Sites – Download, Review, and Confirm an Archive or History Report Shared by the Sponsor

In this tutorial, you will see how to download an archive or history report shared with your site by the sponsor. Sponsors can share archival and custom PDFs and Subject Audit History and User Assignment History reports with you. You download them all the same way. To get started, click Archives. If you are assigned to multiple sites, select
a site. Find the request you want to download. If a Download link is present, the file has
never been downloaded. If someone else has already downloaded the file, then the date of last download is displayed. The request can be downloaded again by clicking
the date. We recommend that you save the ZIP file to your computer and open the file from there. If a Confirm link appears after you have downloaded the archive or report, you must verify the content of the output and confirm that you have accepted it. If you have concerns, contact your sponsor or supervisor. Read over the confirmation statement. Select the checkbox and click Submit. To view the history of a request, select the
box next to the request. The history appears at the bottom of the page and shows the date and time when the archive finished processing, was downloaded, and was confirmed as well as the person that performed each operation. To learn more, see the documentation on the Oracle Help Center.

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