Seaver College | Girl’s Residence Hall Tour

Hi! Welcome to our house I’m Shayla the resident advisor for De Bell and today I’ll be taking you on a little
tour through our home. Come with me. Now even though we live in Malibu every freshman house on campus has a
very secure and extensive security system. Let’s take a look! Hi, let me introduce you to my Co-RA, Stacy. Right now Stacy and I are in the lobby of De Bell. This is where all the magic happens. As you can right now the girls are studying, doing homework, socializing. We have our weekly Bible Studies here as well as a lot of our house cup activities which we’re in second place for, soon to be first. Also every lobby comes complete with satellite television and a fireplace. It’s the perfect place to hangout, so let me go ahead and introduce you to a few of the girls, come with me. Welcome to F Suite. This is our common room. We just like to sit out here, chill, hang out, do some homework, do some reading, and watch TV together. It’s just a really good place for us all to all relax together at the end of the day. We even went and decorated our own suite. Each suite really has its own flare so it’s really cool to just personalize it a lot. Each suite has four bedrooms so there is eight of us living here. we also have one bathroom that we share that has two stalls, two sinks, and two showers. And we have a cleaning crew that comes at least every other day to clean the bathrooms, vacuum the floors, take out our trash. They’re really great, super nice, so we really don’t have to worry about that stuff. And let me show you my room. Well welcome to my humble abode. I live here with my roommate. So let me show you around our room. We each have our own desk, which is really cool to just chill, do homework together and everything and looking out the window we always have about 10 deer at a time
come by our window. Just really cool to be able to look outside while we do our homework. Then we each have our own bed and we have our lovely walk in closets. I have my dresser in here, tons of rack space, two shelves. It’s actually a lot bigger than
you think than I thought at least so it’s really a great space and here we have our mini fridge. Usually we eat in the cafe. but late at night, if you just want a little snack or anything like that, it’s great to just have this here as a option. Makes it a little bit more homey. Another thing is we love to decorate our room. just really personalize it. As you can see I’m from Texas and I have tons of pictures with my friends from home and it just really reminds me of home. Well I hope you enjoyed seeing my room here and I really hope you enjoy the rest of your tour, and you should definitely come to Pepperdine. Ayo Waves! Hi welcome to our home! I am Caitlyn, this is my lovely roommate Kirsten and it’s really great we don’t know each we didn’t know each other before we got here, but now we’re friends even though we tease each other a little bit. So this is our home, it’s where we sleep, where we like to study. What is really great about this room is that while I’m sitting at my desk I can just look right outside. I’ve got the ocean, I’ve got the sunset, the barbeque, the tables, the volleyball court with cute boys on it. And the bed we loft it a little bit so we have more room for all my stuff. And even the closets are huge and much bigger than I expected. for considering most colleges. It had enough room for my prom dress, my wetsuit, cause I got my priorities straight, and we have our book shelves. We’ve got one for books, one for all our food and our coffee, we’ve even got two types of peanut butter. So we’re good to go. We also have a fridge and a freezer full of Haagen Daz, which is great because those long nights studying you always need some Haagen Daz. So thanks for coming to my room. Now get out. This is the De Bell Laundry room. A lot of the girls decide to use this room to do their own laundry. Not only do we have two washers, but we have a dryer as well. Sometimes the girls prefer not to use the system though and instead they use the laundry service and what’s great about that is not only do they pick up your laundry for you but they return it dry cleaned and folded. Thank you so much for coming and meeting
on the wonderful ladies of De Bell and seeing our home we loved having you here but I think
it’s time for you to go now. Bye! Have a great night.


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