Snooki Wants JWoww To ‘Get Over It’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– [Narrator] Cancel
your plans for tonight. The couch is the only
place you need to be. Jersey shore is all new tonight. (“Sound the Alarm” by Heavy Echo) ♪ This is an emergency ♪ ♪ Come on and rescue me ♪ – Vegas just, it caught me
off guard with something. – I’m gonna go home. – Not cool. Why the (bleep) are you mad at me? I don’t want to be here without you. So I’m going to Jenni’s today because she’s my best friend. We haven’t talked in, like, a couple days. I just, you know, I
wanna fix it with Jenni. – So, Nicole text me earlier today. (doorbell rings)
– Hello? – [Jenni] And I’m just
a little unprepared. I haven’t heard from her since Vegas. – I brought some alcohol. – This is the longest that Nicole and I have gone without speaking. Oh, thank you. I’m nervous to have this conversation, but I’d rather get it over
with now and clear the air. – I wish you didn’t leave me. (Jenni sighs) I haven’t talked to you in,
like, a couple days, it’s weird. – I know.
– We never not talk, so that’s why I came. – I was just so angry and hurt and, like, bitter going into Vegas. And the whole Angelina thing and her being invited
and then, like, no video and, you know, it was just all this drama. – But I feel like drama
that you could have saved because if you were mad at
the video and you just saw it, if it were me, cause I’m
different and I’m emotional, if I saw it and you weren’t in it, I would call you right away
and be like what the (bleep). Everyone was in the video but me.
– I wanted to. I wanted to.
– You didn’t come to me for that. It’s just like I feel
like best friends need to always tell each other (bleep). I feel like if you had told me before, I would be prepared to be like, all right she’s leaving,
cry in the shower, get it out, and like, you not telling me and throwing that in my face, lost it. – I didn’t think I threw it in your face, I was just trying to be like–
– Well, as a best friend, yeah.
– Hey guys, listen, I have to go. (dramatic, instrumental rock music) How’s it feel? – What? – To have a new best friend? – Oh my god, you’re so an– Get over it! – [Narrator] It all starts tonight at 8/7 Central, only on MTV.


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