hi welcome to another video if you are regular viewer welcome back yeah that works [Music] [Music] [Music] this might be one of the nicest places I’ve stayed in Japan so far very first thing we went out into this like Boris for lunch Shh really good yeah that was yeah [Music] how really sweet good I think food is a really the gateway it’s one of the many gateways to experiencing culture mmm so you should eat everything when you visit Japan eat everything at least once I second coating your vegetables I love the vegetables ever so good after lunch we had the chance to walk around the town of sudoc a beautiful old traditional town which is home to several waterfalls that have clear running water coming straight off of Mount Fuji this water down here is actually drinkable just coming out of the side of a tree that’s good water [Music] at the hotel last night and he mentioned it but I didn’t think he was serious [Music] birds chirping and then you hear this shamisen like echoing through the gorge and it’s like uh someone gave Norman instrument [Applause] [Applause] [Music] you don’t usually get a check it’s a place anything in a spot like this that’s I got a so much appreciation and then bringing this Hemi Santa all the way out here well as awesome well big secret they won’t be hiding up over all right that’ll climb back up [Applause] [Music] so this is supposed to be one of the most beautiful bandaged points to see Mount Fuji I can’t believe it the scene itself is beautiful but Mount Fuji being Mount Fuji it’s more often than not shrouded in clouds because I don’t know if you know this but absorbs all weather around it so I’m at evening we were off to sagamihara an area nestled between the mountains and filled with artistic little secrets [Music] so we’re in this old Japanese samurai rest stop right now [Music] I don’t know what you guys but I definitely have a favorite it’s this right here oh you got it and now you can turn the lid I’m just hot enough let’s go this one looks like inside would start [Laughter] [Music] so we’re heading out for a little bit of a hike into the IKEA our Valley Valley Akiyama Valley I’m just genuinely enjoying how much nature we’ve been able to experience on this trip [Music] [Music] you know the more I think about it the more I start to realize that for somebody who named their channel Tokyo lens I sure do love spending time right in the forests in nature that’s where I could see myself in the future I could see myself going out to the countryside rather be Japan or Canada getting a nice house on the lake or in the woods and just living the life you know I like this so I get this time to go grab dinner I’m not saying I’m merely hungry and those places actually like baller [Music] it’s places nice [Music] why are you going [Music] drinking sake of the bathroom cup a good sake do I know everything think of it area just taste so good morning guys just leaving the hotel now Cottage cabin I don’t know whatever it was it was amazing one thing I’ll tell you I’m glad I pack really light for these trips [Music] Pingu yakky I’ve climbed Mount akahl before but I’ve never come up by the cable car the best part of coming up to anything like a mountain is the views [Music] between you and me though I kind of wanted to climb [Music] that’s for climbing to cows and in the whole tackle some experience itself there are no shortage of good videos out there in fact Sharla has a pretty good video on the last typhoon that pasture Japan did a lot of damage including this tree which you can see down here which destroyed this lantern right over here [Music] while on Mount account not only did we have the opportunity to set foot in a Buddhist temple and try our hand at a meditative sutra but also had the opportunity to try shogen dhoti traditional Buddhist cuisine it’s not every day that you actually get to have lunch in a temple on Mount at home this is a good experience getting a little chilly up here right here you can see even more typhoon damage there’s actually a couple of these I’ve been knocked out knocked over smashed by trees that’s unfortunate also it’s just a lot of stairs 599 meters Mount Fuji would be over there but we can’t see it today obviously I’m envious of people in Tokyo so if we come up on like a clear day yes he does it’s like an hour from Shinjuku some other man [Music] welcome to another video maro exciting mountain roads I’ve that’s that doggies OOP respecting the famous bridge that’s been depicted in a lot of Japanese art and I was not expecting that in the leaf [Music]


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