RIT Campus Tour: President Emeritus Serves as Your Guide

[Upbeat electronic Music] Destler>>I like to say this is the greatest collection of geeks and artists in the world. Carl>>So we’ll head out the doors over here… Destler>>How are you? I’m Bill Destler. I’m
the President of RIT. Good to have you here! It turns out that… you know… the campus
changes so much, that we make a little video every 5 years or so, so the alums will know
what their campus has become. Just to give you and example: since I’ve been
here, which is 7 years as President, we’ve built 15 buildings.
So this is a very dynamic and rapidly changing place So it is a pleasure to meet all of you and I’m going to tag along and say a few things. Zarinna>>You can find the first 250 digits of Pi on the staircase, as well as the optic
diagram of the human eye… the genetic code for insulin on there… Darwin’s finches… Destler>>One of the reasons we set up the MAGIC Center was actually to exploit those
various assets we have from across the campus, and make sure that the animators knew what
the gamers were doing and visa-versa and we could actually continue to establish a leadership
position in that very important area. By the way the gaming industry is now bigger
than the motion picture industry, so these are gigantic industries now, in which technology
plays a more and more important role. Carl>>Over here we have the Global Village…
a very internationally oriented part of campus. Also probably one of the nicest parts of campus…
a lot of people like to hang out over here. If you can see that really big glass building
right behind the College of Applied Science and Technology that is the Golisano Institute
for Sustainability. Destler>>That building is one of the greenest
buildings in the world, and basically it contributes energy to the rest of the campus. Actually
all the energy that that building uses is generated by solar, by wind, by geothermal
and by a really remarkable fuel cell. It is a LEED Platinum facility, one of several on
campus. Which means it has obtained the highest possible environmental sustainability ratings.
We are actually becoming a national leader in sustainability – both in terms of our facilities,
and also our student programs. We have a Ph.D. in Sustainability, we have a Masters in Sustainable
Production, a Masters in Sustainable Engineering, and we have tons and tons of student activity
in this area. And we are about to install a 2 megawatt solar array on the edge of campus.
So we are moving very very quickly towards a much more sustainable infrastructure for
the campus. Zarinna>>We are actually passing by several
clubs spaces here. The first one you just passed by was the AeroDesign Club, as well
as the one over to your right is our Formula SAE Club. That stands for Society of Automotive
Engineers. And they actually design a Formula One car. We have a Baja Team which creates
an off-roading dune-buggy. They use facilities here in this building
and have CNC machines, 3D printers, Rapid Prototypers… Destler>>I like to say this is the greatest collection of geeks and artists in the world.
And so we have wonderfully right-brained focused people – and left-brained focused people here.
And actually: Design – we have a top-five design school here… is where art meets function.
And so we are a very unusual place in the sense that we, basically, are doing exactly
what companies like Apple are now doing – which is wedding technology with design and art
– to produce the next generation of products. And our students are leading the way. Zarinna>>This is actually called the “Quarter Mile” because a fraternity a long time ago
held a fund-raiser where they lined up quarters down the major walk-way and raised money for
a local children’s hospital. Co-op was a big reason why I came to RIT.
I’m currently going to go work for Toyota – and I met Toyota at the Career Fair that
we had here at RIT – right in our Field House that we are going to see later. But, they
did emphasize that they are looking specifically for RIT students. Destler>>We have students from more than 100 countries here. Not only do we have about
1,500 students at our over-seas campuses… but we have 2,000 international students right on this campus. So I like to say that if you are afraid of being exposed to people
who come from different backgrounds… different countries… maybe spoke different languages…
maybe look a little different or whatever… this is not the place for you.
But if you are willing to expose yourself to this incredibly diverse community it is
an experience that you will never forget. Zarinna>>This is the end of our tour, so
I’d like to thank you guys for coming. Destler>>Let’s give them a hand they did
a great job! [Clapping] [Music]


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