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make up makeup and makeup Saul is overflowing with it and as the new rising global hub for beauty trends people are flocking over here to get their own scoop of Korean cosmetics with so many different places and shops to choose from we can all get a bit confusing so today I’m taking you on a shopping tour to one of Seoul’s most popular shopping destinations interviewing real tourists on shopping tips and having some makeup fun are you ready hey guys and welcome back to my channel welcome back to the fifth episode of street assault I’m so glad that you guys enjoyed the last one which was about plastic surgery in South Korea and this time it’s kind of more for the girls it’s going to be about makeup shopping while you’re in salt now a lot of people come to Seoul to buy makeup because of course cream makeup is awesome so I would thought that I’ll try and make it easier for you guys to navigate your way around so if you’re here to buy some makeup or if you’re just kids travel and just want to pick up a couple of items today we’re in this area of Myeongdong this place is awesome except for the winter if it’s freezing cold it’s all outdoors but today I’m going to show you myself some of my favorite makeup shops in Korea and also some of the items that are bestsellers that I think you guys should definitely check out if you’re here so let’s go and have some fun so first up has to be added on here there’s many items everywhere you’re going Korea but this place has different brands so it’s like a one-stop shop so let’s go inside and I’ll show you so once you walk into the shop it’s all categorized into places so this is your big questions and there’s stinko right at the back and so it’s all organized so it’s easy for you to do your shopping now even if you have a set shopping list be sure to test our products first and remember there are helpful assistants to help you for any questions you may have so the first product I’m going to introduce you guys to is obviously you guys all know about it the BB cushion and I’ve actually asked them what their best selling product is and it’s the ifexp in the natural glows or a natural cover my personal favorite is actually this one here it’s one of the newer ones but it’s more matte version so for those who live in humid or really really warm environments this is the best question and here are their more D nail these are like couple thousand won and they also have a lot of like stickers and nail details which is super affordable like 2500 for these stickers and their water stickers they have a great range of gel nail polishes as well then these are my favorite lashes the idol lashes hair body film really comfortable really natural and I’ve got someone today and over here are the model item icon which I’m sure you guys have heard of as well they have a lot of special so sometimes don’t you like true for 5000 which is $2 fifty each and the colors are super pretty so they come with a range of shimmers and lots of plums and it’s really seasonal as well so check these guys out then on this side is all the face masks that’s so many I mean you just have to choose your favorite scents and whatever you’re looking forward to work on your skin very affordable as well 1001 best sellers are of course the lineage water sleeping mark which tears come and buy heaps and heaps of the same product for all the different so you have to check out this if you want to be energized your skin will get something for your mom and also the IFF bio essence is a very very popular essence to the skin you guys have asked about this a lot and yes it’s a good product as well so check out some of the skincare products and new is also really popular the balancing skin softener is something that I would recommend personally for you guys to check out so that’s my quick sort of overview of any thumb and the products that I think you guys need to check out if you come here and now time for my own shocking woohoo I’m so glad that your buddy Nick come with me today oh and also don’t forget there are always cute little collaborations that are limited-edition to check out in her you get all these free samples if you purchase it even if you get like one product you get for example so I got a free mouse pad and some skincare products yourself let’s go okay you guys ready to start your shopping because I am I’ve got my wallet here so we’re gonna start at the front of the street and already behind us there are four makeup stores industry training moly Holika Holika and a face shop and all that then there’s vanilla Co which is famous for its cleansing balm and I write is etude house which is like that 56 other field of marketing and packaging very affordable but they have really nice lip products which I recommend on our left is a detail which I’ve shown you guys and then this it’s skin on our right here put is China clipper set all about your face face smart smart and then as you go on the competition just gets clear so there’s girls in which has all these different themes for your face so there’s like panda and hi guys for the rest of your body as well obviously be on our left is nice Republic which is famous for the aloe vera sitting gel and on our way there’s Misha which it has got a collaboration with Wonder Woman at the moment I really like holiday party steps the skin food on our lips which is good for their skin products that are affordable but pretty good quality as well and then this video the model is Shin Mina and it’s famous for its lip cubes which are really pigmented and rich and now we are here at club fear professional and I’m going to take you guys in there and shop with me so let’s go clear is known for the innovative products you guys have seen some of my reviews they’re really really pigmented and they’ve come up with a lot of creative ways for the tips to be so like what is gel fans and what not so have fun here twist open so it’s kind of moist and it looks really natural my favorite color is probably this this one yelled the main one Joplin MO zone type philosophy it’s very very subtle and of course you guys have probably heard of the Aquila brow tint – tattoos these sold out when they first came out like crazy so some people like them so they’re Christians some people who use clearest ones faithfully use clear as ones it says it’s 24 hours Cole watches or not which means it’s long lasting that’s my quick review of a clear product and let’s go to the next job alright so I’m in Espinel okay so I have a couple of items to show you guys from a spot I’m liking this one so far but I’ll go and show you guys the other product Escobar has this shading and highlighting do I that looks so pretty it’s like a peachy highlight color here and then this is a really subtle contouring color it’s not really dark I’m going to try it and going in with the Kleinfeld really really natural I don’t know if you can tell Oh is this like the texture type of temps as you can see it looks like a pen and seen these before but I’m liking the colors a light semi matte and then it also has a bulb at one end so I think this will make your lips nice and glossy and juicy it’s very smooth Esper is really popular for the texture of their products they’re known to be semi matte and very long lasting and very good quality so actually their foundations are the best sellers and they’ve all sought out right now at the moment so I can’t even buy it but this is meant to be extremely good the pro Taylor liquid foundation X and also I wanted to point out these blushes because they are so pretty so soft and diffusible and the shades are just really flattering for different skin tones especially for pale undertone people though so the colors are amazing and they come in a very sweet packaging which is always good and time for my shopping vices like guys I’m gonna hold it in another video so let’s go and tell me the name and that’s it for the road shop stores would stay on to our next destination now we’re inside North the department store so we’ve come from the road stores and now we’ve gone to the high-end brands of Korea which you can only access inside these department stores so Hara is one of my favorites it’s also the best seller in Korea and I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite products and also what I think you guys should check out if you’re here so let’s go and have a look so the first product that I want to show you guys is the Hara Christian ranch they come with UV mists which is the original and then there’s the UV miss long-stay which is more mat slightly matter and the UV mist ultra moisture so my ultimate favorite is actually the new one that has come out but these guys are the best sellers from the BB cushion market as well and I’ve just found out that they’re going to change the packaging next year to something more sleeker so really looking forward to that if you’re looking for really good quality lip glosses like high-end lip glosses these are the ones that I recommend you guys to check out look how cool the colors are and these pop tints are also really popular as well they’ve been worn by many famous celebrities so I highly recommend these guys to Pera has an excellent range of lipsticks as well that you guys to check out and I can’t go without mentioning this really really pretty collection guys look how pretty this is this is a collaboration with a Italian designer and I can’t pronounce it so but the packaging is so pretty and of course they’ve got different colors that are limited edition such as the Hera palette like this now this particular edition depends when you’re watching this it might still be out it’s up until the end of this year but Hera regularly comes out with amazing collaboration so this is meant to be the main color of Seoul Fashion Week actually pretty much all the models are wearing this particular red okay so now moving on to skincare alright so as you guys already know if you’ve watched my skincare products videos throughout the past few years parasail essence I’ve been using faithfully and actually her RBZ for many many years so this is personally one of my favorite skincare brands but their best selling products are actually these two products so if you’re looking for good skincare in at the high-end range sell essence by Hera and the sell buyer cream really really high-end really luxurious is probably the signature cream so this is a new product as well it smells amazing and of course it’s very rich then there are these three products that I wanted to show you guys the hair a modifier self I layer built it’s anti wrinkle and revitalizing and adds firmness so it’s really good for maturing skin like me and the oil theorem magic formula which is a really kind of different kind of product it’s an oil type of moisturizer and it smells amazing the color that is pretty cool it looks like pearl so things that you want to check out if you’re looking for high-end Korean skincare products my recommendation and for all the guys or anyone who is looking to buy a product or gift for all of their men in their lives there are also men’s ranges as well and whilst I’m at it I want to remind you guys that if you’re coming from overseas you can also get a duty-free discount so don’t forget about that we’re going ending up in the unit it can cook to me oh yeah well all these on our signature cynical so back to solid and Tommy cooking our Body Boot Corrigan keep they know the valuation well particularly this is every telepath consider you my job Tyga debating is recognizing how advanced and just remove about it and disapprove of recognition day to go you know getting this revolution yeah I only need a tool okay and I’m probably recommend which put it onto the green contagious and another player mr. Kashani and or you should be using marijuana pipe that America certainly is peaceable don’t label it always poke evaluation and a system check from a kitchen reservation table welcome people to go to punch in Nevada I am ticked over than hell take it away bull bleep whatever magic the 22nd go rabbit and I had added two new gates or suggestions on to kill double the deed to our tail so I’m Jessica’s identity warranty opt-ins kinky or the cinematography okay are you going so what’s your name and how long have you been here my name is Sydney and I’ve been here for two days so far shiipa subscriber Eisley I’m Lina and I’m from the United States I’m Stephen from the United States my surname is Pakistan hippy right but you can call me Posse from I’m from Bangkok how long have you been in Korea I’ve been 43 for egg days this is my last day and tomorrow I have to leaving already really yes yes is it your first time in Korea Gillies in my first the first time in Korea yes it is yes it is there’s a first time how did the country for him yeah so she’s actually from Singapore but she’s studying in Hong Kong right you’ve also told me it’s your second time here so what brought you to young donkeys area um definitely the shopping and I had a couple friends who wanted to ask me to get some makeup for them and then I really really want to get the Korean beauty creams Sonia I got to eat you and I are you going to eat it yeah I am and I got the BB cream they’re from Bangkok and I think everyone loves shopping and I think here’s my essential also you know you can buy any food here yeah everything deal issues and you can find a customer pick cross no waiting physics at a board muster like what did you get today um I got a lot of face masks a lot of them was for my mom and hand creams anything that’s very moisturizing mostly I just look at maths instant skincare but I don’t buy a lot of makeup so I just buy Lipton what brings you to Korea to buy skincare I think it’s actually the advertising because they use a lot of like idols and k-pop people to like advertise about it so I think that’s actually why most of me and my friends come to Korea because some of us like kpop and we just like go to nature republic cause of the XO merch a Superman your fan yes get it wet yes I bought a lot of you to hook there’s like slopes and stuff that had you know they characters on it and stuff can’t afford that too much room you get by a lot they give you samples sample bars we do that’s what me and my friends do more time I bought you 2d I bought I think I bought something like make up base like a BB cream yeah no no it’s artist like makeup is something like Palmer not here because normally or the camera what I used to have when I’m put it on its really make my skin really dry but even buy from Korea you know is have a full moisturiser it’s a keep my skin co-op water for day it’s not make my skin to dry and it’s very Cuban and put a make a body show yeah so I just want the BB cream that I got yeah okay a cheetah’s speedpaint yeah the other one is another beauty cream like Joyce with your have bags beating again precious minerals and I got a couple of Heron creams right here yeah it’s still available so it was like four dollars so I decided to get that Chiefy times cheese yes if you go to United States like ten dollars per hand cream talk about is jelly are probably at $20 yeah and for four dollars and for something does Q a lots of longtime CEO they I don’t know we are curious yeah oh yeah the price I can’t pick a price I didn’t be more expensive than my country but but I think the point thing is quite you right yeah what places have you been to today and it’s free nature of public the sale skin-food the face shop at your house like yeah every street in for our e to D and I’m not the Brad something like natural something nature public yeah that’s one okay I think has one more is a s boy something s1 yeah that’s why exactly even though you went to a lot of shops was it like was it really tiring how’s that experience being we were basically walking on one Street like the entire time so we didn’t explore a lot actually yeah how do you find makeup shopping I know you just duck one David yeah I realized that Korean makeup is very very natural like a lot of the people around here have their natural makeup it’s all about kind of the youthful face like back in America the eyebrows are a little bit more stronger which makes a little bit out and yeah exactly and with Koreans is more of a straighter eyebrow because it gives a more useful things okay so you see that reflected in the products that you see is that like in advertisements everywhere and people here you know that are walking around I’m very observant with how we will do the makeup photo normally I’m you to have my make up light European American style I think in Korea people try to make everything in the kunis thigh and something like shining nice like ugly talking yeah it’s like you you know it’s little thing here yeah yeah yeah do you find like as a 10-person was it hard for you to find products that suited you yeah when I went to UM the store the first store first week for the BB cream I was asking what is my skin tone what you know what would be good like are you trying to be lighter I’m like no it’s hard to beat my skin and I’m like oh yeah and then they’re like and then it took them a while for them to figure out what my skin tone was but they’re like oh this will be perfect did you have more natural look do you find something that yeah that was a BB cream that I got for myself right yeah I thought BB creams are less a little bit less coverage but it has a good sheer tone to it so then that’s why I decided to get it whole thing it’s not a big deal with a little bit lighter do you think you’ll be buying any makeup yeah fossum for my sister she said like cream puffs are really good cuz Korean people have a really good skin but show me to buy like cleanser and like toner for her so I got I got like cleanser and emotions right yeah she give you like the exact name of the products and what she wants no she was told me to get something for her for like morally skin out okay let me have to tend it luckily they knew Mandarin so I was like yeah I feel kind of at home when I shouted speak Mandarin they all speak Mandarin when I walk in they just speak Chinese to me usually but in this area can a lot of tourists coming over Korean are you I think they just use a lot of Chinese people coming so they just automatically speak that I reside in this area anywhere but for our fellow muses because they were watching and he want to come to Korea based on mega products what would you say in terms of shopping makeup and Creed you have any tips to give them or anything’s to watch out for yeah go to different areas because when we’re at Hongdae there is a lot of sales there but there are no sales up here at all so you go check out different places before you come to before you buy somebody would like to tell me in Korea I think in general like taxis hourly cheap air so it’s easy to get around the taxi to show them the address and I’ll take us there yeah so really easy for travelers to get around yeah pretty much just be nice if you’re nice before nice bag that is job at each chain yeah so don’t be ignorant just kind of like you know just be culturally sensitive and like know that you’re in a different country in a different culture and if you’re nice people will be nice back and they’ll give you more samples is there any like favourite products whether it’s base products or skincare that you and your mum like in particular oh the face mask with like the pandas on it like the animal pattern yeah it was really fun thank you yeah oh they have like Taco Pike hand cream as well yeah so that was weird I haven’t seen that one yeah is that the same oh I have to go check it out yeah yeah you get a lot of samples no because we use like the foreigner like the scalping so they don’t get this out I think at Innisfree if you use your like the credit card that you have back in your own country then you can get a 20% off so we use that just any discreet yeah I didn’t even know that so I’m so glad that we make you today to tell everybody he could stay in Korea dressed in free pretty thank you okay thank you so much Sydney and hope you and your mom enjoy the rest of your time here thanks for coming say hi let’s take a photo yeah you guys enjoyed this video and sort of found a little bit useful I’ve seen it a lot of shopping today so I’m going to do a whole video showing you guys exactly what I bought today so I’ll link that down below or somewhere in the screen once that’s up and if you guys like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more we upload monthly for this period leave your requests down below for any other future episodes and I’ll see you guys soon – where’s the monkey it kind of is no not that I can say who treat some engine case to do is dire game talking in the table top of you singing single line the negative end and a of the children call Domino’s for da your tuna tuna chicken pot pie kumbaya Havana now Daniel a terminator Kaduna cuy Bruce Manitoba Rococo tweet oh good


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