Stay Focused Ep47: Staying Organized During the Holidays

You go to my mom’s house, you’ve got a look at the label and the date on everything before you eat anything because you just don’t know! Sorry Mom! But everyone knows! It’s no secret. Welcome back to Stay Focused, our weekly videos series. Here we are with Sarah Solomon from Moving Simply! Welcome back Sarah! Yeah, thank you. She’s the queen of organization she can help keep us all organized. That’s right! So Sarah! You’ve got some stuff for us today. I do! Well, first of all if you’re gonna be hosting the holidays it’s a good idea to prepare your fridge ahead of time. So clear everything out of your fridge and make sure there’s room for your big roast or your turkey or whatever and
what I love are these fridge bins. Everything you have left that is a current and not expired and all that you can keep in these bins so that you can pull them out easily and make sure nothing is lost in the back. Make way for the turkey. Yeah! You can get them at TJ Maxx, Container Store, Target. These are great things to have. I’m also a big fan of upgrading Tupperware. If you have all that Tupperware and all those Chinese food containers and all that stuff that doesn’t have a lid. You can take it all out and use that to give all the leftovers to all your guests! You can
have them clear out the old and get new! Yeah. Get some nice new ones for yourself that fit it really well. These are from Ikea. They’re $3 or $4 and they’re glass. Clearing all the clutter and stuff before people come. Clearing off your dining room table which usually has stuff on it. I like to use these bins. These are also from Ikea. Put stuff in them. They have a lid you can label them if you really want to get adventurous. And instead of just kind of tossing stuff in the box, and shoving it in the closet. You can stack them in the corner and make it look really stylish. Exactly! I kind of have of rule that if you’re gonna shove stuff
in a box that you make sure you go through it within a week. Otherwise you’ll find it next year when you go to clean to clean your house. I’m dying to find what’s inside of this. If you want to label your boxes, I have this awesome labeler. Wow. This is rechargeable. This would actually be a fun gift, a label maker. It is! Then if you go to their house the year after, they can have all their stuff labeled. For all the Virgos on your holiday list. I’m a Virgo. Oh perfect! Exactly! Some other bins. If you have stuff pantry or stuff that’s out that you want to tuck away neatly instead of having just pile of cans or whatever. I use these for our pet food in our house so can basically just have it all neat and picturesque. It’s amazing how just pile of stuff, if you put it in a container, it all of a sudden becomes organized! I’m a big fan of if you’re trying to organize something, take everything out and put back only what you need. I would say if you’re going to be having a lot of guests over and you need a lot of extra seating. Instead of storing a whole bunch of big oversized old dining chairs Get rid of them! Donate them and get some nice folding chairs that are actually comfortable. Some nice cushions. That way you can have small amount of chairs in a small space. Everyone can fit around the table Exactly and then your garage isn’t filled with your grandmother’s chairs! Great! Awesome! Well thanks for joining us Sarah! Thank you so much. Thanks for watching everybody! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and until next time Stay Tuned and Stay Focused.

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