Rick Steves’ Joy of Travel: Find the Fun Sights

I’ll tell you there’s a lot of fun sights that we don’t think of when we think of
going to Italy, or France, or Paris, or Spain, and you’ve got a lot of things
that that might be interesting to you that don’t come up on the on the top ten
sights in each town. It’s important for you to understand
what sites are available and then study aggressively before your trip so you
know where they are. Sometimes they’re little private little
fancies, I mean, you don’t go around saying you love human bones but just
between you and me, you’d love to see thousands of bones stacked neatly in a
crypt. Well then you need to know word “capuchin,”
because when you go to the Capuchin Crypt, and there are several, you’ll find
all the bones you’ll ever want, okay. If you’re into the Beatles, if you’re
into dogs, if you’re into thimbles, if you’re into shoes, you know, if you’re into chocolate,
there’s a museum for you, and that’s the fun thing in your travels. Find those
museums, the museums are excellent and they really, really make your trip sparkle. I’ll warn you, the typical tourist comes
into a town without a guidebook, and their top sites are what’s advertised on
the main street. Here we are in Amsterdam. The majority of
the visitors to Amsterdam think of these sites as the must-see sights, why? Because
they’re right there, advertised at the train station, in the hotel lobby, on the
main drag. What do you have? Madame Tussaud’s, Body Works, the Ice Bar,
the Dungeon, and the Heineken experience. Where’s the Rijksmuseum, where’s Anne
Frank, where’s the Dutch Resistance, where’s Van Gogh? Those are not big commercial ventures,
these are commercial ventures. No cabbie, no concierge, no hotelier, no
no nobody gets a kick back when they send you to Anne Frank’s or the
Rijksmuseum. You get a huge kick back when you talk people into spending
twenty bucks to see this. So remember, the information that comes
to is not always the information that you want. Again, we work very hard, I’ve got 100
people that work with me at Rick Steves Europe, and our whole mantra is content,
content, content, generate great content, there’s more than enough information out
there, we want to curate that information, design it, and make sure that you know
how to get the best, the very best out of every mile, minute, and dollar, in your
upcoming vacation.


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