Should I Use a Travel Agent or Book Myself – Are They Still Relevant?

Should I Use a Travel Agent or Book Myself what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and we are back once again and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about
should you use a travel agent versus looking online yourself so if you’re
serious about booking vacations and you’re trying to figure out is it better
to go through a travel agent or a book on your own you do not want to miss this
we’ll be right back so I am back back with majestic travel
and today’s video we’re gonna talk about should you use a travel agent so if you
want to book a vacation or all-inclusive vacation or a cruise whatever the case
may be you online you’re on Priceline or whatever or you own Expedia and you or
maybe Trip Advisor and you try and do all this on your own try and do it
yourself you can do it yourself too however you
got to put in the time put in the research to get the best deal now by
doing it on your own you’re gonna be Should I Use a Travel Agent or Book Myself limited to suppliers okay if you go
through Priceline Trip Advisor or Expedia you may find some deals but
you’re gonna be limited to supplies so you might not get the best deal okay
however with a travel agent you won’t be limited to suppliers okay and plus you
save yourself a ton of headache work and research okay so say you said some time
and money see a travel agent I do recommend using a travel agent because
you will get a better deal and better quality vacation okay you get a better
quality all inclusive package most likely or a better quality booking for
your cruise you get private stay in the top-of-the-line rooms and you have
top-of-the-line travel insurance because I do recommend travel insurance and it’s
not limited okay by booking on your own you’ll be limiting certain travel
options when it comes to insurance but using that travel agent a travel agent
will not only give you the best deal but also be the best insurance to ensure
that something happens what you can’t make your trip or your trip is
counseling on the vacations behalf you would get a your refund for everything
that you can pay into it so it’ll save you a headache save you some money and
it puts you in a position where if you can’t make your vacation you would be
covered okay now like I said travel agents can get
inside deals that you won’t have access to okay Priceline will only give you so
much because they have to make money you gotta think about this is a the words
about making money right now Should I Use a Travel Agent or Book Myself so Chrysler will give you so many
options but limited options the first is going through a travel agent I travel
agent have a huge database of suppliers that can give you the best rates
okay now Priceline TripAdvisor or Expedia or etc whatever online booking
inside you’re going through you only be limited just to a certain small amount
of options versus a triage and you have more flexibility and like I said to save
yourself a ton of research time so yes go through a travel agent and the travel
agent will have the ability to cater to your needs
okay customize the trip the way that you want and satisfy each and every of your
need so I’m not telling you to go through a travel agent because I’m a
travel agent I’m telling you what I know from travel experience we have a huge
database of suppliers that we can book through okay we can find deals that you
may not have access to you wouldn’t have access to because you’re just a
independent customer so hope you found value from this video guys if you’re
online research if you have the time to research and put the time in booking the
deals and have access to suppliers go for it but certain supplies you will not
have access to because you need a travel agent number okay you need a travel
agency number you must be affiliated at least for the host agency if you want to
get insider deals on certain supplies first implies you’d have to be in
trouble anxious to get these deals okay so I
hope this makes sense so if you found value from this video please give they
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and we’ll see on the next bus if you or anybody you know that serious thinking
about joining the travel industry and becoming a travel agent to get the best
deal it’s not hauling on your clients vacation but your own personal travel
you can get the commission back from your own personal travel I want you to
click that link below watch a free presentation how you can get started in
the travel industry and you’ll be surprised on the deals that you were
saved on your clients as well as your personal try ok so click the link watch
the free presentation and later for the sound of golf and happy travels Should I Use a Travel Agent or Book Myself

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