Squishy Makeovers: Fixing Your Squishies #3

Hey guys! So today I have another Squishy Makeover COLON Fixing your squishies video. Last week I unboxed more squishies that were given to me by some of my awesome generous wonderful subscribers!! ๐Ÿ˜€ and I asked you guys to comment to pick from those a couple squishy victims for today and you Did! So the first squishy that was highly requested was this little hamster, BUTTTT he has a twin aHa These were donated by two completely different people, but they just happened to send me the same exact squishy their long-lost twins cute!!!! Next I saw a lot of requests for this MASSIVE french fries squishy and Finally this squishy was actually unboxed and my first unboxing video. aWhshHWHH! Yes. Yay places everyone. It’s ssshow time Cool so, let’s just jump into squishy roasting ๐Ÿ˜› Today’s first victim is this giant french fry squishy because I feel like it most urgently needs help I mean, it’s literally crying also featuring this ghosting smiley face on the back mocking its pain and of course Let’s talk about the most obvious issue with this squishy Yeah, this rip. I feel like it may try to eat me. I want to eat It does have other rips and tears all over the place but it’s really nice and squishy squishy and who doesn’t like a massive thing of french fries so first so first Fries, okay, that’s got to stop. I need my trusty fabric fusion to silence this squishy for good So I’m gluing his mouth shut and then rubber banding it to hold it in place while it dries Now go ahead and sneeze on it Great. Once it’s dry. You can see that the rip is pretty well healed But I still want to seal up all those little cracks So I’m using some extra random fabric paint that I have and using it to fill in all those little cracks now for the painting I thought about all kinds of crazy ideas for things to turn this squishy into but I eventually Decided that I just really want to keep it as french fries So I’m painting over the fries with a similar color as before, but maybe just a little less fluorescent of a yellow I’m using the mat fabric paint for this which is my new best friend And I did about three coats of that and it was good So I’m gonna move on to the fry holder or whatever you want to call that thing and for that I just couldn’t resist Painting it. Rainbow. I’m sorry. It was just a prime opportunity I just had to by the way I am gonna be adding an FAQ section in the description because I get a lot of repeating questions on these videos that I have answered before but I don’t want to make it too repetitive for the people who are here every Episode and I’ve already heard me say these things over and over again So if you have questions check and see if I answered it there or just go back and watch all the previous episodes I don’t know. I don’t know that’s an option to back to the squishy I did two coats of this rainbow because after the first coat it needed quite a lot of cleaning up. So I To go back over it. I’ve been doing a lot of blendy rainbow recently, but I just went with some nice clean ish Ish stripes for this. I mean they’re hand painted. So they’re not perfect Anyway after staring at it I decided I kind of wanted to add a little shading or something to the fries just so they weren’t all one solid color But I blended it out so much that it’s really subtle like super subtle like basically invisible But yes, here are the fries. I think this came out pretty good It’s it’s simple, you know, it’s a simple design nothing too crazy, but it’s rainbow, which you guys know I love and also that big rip is now taken care of. So that’s nice. You know, it’s not the most dramatic Makeover I’ve ever done but I still really like it Okay, next is this milk carton squishy which has a cute little face on it Oh and on the back – wait, why would it have two faces? It’s like there are two beings trapped in one body. Don’t know if I like that but whatever Other than that, I do like the design a little bland for my taste But it’s cute, even though it’s pretty dirty and damaged and could use a makeover I had no plan of how I could decorate this. So I ended up deciding to change it into something completely different. Whoo suspense First I wanted to get rid of the texture that was on there to create a smoother surface To work with so I took some random Puffy paint and smooth that over to get rid of the texture after two coats of that. Most of it was filled in now I’m taking a scrap piece of memory foam that’s way bigger than what I needed and making thousands of little cuts and taking Absolutely forever and wasting 80% of that foam to create a tiny little cylinder Because I’m gonna turn this milk carton into a birdhouse. Oh, well done. Nice So I’m going to glue on this little cylinder and secure it let it dry for 30 minutes And here is the little perch for our birdhouse, of course We got to cover that in a thick layer of some irrelevant Fabric paint to secure it better and fill up the little holes in the phone when squishies have faces on them I always feel like they’re staring at being like guilting me for what I’m doing to them now I’m breaking out some matte paint and I’m coating this whole squishy and a light yellow color and I just keep going Coat after coat trying to cover up all the random textures that are all over this thing And now finally I’m gonna start decorating the birdhouse I decided to go with some different colored wavy stripes that run all the way around. I guess this is the episode of stripes I don’t know and I painted the roof in a nice light brown color and just step by step I’m cleaning up that paint job making it look more like a birdhouse adding the little bird opening and I did add like a woodgrain Kind of texture to the roof. I’m not sure how successful I was at that I mean I can see where I was going with this but I’m pretty sure if I didn’t tell you what it was you’d be Like what is that and for the final touch? I went on the front and added some tiny little stars just for some cute little details and that’s it side note Every time I paint a squishy all the air gets trapped and makes it really impossible to squish so I use a pin to stab the squishy and Release some of the air you can see the holes when you first poke them But after like 30 seconds the paint goes back and they’re basically invisible But the good thing is you have complete control over how slow rising you want the squishy to be Okay So this birdhouse is finished but it’s just really sad because there’s nobody to live in it and it’s just so empty and and So alone, I must make a bird to live in it. So I grabbed a clump of foam and started snipping away This is basically like an accessory for the birdhouse. So I don’t want anything too detailed or too intricate So like a little bird blob, you know I coated that baby and a thick coat of white paint to see off all the holes and then I went ahead and made this into a little Bluebird using the same blue from the birdhouse to tie it all together and then I added a little beak a little Cheeks and little eyes and little wings. Okay enough with that voice Here’s the before and after it’s kind of weird to show the side by side Because the front of the milk is not the same as the front of the house because they’re on different sides of the squishy But you get it. I think this is the first non-food or animal squishy that I’ve ever made or decorated So that’s exciting and I’m so happy that the house has a bird and the bird has a house The bird will never actually be able to go inside his house I’m not even sure he could fit through there if it was real, but you know what? Let’s not overthink this he can’t fly around he can sit on his little perch. Oh Okay, maybe not still cute, though And now for the hamster twins, they are the exact same squishy But one of them has been colored on they’re actually not in too bad of shape besides a couple little rips But nothing terribly shocking they do have super cute little hamster bods and oak This guy’s creeping in the background get out of there But I don’t think this solid orange color is really doing much for them. I think they could use some more More for these we have to break out the sand paper Make sure if you do this to cover your nose and mouth because I don’t think your lungs would appreciate squishy dust I went over this last time but Basically if the squishy is to smooth the paint no likey so you need to add some texture for the paint to stay on It’s not every squishy that’s like this just the ones that are like super smooth So now with half of their skin sanded off, they’re ready to paint So I’m starting with some slick paint in the color grape Which I thought was very appropriate Because I’m doing a peanut butter and jelly theme for somebody who doesn’t even like to eat peanut butter and jelly I don’t know why I’ve made now three peanut butter and jelly squishies, but I think it looks really cute I just don’t like to eat it. I actually like peanut butter and jelly separately I just don’t think they should ever be mixed like never ever ever ever Anyway, this is the jelly hampster that I’m working on and I painting it a light purple Whoa, that color is so much darker when it dries. Look at that. Look at that I feel like purple paint in particular dries a lot darker. I don’t know. Maybe I’m making that up Wow, my fingernails blend in perfectly with that purple. That’s so weird. Like seriously the exact same color I’m fascinated by the simplest things, okay? So now I’m painting on the white belly and the classic white hamster markings on the face Oh And a lot of people were saying they wanted me to make the twins into Chip and Dale which I thought was a cute idea That’s jelly on the head by the way But the thing is Chip and Dale are like the exact same design with just slightly different colors And I don’t know. I just I wanted to make them a little bit more different from each Other than that, so I decided to go with the PB&J theme instead and now it’s time for the peanut butter hamster I’m using the matte paint for him I thought it would look nice to have the jelly hamster with the slick paint and the peanut butter hamster in the matte paint so here we go with that nice liked peanut butter color and so Yes, and after many many coats of paint and love this guy is ready for the details and I want to try to Make his body look like a peanut So I added little crisscross stripes all over his body, but then when I cleaned them up They got a little thicker. I felt like they were a little in your face So I lightened the color and went over them to take it down a notch And I’m glad I did because I think this ended up looking a little better And again, I’m adding the ham sternness with the white details and giving him some nice peanut butter on his head And yes, that is actual peanut butter. No, of course, it’s not and here comes the face Doo-doo-doo-doo here comes the face and I say it’s alright. Okay, just ignore me and yes good catch I gave him purple eyes, and the jelly one peanut butter eyes It’s like the yin-yang thing going on, you know and look they’re looking at each other. Oh So jelly is the girl peanut butter is the boy and they’re just such a cute couple Wait, are they a couple or are they twins? I don’t know I hope that you guys aren’t disappointed that I didn’t end up going with Chip and Dale But I am personally really happy with these I love how they came out so much Oh Okay, so they’re a couple All right, and no that’s not it surprise I’m doing a bonus bun since I have so many of these little mini ones I may be doing some at the end of the videos as a bonus I won’t be going into as much detail with the process as the other ones But yes, there may be bonus squishies at the end. So watch out I know a lot of people want me to do more squishies in each video And so this is my absolute max because as it is these videos take about I don’t know 30 to 50 hours To film and edit and that’s not including drying time or any breaks So it’s usually a full eight or nine days of me working on the video every day and that’s why these makeovers come out every other Friday instead of every Friday because I still have my Monday video to do and I also have my art and crafts videos that I don’t want to neglect and just when You thought I was gonna make an entire video without sprinkles, huh ridiculous Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss them many more episodes that are yet to come and if you like these videos check out my other crafts in our videos as well because I know a lot of people love the Squishy makeovers, but my other videos have like a really similar style So give them a chance while you’re waiting for the makeovers to come out and you may like them as well Don’t forget that I put a list of frequently asked questions in the description for you guys So check it out, and I will see you guys on Monday. Bye


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