See Ellen in Person at the Hard Rock During Super Bowl Weekend!

There’s something else
I want to talk about. Are you familiar with
OK Boomer, the meme? OK. So, it’s how millennials
make fun of Baby Boomers for being out of touch. And it seems like
everybody is saying it. It made its way to the
Supreme Court, even. And, it gave me an idea. This is a new segment I’m
calling, “OK, Boomer.” These are real photos
taken by Baby Boomers. A Boomer posted this
ad for Craigslist. “We are selling our couch. Very comfortable three-seater. Selling for $400 or best offer. [LAUGHTER] Meanwhile, he took his
sectional for a walk. [LAUGHTER] Couch is covered in dog hair. Here’s a selfie
taken by a Boomer. [LAUGHTER] I think what this
guy’s trying to do– he was trying to take a picture
of his couch for Craigslist and– [LAUGHTER] Here’s a Boomer who wanted
to save a text conversation on their cell phone. [LAUGHTER] They Xeroxed
[LAUGHS] their phone. For you millennials, a Xerox
is an old-timey screen grab. [LAUGHTER] Finally, here’s a
Boomer named Carolyn who posted a photo from
outer space and she wrote, “I did not take the photo.” [LAUGHTER] Thanks for being
so honest, Carolyn. Not taking credit for
photographing the cosmos. If you see a photo
that makes you say OK, Boomer ask the millennials
to send it to me. And as you know, the
Super Bowl is coming up. It’s in Miami this year. The day before, I will be
in Hollywood, Florida– just right outside of Miami– at the Hard Rock
Hotel and Casino. I’m going to be
doing some gambling. And really why I’m there– I’m doing an event. I’m doing a Q&A.
It’s February 1st. It’s not a free-for-all. There’s a moderator. You can’t just all
scream out questions. And I’ve done a few of
these before in cities like Vancouver and Toronto. But these have
been big stadiums. It’s not going to be like this. This is going to be
more intimate– there’s 6,000 people there. Well, it’s more
intimate than a stadium. [LAUGHTER] And there are only
a few tickets left. And I would love
to see you there. So go to Ellentube to find
out how you can get tickets. And, tWitch, can I
get a train whistle? [WHISTLE BLOWS] All right. We’ll be right back.

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