Rock and River Moab Vacation Packages

If you want to experience Moab, the Rock and
River Tour is a great way to catch a sampling of what Moab has to offer. On the hummer trips we see all sorts of families
and all sorts of people and it’s interesting to watch them and their reaction to the scenery,
to each other – we really have an enjoyable time, it draws a family closer together. One of the biggest gifts we can share with
our guests is our local knowledge – the flora, the fauna. As a guide that really is our reward, and
driving the hummers is a beautiful way to do that. The Hummer Safari was amazing! It was intense, it was exciting, it was thrilling. It gets your blood going, it’s another thing
that you should experience. The hummer tour is off-roading, enabling people
to get into terrain that they’d never see followed by the rafting trip upstream from
Moab. At the beginning we will hit a couple of rapids
and then we come out on this nice flat section, so it’s a great time to go swimming and
you can play lots of games on the water. Then after that we will stop at lunch. We will be at Red Cliffs Lodge. It’s all you can eat buffet, so there are
burgers and Sloppy Joes and everything you can think of. Then after that we will continue on and hit
some of the bigger rapids. You will be able to watch the scenery change
as you float down the river and get a nice taste for whitewater rafting. The river is really, really cool. I don’t know, it’s indescribable to me. I am blown away by everything out here. The flow of the water is just beautiful. Pictures just really don’t do it justice. Just to be here and experience it in person,
it’s just amazing. So it’s a nice sampling of what Moab has
to offer. If you are coming to Moab, stop by the Moab
Adventure Center for your One Stop for Adventure.

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