All my friends.. Hello and welcome to this new video today we go to… … I still don’t know where we go! I think of Filettino! so we hope everyone agrees … and we go a little to Filettino, to my parts! let’s see how the road will be! not bad day today! Really good and fresh! there is a bit of breeze! that you like! Guys! As my son says! There is one thing Megalodonically important! if you are not subscribed to my channel I invite you to do so! because if not then, he gets offended! put a nice LIKE! but above all, to watch all the video, I recommend! Here we are, ready to go We are all here Here we are! We made it to go! Today too, we are quite a few! Let’s go to Filettino, let’s see if we can do it! Guys, unfortunately I had to, despite myself, reassemble… the original brake and clutch levers … because those in replacement, by China Export,! have come to a bad end I removed because it did not work properly they were not adequate for this type of pump they were unable to bring the piston back into place especially that of the brake lever


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