everything is
green everything smells fresh it’s absolutely beautiful out here
so I thought I would – out do a quick harvest and show you around the garden
after the rain come on let’s go well the garden is absolutely coming to
life with the rain it’s so much fun there’s just green everywhere look at
all these little baby seedlings popping up they’re probably wildflowers I think
we might have some miner’s lettuce I planted arugula over here last year and
that re seeds like crazy so it’s absolutely beautiful I wanted to check
over here along the fence remember a few weeks ago when we planted some
wildflower seeds here see if anything’s popping up oh look at the tulips they’re
getting a little bit bigger it’s always a sign of spring to see tulips it’s so
much fun and not a lot of wildflower seats popping up right up here it hasn’t
quite been warm enough for them to grow oh but over here look there’s some
little dill seedlings they love the cool weather and here are some little baby
seedlings right here popping up buy some more tulips so it’s going to be so much
fun to see all these wildflowers grow in to see this fence turn into a beautiful
color line of color here along the fence so in this top garden bed here there’s
some beautiful greens we’ve got some bok choy which look at the green of these
leaves they’re so so pretty now popjoy it’s a super super juicy green and you
can even use the stems kind of like celery it’s super delicious we love it
stir-fried we love it in salads so I’m just gonna pick a bunch here so we have
plenty for the next few days because we are supposed to get quite a bit more
rain this week and I’d like to just pick the outer leaves here and then it grows
back within another week or so so pick a few from each plant well these are so tasty I think we might
even stir fry these up and some scrambled eggs this morning I love the color of the book chop they’re
right behind the bok choy there’s some arugula that’s starting to bolt you can
see right here but I’m still gonna pick off some of the leaves sometimes when it
bolts it really changes the flavor arugula is a super zippy green but we’re
gonna pick some anyway and throw it in our salads arugula is a beautiful cool
weather green it’s in my fall greens or Fall Seed Collection and the great
thing about arugula is it reseeds like crazy so it’s a super super easy green
to plant and we have to grab some of this purple
kale the color is absolutely beautiful and I love how the water droplets just
sit right there on top of the kale I think it’s so pretty it’s the purple
kale at a nice colorful splash to our salads this week now I’m gonna pick some of these
beautiful red mustard greens these are one of my favorite greens I absolutely
love the color and here on the hill in the wintertime I don’t get a lot of Sun
so I pretty much just grow greens because they do well in the shade and
these are doing absolutely beautifully with the moisture so if you live in a
southern climate where you’re not completely frozen out it’s a perfect
time to start some greens just throw down some seeds got plenty of greens
seed collections over on my website the lettuce collection is a great one to
start with or you could even grow some kale and chard from the heat-tolerant
collection even though it’s a little bit cooler right now they’re gonna do
wonderful and the cool weather as well they look at this absolutely beautiful
basket what a color splash it’s gonna be so much fun to eat these colorful greens
this week one thing that grows beautifully here in Southern California
in the wintertime is peas I planted some here in this tomato cage a few weeks ago
and look they’re popping through the soil isn’t it fun to see your new baby’s
baby seedlings pop through the soil I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do
now on the tomato cage right here at the end of the garden bed
there were tomatoes planted here in the summertime and I just left the cage in
and planted a whole bunch of peas encircling the cage and they’re gonna
grow up and fill this tomato trellis in over the next couple of months and we’ll
be harvesting some peas and probably about six to eight weeks so that’ll be a
lot of fun too one thing that’s so much fun to see out
here after the rain is the poppies now poppies are such an easy flower to plant
you can see they’re popping up here all over the place and I think I only
planted these once or twice but they basically come back every single year
and they’re one of the earliest flowers you can get you can plant in the
springtime so pretty soon these plants will be covered in bright orange flowers
you can see they’re just popping up everywhere and they really like the cool
weather of the spring so if you want some poppy seeds pick up one of my cool
season flower collection they’re an absolutely gorgeous flower to plant now
in this garden bed here is just filled with absolutely beautiful greens look at
this lettuce here it’s so gorgeous this is the Paris Cos romaine lettuce from
the Lettuce Seed Collection and look at this beautiful romaine
that it’s forming now some people come in here and when their harvest lettuce
they cut the lettuce off completely at the base I like to just harvest a few of
the leaves around the edge like I showed you with the bok choy because then the
lettuce continues to grow it’s called the cut and come again method we’re
cutting it off and then we’ll come back again and grow some new leaves in a
couple of weeks now it’s kind of fun to pick the lettuce in the morning when
it’s the juiciest see those little milky white substance coming out that’s what
makes the lettuce nice and sweet so if you pick it in the morning often times
you’ll see more of that juice coming out so I’ll pick a few of these leaves and
then we’re going to move right down here I love the different colors and textures
of these greens I think it looks so pretty and the rain is just making it
absolutely pop with color this is the price head lettuce nice roughly leaves
and a beautiful kind of reddish green color it’s one of my favorite kinds of
lettuces it’s nice and sweet you’re gonna have some wonderful salads
this week and stir fries with all these beautiful greens I mean look at the
colors here this is an oak leaf lettuce it’s like the garden is just coming to
life now I’ve edged this garden bed with
dianthus they’re a beautiful short cool season flower perfect for edging your
garden bed with very delicate looking I’ll absolutely love the colors they do
great in the spring in the cool weather you can pick those seeds up in my Cool
Season Flower Collection now the nasturtiums are going absolutely
crazy with all this rain I love how they kind of cascade over the garden beds
here don’t have a lot of flowers on them yet they need a little bit more Sun to
for the flowers to appear but I am gonna grab some on my way by because they are
edible and they make a really nice tasty zip to the salads now over here you notice this garden bed
is covered with plastic and the reason for that is because I want to dig this
garden bed up and prep it for planting within a couple of weeks and I knew if I
left it completely uncovered it would get soaked by the rain and have to wait
a few more weeks for it to dry out so hopefully my plan worked I didn’t have
time to completely dig out everything that’s underneath that plastic before
the rain started so I just threw a piece of plastic over and hopefully that’ll do
the trick now I did want to harvest some herbs here from the veggie pod and this
was all planted up just a few weeks ago but we ended up eating all the greens
that were in here so I replanted rows of lettuce in here right before it started
to rain but I’ve got some herbs back here that I wanted to harvest here’s
some cilantro the cilantro does great in the cool weather months and it’s done
absolutely beautifully here in the shade so this is under a big magnolia tree so
it’s done great in the shade here in the winter time and this dill dill is one of my favorite
cool weather herbs I love the feathery delicate look of the
dill and we love putting it on scrambled eggs and omelets and on top of fish and
chicken so delicious you notice I’m just picking off a couple
from each plant because I want it to grow back I don’t want to harvest
everything I want it to keep on growing I’m not pulling the plants out here in
the container garden these collards are looking absolutely beautiful I love the
water droplets just looks so so pretty and delicate
I guess Mac likes it too but I’m going to harvest some of these collards they
are growing absolutely beautifully in the cool wet weather and they’re going
to be tasty stir-fried sauteed throw it into a soup
or a salad this week or smoothie these are so pretty and these are growing here
in a twenty gallon smart pots container and they’re doing absolutely beautifully
they love the nice loose soil and they’re they’re just looking gorgeous
now pour back he’s been cooped up all week too in the rain so he’s really
enjoying getting out in the garden today aren’t you Mac you can see here this
pepper has been growing since last summer and it’s taken a little bit of a
beating with the cold nights we’ve had so I’ll probably just trim this one back
at some point in time and hopefully it’ll grow back once the weather gets
warmer now I am gonna harvest a little bit of kale from this garden bed right
here now interesting thing is this garden bed hardly gets any Sun at all
it’s shaded by a big magnolia tree right overhead and it’s growing extremely
slowly in the winter time so here I planted some of my fall vegetables
I believe well this is definitely the red Russian kale which is absolutely
beautiful from the fall garden seed collection and in here some broccoli and
cauliflower and you can see it hasn’t grown much at all I’m hoping the weather
will stay cool enough so these will grow and get big and I’ll be able to harvest
them but you never know in Southern California a lot of times we have
unseasonable hot weather and it’s really hard to grow broccoli and cauliflower
now in contrast the garden bed in the opposite corner of the deck over here
gets about 3 to 4 hours more of sunlight per day and look at the difference in
the growth we’ve actually picked a kohlrabi from here I think on the last
harvest video there’s tons more going on here and I’m actually going to be
pulling a lot of this out over the next few weeks to make
for the salsa garden very soon but look at these onions actually think I’m gonna
pull a few of these are the little small bunching onions so we’ll throw these
in our omelet this morning whoops might be hard to pull out I hope that’s quite ready to come out
here and I’ll dig down in there so these are little bunching onions you can see
they’re teeny tiny green onions I could grow these a little bit longer and get
them bigger but I’m going to pull out a few just so we have some for the week these are so easy to grow and these are
in the Salsa Seed Collection as well so let’s also pull maybe some of these
greens here I don’t even remember what this one is it could be a kohlrabi it
could be like a purple broccoli but we’ll pull a few of the greens and
throw them in our salads and I love this right here I am not sure what it is I
think it might be endive so if any of you know what it is I don’t
remember what I planted here it’s always fun though to experiment in the garden
but I love the swirly look of it isn’t it absolutely beautiful so I think I’ll
take some leaves from it as well you can see there’s one kind of heading up over
there on the other side now you might remember a few weeks ago
in our prep for lots of rain we actually covered up these three containers with a
shade cloth to protect it from the heavy rain and a lot of progress is being made
here I uncovered them on a couple of days of sunshine but you can see the
growth now the protection did work from the rain however we’ve had some bunny
issues in our garden and this kohlrabi unfortunately the tops got eaten off
either by a bunny or maybe some slugs so that’s kind of a bummer but hopefully
they’ll continue to grow but over here at the cilantro and the chives are
coming up absolutely beautifully I love the delicate look of the chives right
here look at these little seeds I love how they just kind of stay right on top
of the chives I just think it looks so beautiful so we’re looking forward to
seeing the growth and coming in here and giving the chives a nice little haircut
which will give us some chives for our omelettes and for our salads now right
back here the carrots are continuing to grow the growth is a little bit slow on
these but hopefully as we have more sunshine they’ll really take off as well
but I am gonna cover this back up because we’re expecting some more rain
for the next couple of days in fact it could start raining at any moment that
we’re out here filming so hopefully look at our video in before it does hey Jerry
do you member planning this yes I do very much that’s so cool look at that
this is the French breakfast radish from the Fall Garden Seed Collection isn’t
that beautiful it is I don’t really remember that that
was what it’s called but I do remember planning it and there’s also some
radishes popping up in the front here yep so I’m hoping for some quicker
growth some coal Rob more kohlrabi Pat some purple Kohlrabi popping up back
here now to me this seems a little bare is that something I did wrong no nothing
you did wrong it’s just the weather has been so wonky and you can see here it’s
getting super super saturated yes which sometimes it gets too wet and that
helps that really slows down the growth now I did kind of go out on a limb the
other day and I planted some tomatoes in here I
always say it’s good to experiment in the garden and these are Tiny Tim
Tomatoes they were growing in the house and really my inside garden was just
outgrowing the inside so I planted them outside these are a little two-foot tall
tomatoes and you can see they’re already developing flowers I think there’s a
little teeny tomato here actually look at that oh yes it’s so exciting I don’t
know if I can get that yes I didn’t know how it would do cuz the nights are in
the 40s but these tomatoes are taken the cold and still going strong that’s cool
so this is a little small determinate tomato these are in the small space
garden seed collection really work well in containers so I’m really happy with
that so this that’s doing really good and
yeah hopefully the radish is well it’ll dry out and maybe the Sun will come out
this week and we’ll have some more growth on on this garden bed now I
wanted to show you guys our vertical garden cattle panel trellis here
remember how we shored this up a month or so ago well it is still holding up
strong with all the wind and the rain we have it’s a camera guy good job yeah we
did get on this together I have to admit nice and sturdy yeah it’s solid and the
exciting thing is the beans and the peas we planted are starting to come up so
right back here along the back trellis part we planted some sugar and sugar
snap peas so look at those it’s gonna be so much fun to see these grow up and
fill in the trellis and the front is what I’m super excited about with the
scarlet runner beans now the seedlings are popping up absolutely beautifully
scarlet runner beans love the cooler weather of the winter time here in
California or the early spring and if you’re in a northern climate and it’s so
much fun to see them pop through the soil they grow so fast and I actually
popped in some seedlings I started in the house and these are growing quite a
bit taller because they were taller when I planted them and they’re winding
around the trellis it’s going to be so much fun to see this completely covered
in scarlet runner beans the flowers are just beautiful and red and the beans are
nice and tender so I really looking forward to that you also
might remember on that video I accidentally had chopped off one of the
tomato plants well I was able to save one of them and I decided just to grow
it up the trellis and I’m tying it on here with that plastic stretchy tie tape
little tomato right here that’s exciting and some flowers starting to bloom so
always a sign of spring I love seeing that first tomato in the garden you know
what I like about this whole trellis thing is just the backstory behind it
remember how you know we went out to the store route and Lowe’s way out and we
built this remember the year that we put plastic over this we put doors on it we
had a light bulb in here we just have all kinds of cools memories with this
and just how much we reuse it over and over again
yeah we’ve reuse this for probably three or four years now yep oh my gosh you’re
starting to rain we’re committed to finishing this video even if it means in
the rain all right let’s get going oh my gosh okay it’s starting to come down
here guys but I wanted to finish the video up here and just show you look at
the new growth on this orange tree remember when we harvested a few oranges
here see look it’s popping out with brand new leaves super exciting it means
new oranges are on the way yeah look at the seedlings popping out down here I
think these are probably red profusion zinnias here comes another batch of rain
and you better finish this up here I got to get some kale here the red Russian
kale is going crazy in the rain again although water droplets are absolutely
beautiful don’t really look at the color I have been cutting back this kale I’ve
cut cut it off at the stem multiple times completely cut all the leaves off
and it just keeps growing back I want to say for about two years now maybe even
three years this kale has been in here the same plants so we had to go inside
and grab the rain gear because it’s really coming down in sheets lately this
is what it’s been like in Southern California over the past week or so now
I know a lot of you are dealing with the polar vortex and hopefully that’s gone
away and you’re staying a little bit warmer now but here we’re gonna grab
some chard which is growing actually in the back of
the strawberry crate towers and it absolutely loves the cool wet weather as
well and these leaves are nice and big they’re going to make really nice wraps
we’ll throw them in some smoothies this week as well and they grow up
beautifully here in the towers which are a great way to grow your food vertically
and grow a lot of food in a little bit of space we see there’s everything else
thank God where’s back oh there he is back he doesn’t want to miss out in fact
I’ve got to get a little shot here you guys have to see what camera guy is
doing to film here for you guys I’m gonna should get a shot of him on my
iPhone I can turn it on to the rain he is committed to getting the shot
way to go camera that’s right we’re gonna get this thing shot today your
camera gonna be okay I don’t know let’s hope that this is totally macgyvered so
we’ll see how it does I’m also gonna grab some celery here I really want to
make some nice warm cozy soup this week now this celery actually is regrown from
a store-bought celery I planted one a couple of years ago and it recedes and
grows all over the garden I think I’ve only planted one or two and there’s hope
I can get these out here I don’t want to dig out my scissors just kind of pull
there we go look at these beautiful celery stalks
well Adam here it’s the harvest basket there we go it can take a beating and
now I want to come in here and grab some sage real quick for my chicken soup you
can see that it is good chicken soup weather and we have another big huge
celery plant growing right here this sage plant it’s getting all weighted
down by the rain and I am gonna have to dig my scissors out for that but sage is
a great super Hardy herb and the leaves are absolutely delicious in like a cream
sauce over chicken or thrown in soup and it also has beautiful purple flowers
once it goes to seed so let’s move over here and see what else we have going on
we still have some butternut squash in the tomatoes are looking pretty
bedraggled and cold damaged the Siberian tomato is a cold tolerant tomato it is
getting a little bit cold damage but we do have some Tomatoes on here we just
need some more sunshine guys these garden beds have been in the shade in
the winter time but look at that we still have a tomato surviving the winter
these are the Siberian tomato and one more right here and we still do have
some Tomatoes here guys or some new Tomatoes popping up there’s one right
here and another one over on the other side of the plant well thank you guys so
much for joining us here on a rainy day harvest and garden tour this was so much
fun even in the rain wasn’t it yep so head over to my website pick up some
seeds is the Spring Garden Collection would be a great one to start with hope
you guys are having a great day and happy gardening spring is coming soon
thanks for watching we’ll see you guys on the next video
bye bye you


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