SpecialEvent# Best picnic place you’ve never been in Taipei

hey this is Oliver so I’ve been staying
my office for the whole week that is really really suffocating and I hope I
can go out every week today I’m gonna show you where can you have fun around Taipei so follow me today’s weather is still very nice very comfortable and now I’m going to the picnic but we need to buy food in the Costco which near the Fu Jen university
but first I need to deposit my easy card so let’s go I wanna deposit 200 hundreds now I’m hit to the Costco now and I’m gonna take bus it takes me around one hour so see you there okay so after one hour I finally arrived
at Fu Jen and I’m going to meet my friend in the MRT stations okay no I’m at this MRT station so Let’s waiting for them to pick me up I finally see my friend Sharon
Hi~ So how do we get to the Costco? We ride the bycle okay so meet you there guys all right so I finally meet another one of my friend and she’s Annie okay so we’re going to buy some food in the Castro let’s go they are checking how many people will
be in the picnic Can you delete the scene that I had a helmet? It’s embarassing So you wanna film a new footage?
No~No it’s fine so we got chicken wrap and strawberry
triple potato salad and spicy chicken wings and some chips you can comment
down below what kind of food you like in Costco tell me this guy give us a ride
He’s so nice So it takes us like 20 minutes to the HuaShan and see you there so finally we arrived at the HuaShan creative park and now we are going in
there for picnics and as you see there is concert tonight
I guess so there are a lot of people and the grass that the part we are going to
have picnic go girl good job
You’re so bad!! this girl is crazy
she brought a book for picnic No~
what is this talking about? Do we really need condom? Look at those players They really like gamble I am the winner and I wonder who’s the loser what what are you feeling right now? you lost
I’m a loser We’re playing dare or truth right now okay so he’s
gonna play dare so what are you gonna do? Do you see there’s a girl in a green t-shirt? She’s there and she’s a bit tanned. where? where? Oh!!! No. No way!! I can’t do it I really can’t.
I really can’t fucking do that Go to tell her: Excuse me! I lost a game so I wanna tell you that you’re so cute and can I have your number? No way!!!!!!!!! I can’t get over it He’s staring at you hey guys say hi to my camera Hi~camera So stupid~
Oliver you’re so handsome and you’re the best!! Cheers happy a simple day
A Simple day!! so that’s my vlog
this weekend if you liked it remember to thumbs up or subscribe it and if you
don’t like it it’s doesn’t matter comment down below put on all the mean words on
your thoughts I’ll take that

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