Sesame Street: Kids Talk About Holidays

ELMO: What’d you say, Dorothy? Ah, yes, you’re right,
Dorothy! Christmas, Hanukkah,
and Kwanzaa all celebrate with lights! Oh, wow! Pretty! Hey, you know, all these
holidays are the same in other ways, too. They’re all a time to
be with your family. Yeah. That’s Elmo’s family. Oh! And to give presents
to people you love! They all share that happy
holiday feeling! Boy, Elmo sure is surprised
that holidays that are so different can be
so much alike! What’d you say, Dorothy? Oh, good question! Dorothy wants to know, what
holidays do you celebrate this time of year? GIRL: My family celebrates
Kwanzaa. BOY: I like the day of Kwanzaa
called Kuumba, because it means creativity, and they
really like creating things. GIRL: I really like Kwanzaa
because I get to be with my family. GIRL: I celebrate Three Kings
Day with my family. GIRL: Me, too. BOY: For Three Kings Day, I get
a box, and in the middle of the night, while I’m
sleeping, the three kings ride in my house on their camels
and they leave presents for me. BOY: My family decorates our
house in Ramadan, when we put on the lights and we keep
our house clean. GIRL: I like Ramadan because it
makes me feel good that I’m with my family. BOY: Ramadan makes me feel
happy to respect my God and my elders. GIRL: I like to celebrate
Hanukkah because me and my mom and my dad and my brother
love each other. GIRL: Hannukah means, to me,
that I get to spend time with my family and they bring like,
gifts for us with happiness. GIRL: Me and my brother
and my mommy made this menorah together. BOY: My family celebrates
Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah. BOY: Christmas is a time when
you can spend a lot of time with your family, and
you eat a lot. ELMO: Wow! Elmo didn’t know there
were so many holidays this time of year!


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