School Trips to Osborne and Carisbrooke Castle | Isle of Wight

A residential trip to the Isle of Wight
isn’t complete without a visit to Osborne and Carisbrooke castle.
They’re beautiful places to visit. At Osborne, children can learn about
the family life of Queen Victoria. At Carisbrooke, they can learn about life in a castle
from Saxon times to the modern day and put it all in chronological order. We decided to come to Osborne House and Carisbrooke because the children just make so many
special memories For teachers, English Heritage provide an
enormous amount of resources that you can look at before you visit.
Once on site, you can use the maps and the free educational visit materials to make the
most of your time here. They can do a discovery visit with Mrs. Pilkington and
learn about what life was like downstairs. At Carisbrooke, you can find
out about all of the people who lived in the castle and made it their home. The email resources were fantastic – the maps
and the activities I could do with the children and I could use that to support the children in the classroom, so when they got here they knew what we were looking at and I knew what we
were looking at so it made my job a lot easier. It’s very, very educational and
it’s really fun to be able to dress up and pretend to be characters from the
old times and to imagine what it would be like living there. A visit to Osborne House or Carisbrooke castle
will provide your children with a wonderful educational experience
that matches all aspects of the curriculum from Key Stage 1
all the way through to secondary. I would definitely recommend visiting both
Carisbrooke castle and Osborne The interaction they’re having, the learning
that’s taken place, they are loving it. I think it’s a great visit,
it’s definitely recommended. I haven’t been on a trip like this before
but I would like to go on another one like this. The most interesting fact I learnt
today is that Queen Victoria died in this house and that I’ve literally just
walked past the beds that she died in. I’ve had an amazing week here at the
Isle of Wight, it’s been so amazing. I definitely recommend it!


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