Reykjavik City Tour. Iceland Travel (did I spell that right?)

(upbeat music) (gentle music) – [Man] Alright, so 8:46 in the morning. Where are we going today? – We’re going around the city. – [Man] Yes, a Reykjavik city tour. – Yeah, and we walked around yesterday and there was a really cool church way at the far end of the road. It was like, there’s a
road, and a bunch of shops, and hotels and apartments, and then right at the end of the road it goes up, and then there’s a beautiful
church right there. – [Man] It is, it’s right at the, it like, the road ends right at the church. So you can see the church going
all the way down the road. When we go out, I’ll see if
I can get a picture of it. So Aiden, you ready bro? Ready to Iceland it up? How’s your face today? – Good. – [Man] It looks way better. Mom went to town on it yesterday, and basically squeezed
out all the bad stuff. She found a dog hair in there. – Yeah.
– [Man] That was pretty bad. So we think that was causing an infection. So mom pulled it out and
it looks great today. I mean, it’s almost back to normal. Yeah, so that dog hair was definitely causing a whole bunch of puss to leak out, and it was really bad smelling stuff. – Yeah.
– [Man] It was not good. So, and then tomorrow we
have a eight hour tour and then the next day, like 11 hours. – What?
– [Man] Yeah. It’s basically just tons
of driving in a bus. It’s like three or four hours, four hours of driving in a bus, and then we go around
and we see cool things like that picture up there. From what I understand, and we see like, the black
beach, and things like that, which should be pretty cool. Okay, well we’re not going on our tour. There’s a problem because
we’re technically in Kopavogur, which is right next to Reykjavik,
but it’s causing problems cause we’re not technically in Reykjavik. Literally, we’re a couple hundred meters from Reykjavik city line. But it’s causing a bunch of problems because the tour companies, a
lot of ’em, in their system, they just don’t have pickups in Kopavogur. So they, like when I booked it online, I was able to put in this address. So today, we’re supposed
to getting picked up, it even said it on my
booking, the address, the name of the hotel, all that. However, they just never
came to pick us up. So we called ’em, and they
said, oh we don’t pick up there. I’m like, okay, well why
did you allow us to put the you know, the address on there? Why’d you allow us to put this
hotel and address on there, and they were like, sorry about that. It’s just, this was a
Get Your Guide booking, and they said, sorry, Get
Your Guide’s just messed up. Anyway, so now we’re having to rebook, and we’re gonna have to
walk to a bus station, which isn’t far, but
they just never told us. So they just never picked us up, and they said, yeah,
you know, if you wanna get the afternoon booking,
then you’ll have to walk. We’re like, well you know,
why didn’t you tell us. Then we have the bookings
for the next couple days, where it also says, we’ll pick you up at your hotel in Reykjavik. So now, they’re saying, well you’re not in Reykjavik, technically. I’m like, I’m like yeah, but we’re only a couple hundred meters from Reykjavik. So I’ve been battling
with them on the email because they want us to
now get a, you know, taxi. So, you gotta get a taxi to where they want to pick us up at, at their main hub, and then you
gotta get a taxi from there, back to your hotel. And we’ve got two tours with them. So that’s four taxi rides that
we’re gonna have to pay for. (traffic noise) And that all the way
down there is the church that Basha was talkin’ about. See how the road just kind
of ends up at the church? It’s very, very beautiful. – It’s very windy. – [Man] Yeah, yeah, Jones. Well, it’s a lot warmer in here. (upbeat music) – What’s that? – [Man] That’s an organ – [Boy] What’s an organ? – [Man] See that thing right there? – [Boy] Yeah. – [Man] That thing right there powers all of those up there. That is an awesome organ. – [Boy] What’s an organ? – [Man] It basically sends pressured air through the pipes and it
vibrates at different levels, and it makes an amazing sound. – [Boy] Really?
– [Man] Yeah. – So that’s a huge organ? – [Man] Yeah. – [Aiden] That’s really cool. – [Man] Yeah, that is really cool. (upbeat music)


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