Ronald’s Room Tour!

it booty check And today we will do Ronald’s room tour. Last time we did my room tour. I really liked it so I really hope you guys did too. But now it is time for Ronald’s!!! Yeah! Ronald, do you have any last words to say before we move on to the video? Do you like popcorn? Well I really do so lets move on to the video!! Oh! Hello YouTube, welcome to my room awesomeness awaits, come in! So in the center of my room I have: an Anki overdrive a Fast and Furious edition seems to be Chibi ‘s favorite toy its just really cool and over here, we have my guitars. I have one big one. One small one. Decent So this one’s out of tune actually The attitude guitar. This that one is in tune And everyone knows what it sounds like so on the side of my room, or in the front we have a chair and my iMac which I play minecraft on the side of my iMac we have a kind of computer Yeah, it’s a gaming laptop. Okay. I don’t really use it. It’s just there for decoration and Hiding behind we have dancing Christmas tree. That goes on for like two minutes stop it there and We have a huge mousepad for this decent we have come on I Think you guys know what this is the wall climbing car Let’s try it Would you might not use it If you’re in church or the library And over here on the table, We’ve got 3 mouses I Use one at a time not all four at once And over here, we’ve got a jar of money,this is my money Im collecting doing pretty well so far We got some chips,It’s practically empty On the other side of this table More, we have headphones yeah, headphones not a headphones I got a wallet, which I just emptied into that jar We’ve got a Christmas tree with a snowman no,two snowmen actually No, actually I got this snowman from my grandma, and I got this one from those ornament, but I fell off It’s hard to put on We’ve got a whole bunch of ornaments. We have wooden stars and the birdhouse Looks like Chibi ‘s interested right. She mustn’t know more about my room Underneath the table we have the one and only trash I Keep all my chocolate wrappers in there and on the other side of the room. We have the bed mr.. Mr.. Mr. Penguin and mr.. Mr. Lister teddy bear. I have lots of pills actually like 7 I Have no clue on why I have seven pillows but So why not let’s just keep it that way And on this nightstand. We have a life that doesn’t work as much, but it doesn’t work we have books and a London clock London we have Bullets in here money in the year, I’m rich I’m gonna give him their perfect safe key things to know Under here we have From accessories because strong to want to look cool to write pretty sure She be so interested Sergeevna is interested. She was really enjoy And on the other side of the bed we have more books we have the phone charger leading oh do we have to the majesty Don’t don’t Another like that pretty sure doesn’t work. Yep. Doesn’t work cuz it’s not plugged in of course logic I have Diary of a Wimpy Kid looks Awesome, I love these books so much. I finished of course full series. I finished it like three times in a row and What sandeep let’s see? What’s in here Best ever We have we actually have a lamp on the floor That’s not like you perfect completely perfect TV’s one of my decorations too because she had loves to hang out here TVs hangout zone, but she like labels it That would be kind of funny, but right now. She’s by yourself No What are you? Chibi loves to play but also like six scratch He’s gonna like scratch me add by me at the same time No bite oh, it’s like an elevation toy I Guess that’s enough for one decoration cheapy moving on we’ve got the closet Magical wonders awaits right here. We have more books these We have the whole pile of Squishies that are chuh here are the uno cards I love to play this game and just why under we have six Rubik’s cubes. I can solve these two but not these four Luigi hiding at the back. You know, this is a free by three. This is a number three by three This is a pyramid. This is X Which is really confusing? your cube and 2×2 On the back here. I have a ticket to ride game. I like this game and on the side we have a bunch of might seeker cards and We put there all the way down there We have more books so we have some Xbox games and we have glasses case Down here we have some loose pieces of Lego You have the police car we had a morning cycle. We have a helicopter and Get away a car. I have to light seekers on the side chilling out, but this one cannot stand for some reason It’s so hard to make this one sat on the side. I have a jingle game. I think that’s what it’s called It’s all my stuff don’t mind my max. I’m just gonna back It up, okay I’ll do that later, but down here. We have the actual broken set I really like it I Really like this and it’s just broken. I don’t know why it’s just broke This is not police set and it just broke from gravity. You know crap On the side we have in my racers. Where you put our tablet right here? Put it And over on the side over here, we have a nerf you could put two different mouths there’s one mode That’s another mode, and yeah, there’s a whole bunch of this different modes like this one, too We have two bags press them Stiles and my normal bag. All which one wins I think this one Wednesday? No Over here, we have a bunch of clothing like fancy We’re headin scoot school uniforms and PE kit and then brechler clothes hand hanging on a hanger Next we have a whole bunch of different types of cheese shoes, we have slippers. We have I Don’t know these are cold we have spark shoes. I think that’s what it’s called we have sandals and regular shoes regular shoes and school shoes Hiding over here. We have my favorite Emoji ever hey guys. Do you know this the secret minion face is revealed? Smile I Again here secret minion face I just covered on my own over here is my clothing we have a peek at the p-zak and then we have the feed right here and PJs and just like regular coffee we have I Have pressing staffs got a that. I got for Christmas Jimmy’s watching from the distance Here we have shirts Pants and a house or I forgot what I did that was like Random stuff and Nothing, but now there’s actually in swimsuit, and yeah but some some fancy stuff to Berenstain over here, I have a hoverboard. I just know how to ride this thing is awesome. Let me just show you Just like real quick I’m dancing on a hoverboard It’s just awesome it lasts a long time too, which is good So we’re just gonna block it back It’s hard to get off okay. Now. We can move on to the bathroom. Don’tdon’t Deep brush Usually use We have to face Glass cleaner which I don’t usually use either, it’s only that much Yeah, water progression routine. I have a toothbrush holder needs me to break this up too in order to put it in There’s some Paper towel down no papa toilet paper. Oh my goodness We have two rolls off high quality toilet paper all over here This is such a tiny transient, but it’s still a trashed We throw all of our goodies. I’m just joking we just I just actually doesn’t make it there Look at the trash Right behind you guys I have a shower Okay Underwears a Shower opens and the interesting we I have a toilets with the Debate but the bidding, but and the tiny bug pick you don’t have to tiny but you know Yeah Yeah, what is this it’s like? Spanish I cannot need it so why not with the stands boy you be you snacks Over system, you know here’s a view from my back. It’s the side of our house or the back Yeah, it’s the back of our house Now you see another house So now I’m show you my back Since I’m on the first floor. You might not expect what we just want a student, but So you’re the entrance to the basement it’s not finished yet, but I cannot walk out They should have like a bridge across. That would be cool for me It’s really cool actually It’s less than 27 meters I’ve never actually been out here. You know it’s just a time of my life where we enjoy the freezing cold Freezing cold okay guys. This is my room. Take a last look and let me know if you like it And it comes down To me tha btep oh yeah, okay guys I really hope you like this video if it smash that like button We’ll see you all goodbyeeeeeee

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