Sparkle and her Barbie car- Camping adventure

– [Child] Whizzaroo! – Is everyone ready for an adventure? – [Everyone] Yeah! (swish) (upbeat music) – I’m gonna take this truck for a spin. (beeps) – Let’s get in the cars and go! (quiet motor) – I’ll take the camper, guys, after all, we are going camping. (quiet motor) – Hey guys, I’m right behind you. (loud motor) (revving engine) (upbeat music) (revving engine) – Hey Dad, you wanna race? – And make you eat my dust? I wouldn’t dream of it. (quiet motor) – Hey, wait up! (engines purring) Camping adventure, here we come! (engines purring) (upbeat music) That was a long ride. – Come on guys, let’s setup a camp. (swish) (swish) (twinkle toes) (kids yelling joyfully) – Hand me the tent,
kids, let the fun begin! – Hand him the tent, Bird. – Huh? I don’t have it. (swish) Joy, give Daddy the tent. – I don’t have it. Sparkle, did you have the tent? – Don’t look at me, honey. (dramatic music) – We didn’t pack a tent? – Don’t worry, I’ll take
the camper and get the tent. (swish) – Wait for me! (swish) (upbeat music) (beeps) (taps) – Sparkle, let’s split up
and look for that tent. – Good idea. (xylophone) Hmm. (swish) – Hmm, no tent there. – There it is! (twinkle toes) (swish) (xylophone) (swish) (swish) (quiet motor) (swish) – I wonder where the girls are. – Who knows? Do you want to play tag? – Tag, you’re it. – Hey guys, I wanna play too! (swish) – Hey guys, we’ve got the tent! Hey guys! Here, Daddy. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. (upbeat music) (hammering) – All done! Let’s setup a campfire
and start some food. (fire crackling) All right kids, bring me the food, so that I can start cooking! – Bird, tell me you got food. – Joy, I didn’t bring the food. Scooter? – Why are you calling me? No one told me to get the food. – Sparkle, by any chance,
do you have the food? – Clearly you wish you were that lucky. – There’s a store down the
road, come one, Sparkle. (swish) (beeps) (quiet motor) (upbeat music) Sparkle, how about
picking up some hot dogs? (swish) – Hot dogs, check! – I’ll go grab some fruits and vegetables. (swish) Okay, back camping we go. (twinkle toes) (quiet motor) – Hey fellas, it’s been over an hour. Are the girls back yet? – This is some camping adventure. – Let’s race. – On your mark. – Get set. – Go! (taps) – Time for a nap. – Daddy, boys, we got the food! – The food! (swish) Thanks, I’ll get right on it. (swish) This is yummy. – I love chocolate. – Could use a little more. – Melting. – Wow! The food was good. Now let’s go play. – [Together] Yeah! Finally, we made it to the park. (twinkle toes) Hey, Sparkle, let’s race. – You’re not ready. – Whee. – Hey, you started early. (laughs) – The swing is fun. (swish) – Going down! (swish) Whee! That was great! – Woo hoo! Yeah! This is so much fun. ♪ I really like the party ♪ – The playground was fun. Now let’s go hike. (upbeat music) (thunder claps) – Oh no, it’s raining! (pouring rain) – Joy, where’s the umbrella? – I think it’s at home. – Home, sounds like a plan. Let’s go! (upbeat music) – [Sparkle] For more awesome
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