Rohtang pass Manali – Dangerous road but terrific scenic beauty

Hello friends! This is Harish Bali from Visa2Explore! I’m in Manali, Himachal Pradesh today. And, I’m on the way to Rohtang Pass. Manali to Rohtang Pass is about 50km Hopefully we’ll reach within 2 hours 30-45 minutes. We’ve covered 10-11kms… Our cab driver suggested us to rent overcoats. As, it’s cold in Rohtang Pass. Also, overcoats will help us enjoy the snow as well. On my left hand side, after another 1 – 2km, I can see this beautiful waterfall. The waterfall through the mountain seems like it is originating from the clouds! Let’s take a close-up view of this from somewhere near. After 20 kms, we’ve now reached Gulaba check post. Here, all the vehicle permits will be checked And, then we will move ahead towards Rohtang Pass. Thankfully there was no traffic holdup here. We got to know that during May – June… there is a 1-1.5km traffic jam at Gulaba Check Post. As we are moving ahead… we can see a sudden change in the weather. We will now take a break at Rahala waterfall. This is the Rahala Waterfall. We are 28kms away from Manali. Touch the water and see! You will enjoy it! From Manali to Rohtang Pass… there are shared tempo/traveller which costs INR 900 per head. July is off-season, so we got exclusive taxi for INR 3500! Not a bad deal! But, till May or June, exclusive taxi would cost up to INR 5500 – 6000. We are from East Delhi and we have seen your videos… We liked them a lot.. the one with East Delhi food.. and others! We’re stuck in a jam on the way to Manali and we met you! Best of luck for your Manali video. Do watch the Manali video once you are back in Delhi. Surely! We have smoothly covered 35kms till now. We just had to halt for traffic jams twice or thrice. I feel we are gradually ascending higher… And the curves are getting sharper! I see a few cyclists here! Let’s find out where they are going. We are cyclists from Mysore called Mysore runners! There are 14 of us. We are one of the groups of 4 cyclists headed towards Rohtang Pass. We’re on a cycling expedition from Manali to Leh covering a distance of 540km… over a 7-day period. Thank you very much! Manali to Leh… a distance of 540 kms covering that within 8 days on cycles… the willpower & stamina both praiseworthy! There’s a massive landslide on this dangerous road. When I moved a little ahead, I saw… a car was badly damaged by a huge rock that fell on it. I found out from the people that the driver & passenger, they did not suffer any major injury! Thank God for that! A crane reached the spot in about an hour The crane & few people moved the car to a side. But the scare of further damage is still there. It feels like the rocks above can fall again causing yet another landslide… as we can hear some movement in the rocks above! Having witnessed this accident I realize how risky it is to drive on this route from Manali to Rohtang Pass! Anyway, after waiting here for 3 – 3.5 hours… We’re on our way to cover the last 4kms towards Rohtang Pass! Rohtang connects Lahaul & Spiti to Kullu. Rohtang is also called the Gateway to Ladakh! I’m at Rohtang Pass now at a height of 13,050 feet! We started from Manali at 9:30 am, and… reached here at 4:10 pm owing to a landslide on the way There’s snow behind me… Let’s go enjoy the snow! Terrific! Some important information about Rohtang Pass… Only 1200 vehicle permits (800 petrol & 400 diesel) daily If you want to drive your personal vehicle to Rohtang… Then book online and get your permit. Or get your travel agent to book your permit as during season, permits can be a problem! Now, let’s move towards the exit… We’re from district Ganganagar in Rajasthan. Rohtang is an amazing place! I don’t feel like going back & wish I could stay the night here. They’ve said they’ll subscribe Visa2Explore once they are back. You should subscribe too! Rohtang is very good! Do like our video! The road to Rohtang Pass is open for only 6-7 months from 15th May to November. The road is closed for remaining months for snow. It’s 6:10 pm now… I feel like I’m standing amidst clouds! I feel like spending another half an hour or an hour here. But, no choice! It’s a non-stop drive back to Manali for 2.5 hours! Bye for now! Take care.


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