Royal Caribbean Drink Package loophole * NEW FOR 2019 *

disclaimer some viewers might find this
video to be unethical let’s just get this started
in this video we’re gonna tell you the best way to get your money’s worth when
you purchased the drink package on Royal Caribbean cruise first we’re going to
quickly explain the packages there are three of them first you have the classic
drained package that cost you $12 a day with it you get fountain sodas and
refills basically it’s one of those sub machines you see at all the restaurants
in town then there is the refreshment package that is $29 a day do you get the
fountain sodas and refills you also get non-alcoholic cocktails
they’re called mocktails which is he’s totally thrilled about it’s like a new
word for him and you like a child I’ve never heard the word mock before my
bottles still in sparkling water Premium coffees and teas and the last package is a deluxe package
that can run you anywhere between 63 and $70 a day depending on which pretty much
any drink you’d like you get the the bottled still and everything that’s
included in all those other packages Oh hung with cocktails spirits liquor beer
and wine by the glass if you’re a drinker
then this is the package that most people purchase however everyone in the
stateroom 21 and older has to purchase this package if one person purchases a
package then everyone 21 and over in the stateroom has to order this one if it’s
sixty three dollars a day and there’s two people traveling then it’s a hundred
and twenty six dollars a day for the alcohol package on a seven-day cruise
that’s gonna run you eight hundred and eighty two dollars to drink unlimited
amounts of alcohol that’s more than five drinks a day per person we purchased the
deluxe package on a previous cruise and it just totally didn’t work out for us
on day one after settling in they was already right when we were in
fort days like we’re off the ship so if we bought a drink we paid for it I think
by mid cruise we were like if we want to get our money’s worth we have a drink
now twelve drinks okay and it sounds great to say it but it’s just not
physically possible now if you just want to get the basic package you can get the
classic drink package that’s twelve dollars day but the thing is and
Windjammers you can get coffee tea water juice so basically it’s just sodas
twelve dollars a day for sodas and all that just we’re not really soda drinkers
so it didn’t work out for us next you could get the refreshment
package option which is $29 a day along with the fountain drinks you get the
bottled waters you get Pellegrino’s which is huge for us because we repel
adrenal drinkers you get the canned mixers which includes tonic water and
Club sodas and best of all my favorite you can get unlimited amounts of the red
balls you also get the fresh squeezed juices specialty coffees which is great
if you get like that at the cafe mochas and cappuccinos and the frappe phase and
expresso I swear I probably made my money’s worth
just in the copy’s alone you just get friggin cool $1 each and also you can
get maca tips a new word for me mocktails are cocktails without the
alcohol in other words they are virgin drink pina coladas frozen mojito
strawberry daiquiris plenty marries whatever you want without question the
refreshment package worked best for us we drank throughout the entire cruise
for a fraction of what we spent on our previous cruises when we purchased the
deluxe alcohol package so how did we get the alcohol in for drinks we pre
purchased it pre purchasing alcohol is easier than you would think I spent a
lot of time researching pre purchase alcohol and according to the internet
there are five options to get alcohol on the ship prior to departure we tried all
of them if these methods seemed questionable to you I guarantee you
you’ll choose the last option number one Rum Runners so if you go on
you can buy this thing called rum runners they’re very inexpensive they
come in many different sizes you can have unlimited amounts of alcohol on
your cruise you can fill them with all whatever you want before the cruise pack
them in your dress shoes place them between your packed garments some advice
don’t overfill these things make it about 80% full basically they’re like
plastic flasks okay option two you are allowed two bottles of wine
her stateroom without being said if you go out and get yourself two bottles of
raw Scotto which is a red wine that we enjoy you can get them anywhere target
they have a dark-colored bottle so you can’t really tell what’s inside they
don’t have a cork they’re just a little screw top if you go on Amazon you can
buy these PVC heat seals they match the bottle perfectly so you get to enjoy the
wine free trip and then you get to fill up the bottles with your favorite liquor
heat seal the cap and put them in your checked baggage this way you’re gonna
get 750 milliliters of alcohol on the ship option three hidden lotion flasks
this is a fantastic choice to use with option one and two we got three bottles
disguises body lotions and they are able to carry 8 shots of liquor they come
with a funnel you can bring these on the ship in your carry-on bag so you can
basically just hop on the ship order a drink right off the bat and make it a
mocktail and add your own liquor to it start drinking by the pool it’s perfect
they’re also refillable so you can actually use them through the entire
cruise throw 3 lose in your bag and you got eight shots with a liquor perfect it
just as a side note if security does discover your alcohol in your checked
baggage they just remove it and hold it for you until the end of your cruise
they don’t kick you off the ship and make you feel nobody’s gonna rebel
everybody we talk to so option number four and I cannot
believe that this worked on a previous cruise we purchased the deluxe package
and they give you that souvenir cover I just basically filled that cup with
gin and then walked through the security line there are a ton of people doing
exactly the same thing everybody was carrying on containers of liquor
disguised as a drink like a bottled water or something in like a thermos cup
or something like that you can fill 11 shots in those thermal cups so that’s
like I’m a three day cruise that’ll cover you right there yeah security has
no interest in any bottled water or thermal cups
they’re looking for weapons yeah I would think looking for weapon but as far as
bringing alcohol right through security right in the beginning no one said
anything to anybody about any kind of drink cups do you even did it go through
the I put it in the thing it wasn’t really and then I grabbed it on the way
out nobody ever touched it okay so option five option number five if you’re
uncomfortable with buying alcohol from someone other than Royal Caribbean this
is the option for you you can pre purchase all of your alcohol through
Royal Caribbean Royal gifts program if you go to Royal Caribbean’s website and
search the Royal gifts you can find a brand new option where you can purchase
alcohol wines champagnes and liquor you do need to pre purchase your alcohol two
days before the cruise the program is designed for others to give you a gift
as you go on your cruise but we purchase it for ourselves
well you purchased it for me and my name cuz we share a birthday so it was my
birthday gift and I should have purchased one for you it’s not like but
we had a lot of alcohol is it so it didn’t matter there is an unlimited
amount of alcohol you can purchase with this option so there you go you get
three hundred and seventy-five milliliter bottle of rum vodka gin or
whiskey and four cans of mixers that’s eight shots and each package cost
between 45 and 50 bucks which is five dollars a drink and it all gets
delivered to your stateroom at the beginning of your crew here’s the bottom
line every attempt to pre purchase alcohol for our cruise winter perfect if
you’re gonna choose to buy your drinks individually from Royal Caribbean each
drink is gonna cost you around $12 if you’re on a seven-day cruise and you and
the person you’re traveling with are going to purchase more than seventy four
drinks that’s more than ten a day then the deluxe package is the best way to
get your money’s worth remember everyone in your stateroom has
to purchase the deluxe package so if there’s more than two people in your
stateroom that’s four hundred and forty-one dollars more per person
21 and older if you don’t want to be limited with the
amount of alcohol you’d like to drink but five drinks a day might seem
excessive pre-purchase the refreshment package Royal Caribbean offers discounts
on drink packages months before you depart your date you have to keep an eye
out in your cruise planner for the best deals as they change often and depending
on how many they have sold the deals can get better or disappear completely it’s
an important benefit to know that’s because the refreshment package does not
offer any alcohol not everyone in your stateroom is required to purchase the
refreshment package this saves you so much money also with the refreshment
package you cannot order two drinks at the same time you have to wait five
minutes in between but with so many bars on the ship the next drink is only a
five-minute walk away I bought the refreshment package for myself at a
discounted rate of 30% which brought the total price down to $20 a day I never
for a three day cruise by pre purchasing our alcohol we drink an unlimited amount
of mixed drinks throughout the cruise for only $60 that’s how much five mixed
drinks if you’re feeling self-conscious that by only purchasing the refreshing
package you’re screwing over your servers then know this ahead of time
every time you order a drink you’re asked to sign a receipt that receipt
gives you the option to tip your server in our dining room the waitstaff kept
bringing up I’ll agree knows every five minutes without even asking pleasure
purchasing the drink package this way made this cruise better than any of the
cruises we’ve been on before we didn’t feel the pressure of over drinking to
get our money’s worth or having to purchase an excessive amount of drinks
for the deluxe package we’d love to hear comments leave your comment down below
and we will see you on the next cruise thanks for watching


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