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Hi, everyone! Melanie Cameron with The Cameron Team at Coldwell
Banker Sea Coast Advantage in Wilmington, NC. Today, I am with my good friend Justin Ash. We have been colleagues and friends, and in
the same business for years now here in Wilmington. He is the president of our rental division,
Sea Coast Rentals, and I wanted to invite him to do a quick video with us, just to tell
our clientele a little bit more about Sea Coast Rentals and what it has to offer. So, can you tell us a little bit about that? Yeah, absolutely. Thanks, Melanie, and it’s great to be part
of your team and to help out wherever I can. I am president of Sea Coast Rentals and we
have over 1,000 rentals in the Cape Fear regional area. We do serve long-term rentals. We do vacation rentals at the beaches. We do vacation rentals in the Downtown Wilmington
area. And we do furnished executive rentals. As far as that goes, we also have some apartment
communities around the UNCW area. So, we really try to service all aspects of
the rental and property management division that we can, and we really enjoy working with
the agents, because it’s a nice symbiotic relationship to where you’ve got clients that
need rentals. As they’re looking for properties, they can
stay with us and get back to you for the sales and buying houses. So, you really handle short-term and long-term
rentals, as well as vacation rentals, like at the beaches – Brunswick County, Pender
County, Wrightsville Beach, and Carolina Beach – you cover the gamete with that, right? Topsail Island – Surf City area, as well. We even service our military up in the Jacksonville
market – about 350 long-term rentals up in Jacksonville, so – the military is very strong
in our area – so we try to service everyone that we can. Are you seeing a shortage in rentals in the
aftermath of Hurricane Florence? I can tell you that it would be remiss for
me to say that we have less than 10 available rentals right now. We are in desperate need of rentals right
now because there are so many displaced people looking for places just to stay while their
properties get re-mediated. Ok, so if you’re looking for a short-term
rental in any of the tri-county or four-county area, or long-term or vacation rental, or
if you’re considering putting your home on the rental market and don’t want to deal with
all of the hassle of going through and finding tenants and qualifying them, Sea Coast Rentals
is who you need to reach out to. You can find them at or
you can give us a call at (910) 202-2546 or check us out at and we
will hook you up with Justin and his amazing team of property managers. Thanks for joining us. Remember to keep liking, sharing, and commenting
on Facebook and YouTube to be entered in to our monthly drawings. Have a great day everyone! Bye!

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