Ryerson Campus Tour

Hey everyone! My name’s Christina Laffy
and I’m part of the Orientation Team. Unless you live in the GTA region you
probably haven’t had a chance to explore Ryerson’s campus. So I thought I’d take you on a virtual
tour. This is the Ryerson Student Learning Centre. If you’re ever looking for a place to
study, grab coffee or just hang out with friends, then the Ryerson Student Learning
Centre is a great place, with tons of comfy seating and big windows. And here’s Ryerson’s library. Home of plenty of computers if you ever need a quiet place to study and work on homework. As well as floors upstairs for you to do group work. And this is Kerr Hall. If you’re in the Faculty of Arts or Science, you’re probably going to have most of your classes here. It’s a bit of a maze, so make sure you check out where your classes are before you start. And here’s the quad. In a summer, it is the
perfect place to grab an ice cream cone throw a frisbee or even go on a first date.
You can work out in our underground gym, called the Ryerson Athletic Centre. This is Ted Rogers School of Management. If you have any classes on the first floor, but you don’t see any rooms don’t be surprised because they’re
actually on the seventh floor. This is the Mattamy Athletic Centre. Fun fact: This used to be the home of the
Toronto Maple Leafs. Here’s the Pitman Hall Quad, leading to
our biggest residences and several Ryerson building classrooms. Including the Architecture Building, Eric Palin Hall and the Rogers
Communications Centre. Across the street is the Engineering
Building. Warning: Classrooms in here typically don’t have cell phone reception. And here we can see the Ram In The Rye, our on campus pub, as well as the School of Interior Design, which is conveniently located next door. Back up along Gould Street, we have the Ryerson Student Centre. Home to our campus cafe, discount TTC passes and Ryerson’s equity services. Down here is the Heidelberg School for
Graphics Communication Management, or as we call it, GCM. Across the street
is the image Arts Building and Balzac’s coffee shop. At night,
the Image Arts Building lights up with beautiful LED lights, which you have to be there to appreciate. Thanks everyone for watching! Let us know if you have any questions. Don’t forget to like, comment and


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