San Diego Zoo Safari Park Behind the Scenes Tour: Look Who’s Traveling

We are at San Diego Zoo Safari Park. We’re going on a behind the scenes safari. Getting our VIP wristbands. Going behind the scenes, and riding the tram. Welcome to Safari Park. First we see elephants. Now we’re in the restricted area. A cheetah, a bird, and a pig. [Zookeeper] Come over here! Then we saw a gorilla. Now we’re back on the tram. This is where they keep the cheetahs. We’re on the tram again. Flamingos. And zebras. Birds. Deers. Giraffes. And rhinoceros. It’s time to feed the Somali wild donkeys. Here they come. There was almost a fight! Then we saw more animals. Watching the zookeeper taking care of the elephants. Oooh, that tickles! Elephant breath! We had a fun day at the zoo.

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