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(upbeat music) Hey guys, this is Karina. And this is Ronald, and we are from Sis Versus Bro. And today, we are doing something so awesome, it will blow your ears off. Room Tour!!! (screaming) Rock, paper, scissors who goes first. I wanna go first. No, I am. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Yeah! So this is the door to my room. Let’s get in. And then this is my room. Here I have my heart pillow. It’s all blue ’cause it’s one of my favorite colors, and I have a blanket that’s pink, and I got lights on my bed. On this side of my bed, I have my first ever YouTube video project on “Fun with Karina,” and this is me when I was six at my 6th Birthday Party. Yeah. So let’s put that down, and let’s go on to this little blue puppy. I made it at my art class, and it’s my first ever thing I made there, so it’s very important to me. And this, I got it from Christmas. It’s a snow globe with Santa. This is one of my last YouTube videos on “Fun with Karina.” It’s some rainbow sand. And here I got a shell where I can hear the ocean from and I got it from Thailand. Not Thailand, Cuba. I can still hear it. And I got some stuffies in here. Here I have my guitar. (strumming guitar) And on the other side of my bed, I have an owl bank I got for my 6th or 7th Birthday, not sure, and this is the best book in the entire world. It’s called The Quest for the Dinosaur. It’s so interesting, so interesting. And this is my picture of me. This is my first hat, and it says “fresh from heaven” and that’s my dada and that’s my mama, but I don’t call them that anymore. My dad doesn’t have any glasses anymore yet. And that’s me again. And that’s my “Joy,” and my Shopkins, and my LEGO. Here I have a box of crafts, like paper and stick on, stickers kind of thing. Here I got some LEGO. Here I got another box of stuffies ’cause I like them a lot. Here I got some paper. It’s crafting paper. It’s not like normal paper, it’s more harder. And here I got some of my games, and I got more LEGO. Here I got two book boxes and these books right here. And over here I got a science kit and my ninth Birthday present. It’s Minecraft Lego. I did it on my “Fun with Karina” channel, so you can go check it out. This is my piggy bank, and I have a candle. I also, have a purple lamp and the best book in the entire world: “Rules for Girls.” I got my fake glasses and my pens and paintbrushes. I have all my markers here and things I drewed. I also have this, but my thing didn’t have anymore room on it, but I can just put it on right now. Looks amazing. With all these fashion stars. And then I have my password for Prezi. That’s my username, and that’s my password. And here is my one of my last paintings at my art class. I like it a lot, and it says, “let’s get messy.” And I have my cozy carpet for my cozy feet. And here I have my markers, pencils, pencil crayons, and pens. Here I got all different types of glue and spray glues. I got erasers and clear tape. Here I have a book I made, another book I made, and my photos, and eggs I have from Easter. Here’s my Pokemon ’cause I absolutely love it. And my BeanBoozled. Here’s my pencil case. And over here, I’ve got some egg shells, but they have nothing in them. And all of the way up to the other side is my scissors, paint, ruler, sparkle thingies, black tape, more sparkles, glue, and paints, and food coloring. Here I got some eyes. They’re all watching you. And I’ve got some glitter here. And some stickers for kind of like nails, but they never ever ever seem to work. Here I have some yarn and some fluff ’cause I sometimes sew some mini treats. And some more glitter. Here I have some beads, instructions how to use the yarn, and more beads. Here I have my Play-Doh, more paints, and my ribbon. And then there is my bathroom. So here’s my toothbrush, my electric, so this is my electric toothbrush, my toothpaste for it. I have soap and this undo hair knot thingy. And I got also have a very nice painting, and I always stare at it, and I don’t know why. And then I have my bathroom. I have my bath, my toilet, my towel, and more stuffies. And then there is Ronald’s bathroom. This is Ronald’s bathroom, and then that’s the door to his room. So let’s get into my closet now. Here I have all of my sweaters, I got all my long sleeves, my pants, my tights, my socks and underwears. Here I have some really important shirts, skirts, and maybe even some dresses. Here are some shirts and skirts and some very amazing shirts. And my favorite company is Justice. Justice. And that’s where I got this one from. Even says Justice. And here I have some more dresses. I’m going to Hawaii, so this will be pretty useful soon. I got my pajamas, my swimsuits, and my I don’t know what to call them. Like leggings? Here I have another dress, but it’s kinda broken. There is my hats. I’ve got this from Ronald, I don’t know why. Here is my minion hat, and look what it says. I say bello. And here I have another of my hats. It’s from Justice, of course. And I think that’s all of my closet. Pretty much. So this is the final look of my room. What do you guys think? So my room is right through this door. So this is my room. The first thing I’m going to show you guys is something I got for my birthday. It’s really cool. It’s like a roller coaster, so let me show you. So here’s a coaster here, and it’s gonna fly all the way back here. Turn on the engines. And it’s going! But sometimes it fails on this part, which I don’t like. And I also have this magic set that has a lot of magic in it. This is a magic word you put candy in it, so you put candy here, and then you open it. You see that there’s no candy in there, and then you dump it all out. (laughing) There’s also more magic. Fake rubik’s cube (laughs), which you put a rubik’s cube in here, you say it’s not solved, and then you take it the real one out, and then you say it’s solved. So that’s really cool. I have this where you (laughs), I used a Pokemon card for this, so you need some kind of card for it. So I used this. I said there was a Pokemon there, and I did that. There’s no Pokemon. So that’s how I used that one. This is, right here, my white board. Which you could draw, write, play school on it. So that’s my white board. And this is my bed. I have vehicle pillows and blankets. And also, a regular gray pillow. And under my blanket, I have gray covers as you call them. And I have a whole bunch of board games here. Beat the parents, which the first time you’re gonna beat your parents. Yahtzee. I have Hedbanz. And Glow Crazy. So Glow Crazy is just a fake brush where you paint, and when it goes dark it glows. So that’s really cool. Hedbanz, where you guess what you are on your head, and you have a timer. Yahtzee is just, I forget how to play it, but I think you just roll dices, and then you match them with the cards. And Beat the Parents is beating the parents on the board game. I also have a whole bunch of Skylanders. I have about thirty vehicles, giants, trapmasters, swappers, and items. And these are my four strongest Pokemon. And don’t worry. These are not my only ones. So I have Pikachu EX, Mewtwo Mega, Ampharos Mega, Gyrados Mega, and I have a full binder here, so these guys I already showed. And this right here is all of my Legos I ever had. So you probably saw the video of this, but Lego Ninjago city of six. I have this which I didn’t record I don’t think. It’s like a Ninjago boat. Cannon (laughs). And this is also part of my Lego, but I haven’t built it yet. I got it today, and it is the fire station, so it has a lot of good things on the back. Like firetruck, buildings, things on fire. There’s ten legs. And I have two more games: Watch Your Mouth, which you know ’cause we played it on this channel, and I have Ticket to Ride, which is like you have tickets to go somewhere to somewhere else. Max amount of players is four. I have a whole bunch of big books here. Well, not technically big, but like not regular books. Like I have chapter books, very babyish books when I was a baby, notebooks, my Star Wars books, my old binder, a big Star Wars book about all the characters. This is, right here, it is Curious George I think. This is Spiderman. And I also have a bucket of Lego here. There’s still some characters, like a headless police officer (laughs). Here are my gun toys. So I have a big one, which is a machine one. There’s the bullets to it. I like this one better. (laughing) it’s really cool. You have shields for your guns. So this is my desk. I have a nice blue chair. I sometimes do homework, draw, write, and relax. Here I have a bucket of little figures from Thailand. So I have a baseball player, a bunny, and a nurse. Evil nurse. A pirate, scuba diver, panda, bat, I don’t know what to call her, but a girl, a war person, and a guy with a mohawk. A good looking one. Here I have a shelf of nothing here, but a mess in there. I have like a flying circle that goes up and down. The controller is right here. And up there I have this rat from last Halloween, like last year, not this Halloween. This was from last Halloween last year. This is Mip. Just boys, just meet Mip. Make friends with him. (laughing) He’s a robot man. Here’s a Batman, which is a robo Batman. He’s just gonna cry to Batman. There’s a big dinosaur. I cannot reach it. Big dinosaur, green, gray, shoots out cannons. Big Spiderman and a big robot. Here is the picture when I was born, okay? Okay? That was the picture when I was born. Mom, dad, me (laughs). That’s how you spell my name if you don’t know. That’s my first sock. Okay. And I was a gaming boy, okay? I didn’t like movies at all. I liked games. And blueberries. In here, no wait, here. I have a map of the whole world. I have Canada, United States, Brazil. I have Russia, and South Africa, Australia, India, China. Okay. Poland, France. Okay, that’s all the countries I know. And Iceland (laughs). Okay, so in my closet. I have a bag, Skylander bag. It has nothing in it, but it is still a Skylander bag. Here is, this is to Bingo, which this box has Bingo in it. Oh, there’s a magnet right here. I have a whole set of Bingo. I have soccer kneepads. I think it goes here or here. I don’t know. And here are my costumes. Fancy costume. I have a pants to it. I have a Power Ranger costume right there. I have a Spiderman, a cop, a knight. I’m gonna call this a Slenderman. This is a blue Ranger. These are my hats for my costumes. Here are my swimsuit, hey, why are underwears here? Get out of here! Goggles, I should call them. Okay, you’re too tiny. I have a red one. Red, a shark one, and I also have sweaters here. I have coats I think. New clothes, like here as you see, it’s a sweater. Red sweater. What else? Oh! All of my Xbox games! I have a movie, Pokemon. Just Dance, Batman, Pro Evolution Soccer, Justice League, Rush, Disney Rush, and I have I cannot read that, but that is not for my Xbox. As you noticed, my floor is a type of blackish brownish, and my walls, gray. I have some white, and I keep a whole bunch of Lego figures here. TNT just sitting there ready to be exploded. (laughing) Here is my toothbrush, electric toothbrush. Okay. Here’s my toothpaste. Bathroom. And this hallway leads to Karina’s room. My bathtub. Nice to have a bath in it. So guys, this is my room. Pretty big, isn’t it? I could just relax all day. I actually kinda want to do that right now. So guys, put in the comment section down below which room tour you liked the best. And it has to have the most pink. No, it has to have the most Nerf guns. No, well I have a guitar! Well, I have more Legos. But you stole something from me! It’s right there. No it isn’t. I need to know, look at it. No it isn’t.
I’ll go get it. This is embarrassing (laughs). You stole it from me. We hope you liked this video. If you did, Smash that like button. And we’ll see you all, I mean, we’ll see you all next time. Goodbye!

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