Rocky Mountaineer Travel Agents FAM Trip 2018

(lively music) (upbeat music) – I’m here in Vancouver Station, about to embark on the amazing
Rocky Mountaineer train, that you can see behind me here. Today we’re gonna be traveling in the Gold Leaf carriage
from Vancouver to Kamloops and then onwards in the
Silver Leaf to Banff. Onboard we are going to be
treated, wined and dined by top-class chefs, and
amazing service staff, as we whizz our way
through some of the most spectacular scenery in
all of British Columbia. It is just a once in
a lifetime experience. So without further ado, all aboard! – Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen. (upbeat music) – Hi there, my name’s Sarah, and I look after Rocky
Mountaineer in Ireland. We are onboard Rocky Mountaineer today, which is a luxury rail
experience operating in Western Canada with
four varying routes, which are all daylight service only, so you get to see the most
awesome, amazing scenery. So we have two, two-day rail routes, which are called “First
Passage to the West” and “Journey through the Clouds”. We also have the three-day rail route, called Rainforest to Gold Rush, and we also have a route
that goes into the States, called Coastal Passage,
linking Seattle to Vancouver. Canada’s proving really,
really popular in Ireland at the moment. We’ve got new direct routes from Dublin to Vancouver with Air Canada and we’ve got great options
from WestJet as well. And it’s really, really good
value for money at the moment, exchange rates are really,
really strong as well. So we’re seeing a lot
more clients come over from Ireland to experience
Rocky Mountaineer and we’re set to see that for over the next few years as well. So Rocky Mountaineer is so popular with the Irish market, now
increasing every year and that’s why we’ve got Barry
from Sunway onboard with me and Linda from American Holidays, who are getting to
experience Rocky Mountaineer. I’m Barry from Sunway and
I’m a guest lucky enough to be travelling on the Rocky Mountaineer First Passage to the West,
going from Vancouver to Banff. We’ll be arriving in Banff
in about two hours’ time and what an experience it has been
here in Silver Leaf today. – Hi, I’m Linda from American Holidays. I’m very fortunate today to be traveling on the Rocky Mountaineer,
First Passage to the West. We are en-route into Banff and it’s been the most wonderful experience. – We have had an amazing couple
of days on Rocky Mountaineer We experienced Gold Leaf
yesterday, Silver Leaf today and we’re going to be arriving
in Banff this evening, where we will disembark
the train and we’re going to head up towards the
Icefields Parkway tomorrow. Couple of nights in Banff,
we’ll be finishing up in Calgary via a
12-minute helicopter tour, to say goodbye to The Rockies. – So day two of our
Rocky Mountaineer journey and we are venturing eastwards towards the beautiful snowy town of Banff. We started off quite early this morning, departing the very quaint town of Kamloops and we enjoyed a delicious
breakfast onboard the Silver Leaf carriage
today, as we took in the stunning scenery
around the Shuswap Lake, which is infamous for its
houseboats and beach parties. As you can see behind me
here, our scenery is slightly different from the arid
deserts that we saw yesterday. We’re much snowier as we get
higher up into the mountains. We’re currently at approximately 5300 feet above sea level, so we’re quite high up. Lots and lots of snow
and we’ve been extremely, extremely lucky this week
in our wildlife spottings. Yesterday we saw some caribou, we’ve seen lots of bald eagles and ospreys and even a little wilie coyote on our way. And today we’ve been so
incredibly lucky, we saw some fantastic little
black bears on our journey and we even managed to spot the
extremely rare, very elusive grizzly bear, who’ve just
come out of hibernation. (upbeat music) – I’m currently sitting on
the sky deck up at the top of Calgary Tower, where
there is literally just some very, very strong glass between me and the ground, so very far below. It’s slightly daunting, but the views are absolutely incredible. You can even see The
Rockies off in the distance. (upbeat music)


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