Soliman Bay beach vacation

Let me talk about Soliman Bay,
which is just one of my favorite places. And when I go and sneak away,
Soliman Bay is the place I go to. Years ago I remember driving on this
little bay when there wasn’t a house to be found there. And it used to, the brush used to hit the
side of my truck as I used to drive by. Well, now there’s everything from cute
little bungalow-style houses to some very fancy villas. The beach there is really nice,
very tranquil, and very private. There are no services there
on that section of the beach. Now, the one thing that’s very
special about Soliman Bay is when you walk out into the water,
there’s what’s called turtle grass. Now, you know, I understand, people
don’t like walking on this turtle grass. Sometimes I don’t like
stuff under my feet, too. But turtle grass is protected by law
in Mexico because the sea turtles come up and eat it. So when you’re out snorkeling around in
that, don’t be surprised if you see a sea turtle swimming around, because they’re
coming in to graze on that turtle grass. Another nice thing, with a kayak, you can
paddle your way out to the main reef. And there’s a little place
to tie up your kayak and you can hop off the little boat and
go snorkel around. And, you know, don’t be surprised if you see manta rays
or parrotfish chomping on the coral. It’s a beautiful place. And Soliman Bay at night is
really romantic and quiet. There’s one little restaurant up
the beach where you can have a cocktail. And me, my most favorite time in Soliman
Bay is having that first cup of coffee and watching the sunrise come up.


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