Rylan’s ROOM TOUR!

– Okay so Brook and I did
a room tour in this room like a couple years ago I think. – Yeah. – But now it’s Rylan’s ’cause we moved out so we’re doing a Rylan room tour. – This is now my room tour. – [Bailey] So this is kind of
what it looked like before. You can kind of see how different it is and now it looks like this. (lively music) – You can tell like right off the bat like the color scheme’s completely different and like the beds are on
different sides of the walls and the couch. – Yeah like our beds used
to be here and here I think and our couch was on that side. – Yeah.
– And so it’s like completely flip flopped the entire room. – So the first thing you see
when you walk in is my bed. So this is my bedding
from Beddy’s, it’s called Love at First White. – Thank you so much to
Beddy’s, a company we are minority owners in for
letting us design new bedding, it looks amazing. We’ve showed you all this
before but Brook and I have the same bedding, you
can just zip it like this and make it in the morning or unzip it and sleep in it.
– Like two seconds. – Whatever you want it to. – It’s so fast like if
you’re having a late morning, it’s just so convenient. – And it’s nice too ’cause like for me, like a college student, when
I have to wash my bedding, I’d rather just like pull
it all off like this one ’cause it’s all attached
and throw it in the washer rather than just like
having a million different pieces I have to wash, which is so nice. So the pillows are from
Daniel Oakey pillow shop so if you’ve ever found her on Instagram, she has the cutest pillows
and then where’s this from? – This is from Wayfair
and it’s such a cute bed, it’s like so soft. – I don’t know if you
guys can see the texture, but it’s not like rough, it’s very soft. – Yes, it’s very comfy. This is from World
Market, and I love this, it’s so cute, it’s very
like my personality I feel, very flowery. – Definitely, it’s like
the accent of the room. – Yeah, it’s just like.
– You know what I mean? – (mumbles) thing.
– Yes, ahh, it’s kind of the ahh feeling. – This is my nightstand,
and it’s like super nice, I love it, it’s from West Elm, and the colors just so pretty. – [Bailey] And the texture’s really cute. – [Rylan] And it’s just
like very modern kinda, it’s very cute. – [Bailey] It’s not like
a typical nightstand. – Yeah, so then this succulent
is from World Market, they have so many succulents there, and I just, I’m obsessed with succulents, I have them all over my room. – Yeah, Brook and I got
all of our succulents from World Market for our dorms. – [Rylan] Yeah they’re very cute and I liked that it was kinda like gold and modern but also matched my room. So then, the lamp. – [Bailey] This is from Target. – Or Target, everything is kinda
gold accented but it’s not. – [Bailey] I feel like that
was just like an ASMR thing. (tapping on the lampshade) – [Rylan] For sure. – [Bailey] It sounds like it. – And then I have my alarm
clock, which is an iHome. On the side, I got these for Christmas, these little charger holders, I guess. And I have three so that
I can just have this so I can just pull it out and
charge my computer, or like. – [Bailey] Instead of
having to fall off your bed, and reach down on the ground, which is what I do.
– Or like when they’re not all plugged in and you need to grab, so yeah, so it’s just very convenient
to have them all right there. This is like my side wall
on the right side of my bed. First you have my keyboard,
which is from Christmas. I wanted a keyboard because
I always played the piano out in the living room and people get mad because I play the same
things over and over again, and I guess it gets annoying. So this is why I wanted
it so it’s in my room so I can just play with myself. This is my board and I have
all sorts of pictures on here. It’s been passed down
from myself, I guess, through all my rooms, and
I’ve collected more things, and I have my succulents on here. – [Bailey] These little
magnets succulents. – Yeah, they’re like
magnets, they’re super cute. And I have like drawings and medals. – [Bailey] And baby Rylan!
– [Rylan] Yeah, all sorts of pictures.
– [Bailey] Look at baby Rylan. So cute.
– [Rylan] Baby me. So yeah, this is my board. – If you guys watched our dorm tour, this exact tree is in our
dorm. It’s from Wayfair, and it’s just for some
reason having greenery in a room just makes it feel
so much livelier, I guess. I think the basket’s from World Market. – Moving on to the couch, so
this couch is from Wayfair, but it’s not just a
couch, it also is a bed! – [Bailey] It’s not just a couch. – It folds down into
something like a futon or something like that.
– [Bailey] It does? – [Rylan] But it’s so comfortable. – [Bailey] That’s nice. – And it’s so soft.
– [Bailey] Good to know. – Just love it. These pillows are just
hand-me-down pillows, just kinda passed around there. – You know, you all have
those pillows in your house, and you’re just like, “These
have been around for a while.” – [Rylan] Every room.
– [Bailey] Those are here. – And then, these pillows
are both from World Market. So this is Brooklyn’s
ukulele, technically, that I actually stole like
four years ago when she got it. – She was upset about it. – She was mad for like a little bit, and she’d like steal it back from my room, but then she just kind
of gave up, I guess. So she, actually I think she
just stole one of Camry’s old ones.
– [Bailey] Yeah, ’cause Camry has like four of them. – Now we all have our ukuleles. – She doesn’t play four of them. – The lights themselves are from Amazon, but I actually found them in the attic and just hung them up myself. – [Bailey] And then all these
cute pictures you can see is where she’s had all
her leftover pictures. – [Rylan] I’m like out of space, so I just have a bunch of
like random pictures up here. This nightstand is from HomeGoods and it’s so cute ’cause I like how it’s like marbly and gold. – [Bailey] And it matches
the feel of the room. – And yeah, I have like
random little gold things like my mirror and my lamps.
– [Bailey] Gotta have that. – And so it just kind
of pulls it together. Then I have this geo,
which is from World Market, and I think it’s super cute
’cause it’s like all blue and I also really love
rocks like geos and stuff, that’s super fascinating to me. Then I have this candle that I’ve literally probably
lit like four times ’cause it’s more for the aesthetic. Then these books are from Amazon, ’cause apparently you can
buy sets of colored books. I didn’t know that was
a thing, mom bought them ’cause they’re just like random books, ’cause I really need to
read my Highway Safety. – [Bailey] Traffic law,
and highway safety? – There’s like some really
weird biographies in here. – [Bailey] That’s so funny. – So that’s my end table. So this is from Wayfair, it’s like gold, like I said the gold accents,
just all around my room. It’s like my favorite mirror ever, ’cause you can take really
good pictures in it, it’s really good for full body outfits. – [Bailey] Selfies.
– No, no. It’s really good for
looking at your outfit, making sure that it all matches. – And then this is the
iconic wall of height. – Camry, I think holds
the highest right now. – [Rylan] Camry.
– [Bailey] Rylan’s a little bit underneath her.
– [Rylan] I think that’s also Camry. – [Bailey] Oh is that Camry? Oh I thought it was an “R”.
– [Rylan] I’m right here. – [Bailey] Oh this is Rylan. Oh yeah, and then there’s me over here. – [Rylan] These are from
– [Bailey] Way down there. – [Rylan] Like April.
– [Bailey] I think I actually shrunk, I think I’m an inch shorter than this right now. – [Rylan] Okay, go. – [Bailey] Meh, just a
little bit underneath it. – [Rylan] Just a bit. And we have another
nightstand from West Elm. This lamp is also from
Target, we have two, and then I have this diffuser from Camry ’cause I really wanted one because I feel like burning candles you kinda get like the good smell but you also get the smoke,
and I just wanted the diffuser ’cause they don’t do that they just give you the really good oil smell. It’s super cute, it matches
my room, it’s from Target. Then we have my other succulent. – [Bailey And Rylan] That
one’s also from Target. – And this wood piece
that ties it all together with like the Boho vibe,
that’s also from World Market. Then we have my blanket basket, and this is from World Market. It’s super cute, it has a
white bottom but then like tan. Then I have this pink blanket
from I think Target in there that I sleep with, it’s not really cute, but I just add that in
there ’cause it’s comfy. – Onto the end of the bed. – So this is the end of my bed. We have this throw which I think is just another hand-me-down, like it’s just kind of in the attic, I don’t really know where
it’s from specifically. This blanket, that’s from World Market, and it’s actually like very
soft, it’s knitted, and comfy. Love it. Then we have this pillow,
which is from HomeGoods. We have these two fuzzy
benches that are from Wayfair, and they’re like just added seating, but they also give a good vibe and they match the color
scheme so it’s really nice. – Did we mention the rug? – Yes, this rug is from Wayfair. We literally searched for rugs for days, trying to find the right one. And then we found this one
and it matches my couch, my bedding, just pulls it all together. I have windows everywhere in my room, like this window’s huge.
– [Bailey] I like that, ’cause it gives you lot’s
of natural lighting. – I love the natural light, ’cause my room’s always
so bright no matter what. So this is my bathroom, it
really hasn’t changed that much since Brooklyn and Bailey were in here. I mean I just have my colors in here, so like I have another succulent, which is from Target,
right there in the corner. And then another candle that
I also haven’t lit in forever. And my jewelry holders and
my soap, yeah all that stuff. I have my closet, my
shower that I shower in. It’s got all my stuff and I
have this little storage closet. Linen closet? A linen closet?
– [Bailey] It’s always been like a linen closet slash storage closet. – So I just have all my scrunchies and all my headbands in there. Then this is my door to outside. Outside, like our pool,
it’s cold, oh my gosh. It’s like forties. So yeah, keep that locked. (mumbles), join the party, hi baby. – He’s so cute.
– He comes in and wakes me up sometimes. – He just wants to be part of
the club, part of the video. – So this is my closet, it’s
actually pretty big, but. – Brooklyn and I had to share this closet, and she gets it all to herself. – Yeah they had to share,
– But she still fills it up. – I remember when like,
’cause Camry had the option of moving into this room before I did, but she was like I don’t want to, and then mom told me that it
had a bigger closet than mine, and I was like I’m moving, and I love that I have a big closet. It’s so convenient.
– It’s nice. – Okay so behind my door to my room, is my sunglass holder, or
just my glasses holder. I have so many pairs of glasses, people give them to me all
the time ’cause I had a phase, and I’m still in that phase, you know, it’s summer and you don’t wanna get a sunburn under your eyes,
so you wear some sunglasses. Like, I got a pair for you,
I got so many, you know? So that is my room tour,
I hope y’all enjoyed it. Obviously some things have changed from Brooklyn and
Bailey’s room to my room, like the decorations and the color scheme. – But if you guys liked any of the stuff in this room, we’ll put links
to all of them down below, so you can go check that
out in the description box. – Especially the bedding, you guys should all go check out the bedding. Beddy’s is like.
– That will also be. – Literally so good.
– In the description box. – If y’all enjoyed my room
tour and y’all like my room, then you guys should all give
this video a big thumbs up, and yeah!
– Thumbs up! Bye y’all, we love you guys.
– Yeah, we love you, bye!

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