Poki:Fed, This is for us Fed:Oh Cool *Poki gasps but is secretly happy* *Lily is now scarred for life* Nice gifting guys CAN YOU TOUCH IT? Jingle bells batman smells Here’s a weirdly shaped wrapped gift for Scarra All right. This is for Offline TV. So this is for all of us(sarcasm). It’s wrapped in unicorn In Lily’s mind: Mine is gonna be the best present ever OH SHIT ITS ACTUALLY A UNICORN I feel very jealous right now *Cuts to killing the unicorn* And now we know Unicorns are actually empty inside dumbass At least this one isn’t weirdly shaped Everything is not free you have to pay Derek he put a lot of effort in those stop saying so cute *Big reveal* I laughed for a sec thinking it was a cup with Poke’s face on it *takes out best cup created by mankind* *insert wasted meme here* Another gift means another free item/items Knife Try Though Finally Isn’t this for Fed? *Lame excuse for taking the gift* Best. Gift. Ever. Chipotle is love chipotle is life It’s obviously a pillow *disguised toast signals that it’s the present that matters* First, put the book in the oven and heat it for 30 mins at 255 degrees One of those guys who doesn’t like wasting food eh oh someone sent disguised toast something? NO FAIR! HE GETS A MEME SHIRT? Agreed You never know people might have put dangerous liquids or gas in there Fed became the Top Model Another one of those long fan letters More reading? Poop is nutritious ok Wot You can already tell by Fed’s face How do i wrap my gift?Oh!I know! EXXAPLOSIAN I like how only Xell and Lily is excited about it cause they are weaboos there’s always that guy that sends a bunch of candy Why is everyone suddenly standing up? like a puzzle yugi….remember…… And…more candy More animu shet? smallest gift you will see on this video Wait Wot Just Why Try not to vomit for this part A stalker? Memories are beautiful always Just to be sure That would be $8.99 Dear offline TV Discovering you guys made me cringed so much i watched more Each one of you is unique at making me cringe *Accurate description of everyone in offlinetv house* *Goes total 100% savage on Fed* try not to cry for this part Meaningful message comes for meaningful gifts I have reported offlinetv house for doing drugs to the police HE GOT A WHAT? I think i know what to give as presents now With animu on it Is like one of them has poison?What you mean? *countdown* The ones who are safe look around to see who is it Gurl you just unlucky It’s usually wasabi cause most people don’t like them? I’m guessing a half-door Oh it’s just a bunch of stuff Bring it to the best shirt party now! So we gave you another friend to watch out at night for those who lurk in the dark The pillow is made out of cardboard too Oh god he’s the devil Kyler and Alex thank you for the watchman What is that? A poster? Now you can cosplay as Xin Zhao! YAY! Best Level 7 Xin Zhao The enemy was too paper okay Finally i’m done with this shet Stop wearing that it’s christmas not halloween Fed good job you wasted 11mins and 38secs of your life and another 8secs for you to go back to pause this video to read this subtiltle

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