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Hey there it’s Lori Hardegree with where we help travel professionals get out of overwhelm and in to action with their
marketing so you can grow your online presence, strengthen your brand and get more clients.
Today I want to talk to you about the most commonly asked question that I get
from travel agents regarding social media and that is how should you even have
your profile set up. Should it be in your business name or your
name or some combination there of? Obviously if you have a social media
profile; Facebook page, Twitter profile or whatever that’s speaking for the entire
company, for an entire team of agents then
you want to go ahead and name it after the business. But for most agents out there, you are
working independently whether you own your own agency, you have
your own credentials and you’re completely independent but
you’re a one-man one-woman show maybe have some independent contractors
working with you but everybody is responsible for cultivating their own
leads and client relationships or you are that independent contractor
same thing you’re responsible for your own leads and client relationships then I strongly suggest that you make
sure that you are getting yourself into your social media because you are
your brand that’s very important to keep in mind
because of that I want you to get your face and your name into your social media
profiles so let’s talk about different ways to do that you can do it one of two
ways: you can either use your name and your
business name in combination so it can be Jane Smith – ABC Travel or it can just be Jane Smith with no mention in the name the page of your
business that information with actually be in
your cover image or your Twitter background that you’d give your agency information. So I want to talk
about why you might want to do these kinda things first of all, I think that in this sort
of instance travel professionals are almost like
hair stylist. Most hairstylist are not an employee the salon, they actually are an independent contractor; they rent
the chair at the salon so think about your favorite stylist you know she does a great job with
everything you have a good rapport with her if she leaves the salon down the street
and moved to a different one twenty minutes away which are you more likely to do are you going
to hop in your car and go to her new salon to continue your
relationship with her because you love her work or are you gonna stay know I have an
established relationship with the business right down the street and I’m just going to hope that
another stylist at the salon will do just as good a job most of us are going to hop in our car and
continue to work with our favorite stylist. I think it’s like that with a lot of travel professionals your clients really don’t care what
agency you work with it’s your expertise and your customer service that keeps
them coming back so they don’t care where it is that what is behind the email address or
the weblink that you’re providing that service from it’s you that they’re interested in now
the other thing I want you think about is how you interact with Facebook and
with the newsfeed for me I can liken it to watching a
television show on DVR if you’re like me you’re busy
mommy got a business and you got family I don’t usually get to watch my
favorite television shows when they come on live so I’m watching them by DVR
later when I sit down after the kids are in
bed and i want to watch my favorite TV shows I want to see when I’m therefore not the
advertisements so I’m there to see The Big Bang Theory not for
the commercials that are in between them so I’m using my remote in fast
forwarding through the commercials as I watch it the same thing when you look at your
Facebook News Feed nobody sits down and opens up Facebook thinking I wonder what my favorite brands had to
say today it just doesn’t work that way you want to see what’s going on with your
friends and family and those advertisement those business page stuff
that shows up in there you know that’s how Facebook pays the bills to keep everything going So you know they’re there but you
just kinda skim over them So let’s relate this back to travel here now you you’ve probably written a great article at some point in time, a great blog
post or something and that would be really terrific for more your ideal clients to see so let’s say
that that article is on the importance of travel insurance or why people should be planning now for
that amazing Christmas markets river cruise for later on in the year so you
want to get that information out by social media now if ABC travel puts that article out just like if
coca-cola has some brand new vitamin infused water that they think is you know fabulous health
benefits if coca-cola published on their Facebook
page it comes across your feed unless it’s something that you have a
really high affinity with you’re likely just to skim right over it because you know that even though it’s linking to an
informational article it’s still an advertisement for the company at the
bottom line and you know that’s so you’re just
skipping it it’s sorta human psychology same thing if that great article comes
from ABC Travel if it comes from Jane Smith – ABC Travel you’ll pay a little bit more attention to it
because you know it’s its coming from Jane she personally sent
it out in you know jane looks out for you and for information that’s that still good for you but it’s
still a business page you know that see you know it’s still an
advertisement it’s softened though by the fact that it’s coming from
a percent and we’re all there to connect with people not to connect with logos and brands but
I want you to think about that what happens if that article comes
through just from Jane Smith when it passed through your
News Feed you don’t know whether that’s coming
from Jane Smith’s personal page that you know she’s your friend in
on Facebook so not coming from a business page at
all where that’s coming from her business page that’s just been presented as Jane Smith because all you see is her profile picture and her name people are far more likely to engage
with your content when it comes from you personally so getting your face and your name on there’s been
increasing engagement good is using your business name people click
on it if it’s something they’re very interested and that river cruise article now click on
it if they that’s something that they’ve been thinking about or they’ve heard it mentioned before but
more than likely if they’re not already thinking about a river cruise they’re not
gonna look at an article Jane Smith – ABC Travel maybe so maybe they’ll click on it because
they know they have establish a relationship with you and I’ll take a look at what you have to
set but will it just comes from Jane Smith if we think back to that coca-cola
example if coca-cola puts out that article you’re not necessarily likely to read it
but if one of your friends says you have to try this is amazing I loved it you’re far more likely to click on it
read it because it’s a personal recommendation from a friend so is that river cruise articles so is
that travel insurance article it’s a recommendation from Jane Smith
personally from a friend so I would strongly encourage you to
give some thought to get in your face and your name into your social media
profiles it never a bad idea to brand your name that will
never change even if you change agencies even if you
change specialties you will always be you so branding your
name is never a bad idea so that’s my two
cents good is using your business name better is using your name and your business in
combined and bashed is considering just using your name
you’ll really be amazed at how your engagement goes away up when you put yourself into
your social media so that might tip for this week I’d love
to hear what you think about it so please leave a comment below and let me
know what you think about it about this so
thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you again next week bye


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