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To get a feel for the real San Francisco we
started our vacation on this beauty! The Love bus tour. It is the best way to get a feel for San Francisco. Instead of riding around in a large tour bus
you get to travel in a VW bus painted in the style of a true hippie. Starting with a great spot to take pictures
at the iconic and breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge. Traveling through the city you learn the best
tool to understanding San Francisco: Its different districts. You pass through the wharf, the presidio,
Russian hill, pacific heights, and many others, all the while learning what makes them unique,
hearing stories of their history, and discovering the beauty of this compact city. And this is Haight Ashbury which is my favorite
part of the tour because I got to see where my favorite rockstar legends from the hippie
era lived on this street. And you become quite the spectacle as people
constantly stop to take pictrues of the bus. You also occasionally stop and get to take
pictures at the most picturesque places in San Francisco. One thing you’ll notice about San Francisco
is that it is impossible to do it all. That is why I recommend starting with this
tour that I will link to with all other points of my itinerary in the description below this
video. Once you are finished with this tour you will
have places you will definitely want to explore more and other areas you will want to stay
away from. And very few people get to go down lombard
street in a VW tie dye bus. We decided to spend the rest of the day at
fisherman’s wharf because there is so much to do. There is plenty of shopping for cool things
you can only get there, as well as gift shops and my wife’s favorite: Candy! And lots of it. The wharf is the best place to take a cable
care to Union square for some high end shopping. But we had enough to do at the Wharf so we
just stopped by for a few pictures. Plus the wharf has awesome. You can only see this stuff a shopping of
its own. I mean take a look at this store. There is even places where you can buy unique
art. The Boudin Bakery is a great place to watch
them roll dough into interesting shapes. The
wharf also is known for its extremely unique and talented street performers. This one man band was intense and quite talented. Pier 39 is like a big fair that sits on the
water and overlooks the bay and there is tons of things to do there like performers, a carousel,
and face painters. On Pier 39 there is fun everywhere you turn
your head. And don’t forget on pier 39 to make your way
to the sea lions. They like to lay on their pods and try and
kick each other off and play with each other. Its fun to sit back and watch them play. And its right outside my favorite part of
the Pier which is the mirror maze. Its trippy walking through trying to decide
which is the real you and trying to find your way out. I’m not gonna lie it made me feel like a kid
again and it’s Definitely worth the 15 to 20 minutes. So which one of these reflections is my wife. Pretty Trippy, eh? Speaking of feeling like a kid again. Nearby is Museum Mechanique. This is an antique arcade. And really fun. Here, there are arcade games from just about
every generation and you still get to play them. Lets just say our ancestors had an antiquated
sense of amusement. Some of the arcades are bizarre and some are
well morbid. But any way you experience it.. its some good
old fashion fun. Even if it is a 6 foot statue that creepily
laughs… you gotta stop by if you have the time. About 10 minutes from fisherman’s wharf is
this little artistic gem. Its called a wave organ. If you go when the tide is high these tubes
make interesting sounds. On top of that it is just a serene and magnificent
way to experience the bay. Just in case you werent already planning on
going to Alcatraz let me convince you to go. This is a must do when you go to San Francisco. Alcatraz isn’t just to go look at an old prison,
it is to experience what prison life is and was and on top of that Alcatraz the island
is stunning. In fact we decided to book an evening tour
so we could see it at sunset which I do not regret. At first you have a tour guide that shows
you the premises. Then you go on a self guided tour that really
dives deep into what prison life was like for the prisoners. If walls could talk this prison would have
some pretty interesting stories to tell. In fact the closest thing you get to walls
talking is this tour. The tour is about the many inmates that were
sentenced here including the most daunting offenders. They talk about what life was like for the
inmates on a day to day basis. Also, what life was like for the prison guards
and even the different wardens. You get to see what solitary confinement was
like well… sort of. And frankly I wouldn’t have wanted to be any
of them. Most interesting to me was you got to hear
of the various escape attempts and see some of the artifacts etched into the prison from
those escapes. You also get to see plenty of who the Island
really belongs to and who it was named after. Which is the Alcatraz birds. Alcatraz is now a sanctuary to its seabird. To finish off our day at the wharf we ended
at Ghirardelli square home to Ghirardelli Chocolate. You can see on display the chocolate machinery
but most importantly its a little dessert bar and it is delicious. I’m so excited. Ice cream cause it sounds good. Ice cream and hot chocolate cause I am freezing. Ah man just look at how good that stuff is. You have not really experienced the wharf
without going to Ghirardelli Square but I don’t think I have to convince you to go here. It is delicious. The next Morning it was off to Golden Gate
park which is massive and wedged within the city with all of its history. There is too much to do even in this park
alone so the best way I found to experience the park was by a private Segway Tour. Segways are fun and easy to maneuver and you
get a quick lesson on how to use them. With segways you can efficiently experience
more of the park than walking or driving. The park itself has a nice flow of calm energy
running through it. It is quite green and lush with many spots
to stop by including the conservatory of flowers, Shakespeare garden, lily pond, stow lake,
and many other places you will get to see and a few you will have to see on your own. My favorite part was learning about how the
park was made and all the thought that went into it including how nothing was to run in
a straight line and the story behind hidden statues within the park. The park is a refuge from the hustle and bustle
in the rest of the city. You can spend a few hours or a whole day here,
have a picnic or go site seeing depending on your preference. I will link to the segway tour in the description
below this video. The house of Nanking is a hole in the wall
yet consistently wins food awards within the city. Delicious food runs in the genes as the owners
daughter went on to win Chopped in 2016. This food is amazing. So obviously I give it two thumbs up. Though, don’t be indecisive or they just start
ordering for you… Seriously they do. San Francisco is one of the most artistic
cities in the world and a stop at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art would be worth
your time. Even if you don’t consider yourself a lover
of the arts there is still a lot here to appreciate and to be entertained by for a few hours. Museum’s aren’t naturally my thing but even
I enjoyed plenty of the exhibits and art pieces on display. A lot of it is spacial art which was my favorite
form at the museum because you are able to walk through it and around it. Each floor of the museum is dedicated to a
different style of art. There are even performances and short films
that are heavy in artistic interpretation to sit down and watch. I noticed the people enjoyed the art different
ways. Some sat and tried to feel the art, others
took pictures with it, I guess even we tried to mimic the art. That being said it is hard to deny the crazy
artistic talent of some of these artists. I guess my point is no matter what your artistic
IQ is you will get something out of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. My favorite art piece was this colorful rock,
even now makes me want to chew a piece of gum for some reason. Anyway I loved this museum. And admittedly some of the art I still just
don’t get. Mona Lisa’s is one of my two favorite restaurants
in the city for the atmosphere it creates. Yes the food is delicious or I wouldn’t even
go there but the whole restaurant is dedicated to Italian art and yet has a light heartedness
to it. Located in little Italy most of the waiters
are actual Italians and the vibe is very authentic and romantic. Speaking of romantic you should make reservations
at least a month in advance for their car dinner. They have this adorable car and you can eat
on the side of the road. It is amazing and people walking by asked
if this couple was on a date for the bachelorette… the date is that good. A block away is the city lights bookstore. Specifically this bookstore was frequented
by the Beats like Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. Its a great stop for the literature enthusiast. And now for my favorite San Francisco activity… Taking a Sailing around the bay. With this specific sailboat as you set off
you are actually part of hoisting the sail. Its fun to in part feel like a seaman for
a few moments. The trip is at times enthralling and adventurous
and at other times relaxing and peaceful. Traveling around the bay you get to enjoy
the sights of the golden gate bridge, the windsurfers, the other sailboats and even
pirate ships. There is nothing like a sailboat to feel free
and at one with the ocean. And, should you wish they even allow you to
steer the boat for a time. You will never have a better time sailing
a boat than around the San Francisco Bay. And this is no ordinary sailboat this is the
USA 76 used by ORACLE for Racing in the 2003 America’s Cup. It runs smooth fast and is an experience you
will never forget. I can’t stress it enough you need to set sail
with this company I will link to them in the description below this video. After my favorite activity we made our way
to my favorite dining experience I have ever had. This is a Moroccan Food Restaurant and it
is an experience from beginning to end. Not only is it Moroccan food and atmosphere
but you also dine how they would dine. Sitting on a pillowed couch you relax as they
serve you. They bring warm water and a towel to wash
your hands. You then take bread from a basket and dip
it in the sauce and you also drink from the bowl. All the food is unique and timely delivered
in your five course meal. And it is so flavorful. To top it all off the entertainment is a very
talented belly dancer that flows to the music and dances. It took me away to another time and place. From the ornate door, to the intricate flooring
and then the billowy ceiling every inch of this restaurant is undoubtedly Moroccan. The restaurant and belly dancer are linked
to in the description below. Next we made our way to the Painted Ladies. Most people know the painted ladies as the
houses in the intro the old TV Show Full House. But these Victorian homes are the second most
photographed houses in the United States next to the white house. And the secret is you can actually vacation
in one on the end. The owners have opened up the lower level
of their house to travellers that are willing to pay for it. Think about it when people say they visited
the Painted Ladies you get to say you stayed in one. It is pretty awesome watching the people drive
by taking pictures of the house you are staying in. On top of all that it’s just a chill place
to stay. This will be our secret and I will link to
them in the description below as well. The next secret I have for you is the best
place to take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. To get the best pictures you need to go to
past the golden gate bridge and make a short hike up to Battery Spencer. Here you will find the best look out over
the bridge ideal for taking pictures up close to the bridge. Whether foggy or sunny your best chance at
a great picture is here. If you can go during a weekday or very early
in the morning on a weekend so you don’t have to share the view with others. Now that you are in Marin County a little
further down the the road is the Point Bonita light house. If you are into sightseeing this is a short
little hike with a beautiful vista. Standing next to lighthouse you can look around
as the waves crash below you. Some people like to find hidden gems within
the Travel city. Nestled in the presidio is the Yoda fountain. But San Francisco has Gems like this scattered
and hidden at every turn. After our Segway tour on day two we decided
we really wanted to return to Golden Gate Park to enjoy the Japanese Tea Garden. The Tea garden was very zen and the chi can
be felt throughout the whole landscape. Everything from bonsai trees to koi ponds
make this a place optimal for self reflection, relaxation and self meditation. If there is one thing that stands on its own
within Golden Gate park it is the tea garden. Its serenity makes this an ideal location
to wind down from the rest of the trip. The best part of the garden is the bridges
which make for great pictures and provide a great view of the garden as a whole. And in the middle of the Garden there is a
little tea bar where you can order teas and soups or in my case I just relaxed with a
diet soda and took in the scenery. The next hidden gem we visited was the tiled
steps on sixteenth avenue. The steps are impressive and worth a climb
to take in the details that went into the workmanship to provide the beauty as a whole. At the very top is a great panoramic of the
city. And these steps are ideal for selfies as demonstrated. Thanks girls for being great sports. The last hidden gem we took advantage of on
our trip was the Seward Street Slides. If you can find these slides grab a piece
of cardboard and give them a slide. Just make sure to check their open times. Haight Ashbury was the last place we decided
to visit before calling it a trip and going home. This was the epicenter of the hippie movement
and is still thriving today off of its extremely eccentric shopping. The stores on this street are worth at least
window shopping, but don’t be surprised if browsing leads to buying. I have found some of my favorite clothes on
this street and I dress pretty conservatively. If you’re lucky you may just get to see a
few modern hippies that still linger today. Of all the random stores on Haight there is
one that you music lovers should check out. Amoeba Music Store is the best place to shop
for any vinyl record that you may want. And it just has tons and tons of music on
its own. It doesn’t even have to be an oldie nor does
it have to be on a vinyl but in this day and age with digital music it is nice to have
a music store that found its way to be so relevant even today. For our last night we stayed in the White
Swan hotel. I am all about doing things and staying in
places that really give a feel for where you are on vacation and where you’re traveling
to. The white swan is a unique hotel that says
you are definitely in San Francisco. But seriously everything about this place
is friendly, artistic and relaxing. A great place and a hotel that I highly recommend
if you like to feel where you are actually vacationing. With that said we spin the globe and decide
where we are going next. Once again everything we did on our San Francisco
vacation itenerary is linked to in the description below this video. Subscribe to my wife’s makeup channel, watch
my other travel videos, like, subscribe, and enjoy your San Francisco trip.


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