Revisiting Dilwale in Switzerland – DDLJ Shooting locations in beautiful Gstaad and Saanen of Bern

Do you know about the bollywood movie that was shot here about 20 years back ? I think there is a bridge here !
Me : Yeah that’s the bridge I’m looking for actually !! I am Traveling Desi, and in this episode of the Switzerland series ! The church is pretty cool ! But , The view from here is much more amazing ! I will take you to famous DDLJ locations Which are located in 2 famous villages of Switzerland, known as Gstaad and Saanen ! As you saw in the last episode, after I was free from Grindelwald in Interlaken I had to go to another mountain i.e. harder kulm ! And after that to my next destination I am Mohit and today I am in Bern, Switzerland . Towards Switzerlands capital , Bern ! Which is just an hour away from Interlaken by road, but the weather got bad again ! And harder kulm is completely covered in clouds, so there’s no point going there So point B, We’ll go straight to that bridge or
railway station from where Simran missed her train its a small detour on my way to Bern, so I might drive extra for an hour or so I haven’t booked a hostel in Bern so if its expensive, there’s a chance I might stay in Gstaad ! But when I checked Google maps for Saanen and Gstaad where maximum scenes were shot for the film DDLJ And the famous capital city of Bern are both in opposite directions ! But thankfully this distance was going to take around an hour and a half ! And due to my habit of starting my day early, I was free from Grindelwald by 3 p.m. And so I took my car and left for Gstaad on my way to Bern ! Another important thing to mention is that, as maximum people maintain Interlaken as their base, And after enjoying some mountain activities here, go to Bern or Gstaad for a day trip by a 45 minute train ! As Gstaad is a small village where DDLJ fans like me go to and Bern is a small capital of Switzerland, to explore which, one day is enough ! and maximum people catch a return train to Interlaken from Bern’ central station ! Anyways, as I had a car, I used it to the maximum If I had taken the train, I had to take a return ticket from Interlaken to Bern which according to the ticket vending machine, on 14th May’ 18, when I was there would cost me 60 Francs ! And the next day I had to take a return ticket from Interlaken to Gstaad which was for 53 Francs ! And if you have a Swiss pass, these train tickets are not bad ! And how much diesel could the car have consumed for 100 kms ? and it had its own benefits ! There is a speed limit of 50 here, and people respect the limit here very well ! There is a light blinking ta the crossing, I guess theres a train coming ! And my car is slowing down, but I’m not hitting the brakes, as you can see, I did not hit the brakes, but the car has slowed down ! This is because I had already set adaptive cruise control in the car ! Adaptive cruise control means, you can set a particular speed on which the car will run constantly and there’s no need for you to keep your feet on the accelerator . And according to the speed of the car in front of you, your car will adjust its speed automatically as you can set the amount of distance you want to have in both the cars ! And so when the car in front of me stopped, to maintain the same distance, my car stopped as well ! Alright guys, I am in Saanen and I am going straight to the railway…… I am finally here, and I am going towards the railway station ! And I then reached the railway station where I had to park my car for hardly 5 to 10 minutes so I left the blinkers on to avoid getting a parking ticket ! And behind me is Zweisimmen railway station and this is the platform where Simran missed the train and this is the kiosk shop where Shah Rukh Khan made her leave the train ! And they also have cowbells, not that big but a decent size, and I’ll be getting one for myself which is for about 10 Francs
Perfect Souvenir . Look what I bought !! Saanen is just a small and typical European village and just 2 minutes form the station is this house, of which the garden has a cute doll collection ! So you can always stop by for some really cute pictures ! After driving for around 15 minutes I am now in Gstaad G-S-T-A-A-D And here is the bridge where the famous dialogue from the movie was said ! And this place is so beautiful, I now understand, why they shot the movie over here ! And trust me, there is no camera or drones and no words to describe this view ! Going down the hill comes Saanen valley and right at its centre is the church I was looking for ! Guys this place is so beautiful that I’ve decided to stay here for the night Its good that I haven’t booked any accommodation for Bern, so I’ll be staying here for the night and I am headed to Youth Hostel, I just called them and checked for availability and I am headed to Youth hostel And its owned by the same people with which I stayed in Zurich ! Thats right guys, in my first episode I told you that the biggest hostel chain in Switzerland is Youth Hostel and they have a bunch in Gstaad as well, so I thought why not stay here for the night and leave for Bern the next morning after spending some time in Gstaad and Saanen ! Alright, so finally I’ve reached the youth hostel and luckily it turns out that they were officially closed but I still got a room because of a private wedding that was happening here and that is only for 30 ? 30 Swiss Francs !
30 Swiss Francs and its gonna be just me . Today is the cheapest and its gonna be me in the room only so its like a private room for me though I’ll have to use a shared washroom but its a sweet deal ! And tomorrow I’m gonna explore all the places where the movies was shot Do you know about the bollywood movie that was shot here like 20 years back I think there is a bridge here !
Me : Yeah that’s the bridge I’m looking for actually !! Its is the village And its just next to the train station . And there was a church as well . I don’t know it could be different but there is a church here ? Saanen church is the famous one Whats the name again ? The only church and you can see it from here You just walk down a little and you can see it, yeah I saw a big cross on top of it ! But I’m not sure if you mean that one . I guess I’m looking for that one only, Its quite famous .
What do you call it ? Church of Saanen,
Church of Saanen ? Okay, tomorrow then ! But I couldn’t wait till morning ! So this is the church guys and a little ahead is the bridge, where I’m going right now I couldn’t wait till morning ! As the weather is so good and that scene was shot in the evening anyways ! Its the same weather as the movie, somewhat ! And against all odds if you’re not a fan of DDLJ Saanen valley is one of the most beautiful villages of Switzerland Oh, and by the way, this airfield was in a shot of the movie as well ! And you can come here very easily on a direct train from East Interlaken And it also stops on the iconic station from the movie so you can get off over there, click some pictures and continue your journey to come here ! And after sunset in this town, you can see no one out So I headed back to my hostel . Thats pretty much for today and now I am going back to my hostel where I got a very sweet deal ! I got a complete private room for just 2000 rupees, Its a drive of an hour and a half from here so it wasn’t a small detour ! So I’ll just wake up at 7 in the morning, visit the church and will leave for Bern ! Alright guys, so I am finally in the hostel and this is the room . This is the sink and here are the lockers . They are quite big in size ! But I don’t need to use them as I am alone in this room and this is the dormitory, It has six beds ! Pretty nice and comfortable . For the view ! And I can hear the cowbells from here ! And now it was time for some food, and I pulled out another box of ready to eat meal They have a fridge as well and it has a lot of beer in it . Heated my food in the microwave ! And then ate it with some authentic Swiss bread ! And the next morning, as per the plan, I left for the church at 8 in the morning . And when I entered the church I learnt that this is the church from the outside but was a different one from inside ! But regardless, this church also had 15th century mosaic type paintings that were definitely worth a look. The church is pretty cool and the view from here is pretty cool too ! And at the back side of the church was a very peaceful cemetery . And after looking at some local graves that had symbolic Swiss Challes on them I left for Saanen train station where I saw the famous golden pass train that goes on the most scenic routs of Switzerland ! And how many bollywood fane come here ? You can guess that by seeing a poster of Ranveer Singh on a Swiss train . And this i the platform behind me where Shah Rukh Khan asked if will you marry a person that you haven’t seen… Blah blah blah … That discussion took place here ! Then rang the church bell which reminded me that its 10’o clock now and I have to leave for Gstaad ! And now its time to go to Gstaad, which is like 2 kms on the other end . Where the famous song from the movie was shot ! So I’ve parked my car in the parking and I had to pay 2 Francs for 2 hours, which is not expensive ! For Switzerland honestly, let me tell you . And the weather is good now, so I took off my winter coat ! And as there are no one in the parking here to help you you have to check the tariff yourself and then enter the slot number where you parked the car And then after paying by coins or card, you have to print your receipt ! In a lot of cases, its nit necessary to leave this receipt on the dashboard as it is written here on the machine ! But just to be on the safer side, I always leave them on the dashboard ! And behind me is Early Beck confectionery that was featured in 2 shots in the movie in the famous song when Kajol goes into a shop and picks something up and Shah Rukh has to pay for it And at night when they are coming back. the horse cart crosses this place ! And if you like, you can try some coffee or authentic Swiss cheese over here . Or you can buy some freshly baked Swiss breads ! And this bakery is at a small but luxurious mall road of Gstaad, The Promenade ! Their speciality is that they are made completely in Chalet style wooden design ! So don’t forget to visit this place as well, as we do visit shopping malls, but walking through a beautifully crafted wooden market is different ! From bakeries to famous Swiss bank branches from hotels to expensive luxury brand stores like Hermes, everything is built like this ! And if you feel thirsty while walking, You can always drink water coming directly from the Swiss alps from these fountains ! You can also get free bus pass from your hostel in Gstaad region as well using which, you can come to Gstaad station, right behind this road ! And from here you can take a return train to Interlaken ! And this behind me is the Gstaad railway station where the famous shot was taken of Kajol getting on an engine ! And as Gstaad is also a stop for the golden pass train I saw a vintage carriage over here as well ! And then, walking down the mall road, I headed back to the parking where, some souvenir shops had expensive Swiss knives on sale ! Alright guys, so this was Gstaad city and now I am leaving for Bern which is an hour and a half away from here, by road. and after exploring Bern I will leave for Zurich today only, as I’ve already booked accommodation in Zurich ! Originally I had to be in Bern last night, but as Gstaad was so beautiful I decided to stay there . So now I’m leaving and lets go ! Off to Bern ! And at 11:30, after taking my car out of the parking, I left for Switzerlands capital, Bern . And I wanted to reach there by 1’o clock ! Because after exploring Bern, i had to leave for Geneva the same day, which was my last city in Switzerland and returning airport as well ! And off we go ! Don’t forget to hit the like button ! 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