Street Food Japan – DANCING SQUID SASHIMI + BEST Seafood and Noodle Tour of Hokkaido, Japan!

– Incredible! (soft drum music) Oh! Oh my goodness, that is just crazy! And, this is not alive, but I’m a little nervous, to be honest. It’s still moving, just sliced. But, is it gonna suction on to my throat? Oh, it’s sucking. Okay, let’s go for it, guys. All right, check it out
guys, it’s Trevor James. We’re on a world noodle tour and we just got in to Hakodate, Japan. And today in this video,
we’re bringing you through the ultimate noodle
and seafood adventure. We’re in a local seafood
market this morning, and we’re gonna get a ton of food. Let’s check it out. (groovy music) This is it, Hakodate, right on the southern
tip of Hokkaido, Japan. Home to some of the freshest
seafood in the whole country, including the famous dancing
squid sashimi don rice bowl. And today, we’re bringing you in for seven incredible Hokkaido
noodle and seafood dishes. So make sure to watch all the way until the
end to enjoy them all. Let’s eat. And by the way, guys, we
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you a exclusive content that Trevor and I will eat together. I think you guys will love it. – Cool, let’s keep going, guys. Okay, guys, and this morning market is just packed with seafood. We’re gonna compare the street uni versus the luxury uni rice
bowl, the gonads comparison. Cheap gonads versus luxury
from the sea urchin. And it’s just right up here. I think there’s a local sea urchin stall where we can actually cut
one open and slurp it down. (speaks in foreign language) – Hi! – This is definite, straight
from the sea, you guys. Fresh. Oh yeah, a little soy. That’s street uni. (speaks in foreign language) Let’s try it out. (funky music) Mm! Wow, actually, first uni
right from the market. Right from the sea. It doesn’t get any better! I was a little worried because sometimes, uni has a foul odor, but this is surprisingly delicious. Creamy, like a breeze, like
a fresh scent of ocean air that you just breathe in. It’s smooth, it melts in
your mouth, it’s creamy. This is as good as it
gets, right in Hakodate, the source of so much seafood in Japan. And we’re gonna compare that street uni to a luxury uni right here, guys. And we’re bright and
early, opens at nine a.m.. We’re gonna try it out. (speaks in foreign language) Here we go, guys. (speaks in foreign language) Okay. Wow, here we are. Look at this beautiful setting here, guys! We’re gonna have a beautiful
uni comparison here. This is what we came in for,
the luxury, premium uni, the treasures of the sea. And you can see this place is busy now. People just walked in and are ordering pretty
much all the same thing because that is the signature. (speaks in foreign language) Wow! (speaks in foreign language) Uni don, uni don. (speaks in foreign language) Look at this, guys. Wow, it just came. This is ultra premium, you can tell. Just look at how perfectly symmetrical and smooth this uni is. Oh,
and I can’t wait to try it. They give you a dash of wasabi on top. This is gonna be really unique to compare to the street uni we just had. Now, I’m just gonna go full beast mode, and we’re just gonna totally
get a mouthful of luxury. Ooh, look at that! That is the cream of
the ocean right there. I can’t believe it, guys. We’re in Hokkaido Island,
Hakodate with premium uni. Let’s try it out. (Trevor slurps) Mm! Mm! Ooh! Oh wow! It is so creamy, refined. There’s literally no odor in there. Just the smoothest, creamy ocean breeze. Wow! (Trevor slurps and moans) Whoa! That is next level. You take the street uni, you times the joy and the satisfaction and the smooth creaminess by
100, and this is what you got. That was just amazing, guys. And we’re goin’ for tons of food all day. Beautiful! Okay, guys, and one thing that you’ll find that we’ve been seeing
everywhere in Hakodate is these very luxury melons. They’re almost $35 for one. (speaks in foreign language) Big! (speaks in foreign
language) Oh yeah, here we go. Look at these. – These are nice.
– Ooh! Luxury melons. And I’ve never actually had
top grade fruit in Japan. It’s a real thing here to get perfected, sweet–
– Here. – Oh, wow!
– I picked the sweeter. – Very sweet?
– Mm-hmm. – Oh, look at those. Wow! Very good? Okay. (speaks in foreign language) So, the vendor is just grabbing a knife and he’s gonna slice one up for us. It’s a $35 melon. I’m really curious to try
and see if it’s worth it. Here we go. Oh, there it is! Ooh, look at the color! (speaks in foreign language) Ooh, and there it is! Look at this, guys. The Hakodate special. (Trevor slurping) Mm! It’s just perfect! That’s how you could describe it. It’s like a melon perfected. It’s so juicy! You take a melon, you times it by 100, you take that aroma and the
natural sweetness all combined. It’s just (slurping). Oh, it’s just dripping! And next up, we walked
just right down the street for a luxury seafood ramen. And here we are, guys, bright and early. We’re gonna get a luxury seafood ramen. (speaks in foreign language) Oh, here we are! (speaks in foreign language) We’re gonna get two luxury
seafood ramen bowls. This is just incredible, guys. We’re getting a miso,
seafood bouillabaisse ramen with snow crab legs. And you can see, he’s
actually just scooped in a bunch of miso paste
into a rich, seafood stock with a variety of different seafoods, and we’re just slicing up
these snow crab legs right now and putting them into that stock. It’s gonna be really, really delicious. Here we go, here’s the noodles, the ramen. Go right in the bowl. Look at those snow crab legs! Wow! (speaks in foreign language) And here it is, guys. Check it out. Wow! There’s a big scoop of uni in! Oh my, right there. All that uni, sea urchin gonads. We’ve got snow crab legs,
we’ve got a big, look at this! We got a big chunk of squid and a scallop and a big juicy prawn in a seafood-miso bouillabaisse stock. And I think we’re just gonna
start with an uni ramen slurp. Look at that, guys. With a little stock, that is gonna be a powerful first bite in the morning. (slurping) Mm! Oh, wow. Mm! (speaks in foreign language) Wow! It’s a strong ocean aroma, but with that stock, it goes very well. (glasses clinking) Mm, it is all about that broth. It’s a real, miso-y seafood bouillabaisse. Rich, really healthy and
nutritious, you can feel. The stock combined with all
the seafood like that uni, the gonads from the sea
urchin, it’s a bit strong. Wow, look at this, guys. We can just break out the crab flesh. Oh, look at that! Oh my! Look at that dangling crab flesh! Beautiful! And you can just take it all in one go. (Trevor slurps) Wow! Oh yeah! – Delicious? – Delicious! (speaks in foreign language) Oh, wow. What a seafood hearty
kick to the morning, guys. And we’re keepin’ on movin’. And next up, we’re gonna
jump on the trolley here and go for a shio-based ramen,
which is a salt-based ramen, sea salt from the sea
around Hakodate here. Wow. (funky music) (speaks in foreign language) And what’s so special about this, guys, it’s gonna be with a kombu seaweed and it’s gonna be full of
that natural sea salt aroma. Here we are guys, Ajisai Ramen. This whole country is where
noodle dreams come true. And this is it, the
salt-based Hakodate ramen with chashu pork in a chicken-pork stock. Oh yeah, let’s try it out. Look at this! This is where noodle
satisfaction lives, really. And here we are, guys. Look at that uni options. I’m just gonna get the
classic Ajisai special ramen which is signature salt. And let’s just order that. 1,300. (speaks in foreign language) – Hi! (speaks in foreign language) – Oh yeah, we can just sit right here. And here’s the noodle station, guys. Look at this. We’re making the shio-based shio ramen. – Shio ramen!
– Shio ramen. Wow, that’s the kombu
stock right there, guys. (funky music) There it is. Wow! (speaks in foreign language) Oh! (speaks in foreign language) (server laughs) (speaks in foreign language) Here it is, guys, look at that. Wow! This is the premium shio ramen. Oh! Look at all of the toppings on here. We got bamboo shoots,
we’ve got half-boiled eggs, tons of Negi greens. And there’s this seared pork chashu here, there’s this dried little tofu puff, all those bamboo shoots, and, oh yeah, the signature
noodles on the bottom. And, this is in a clear, salt-based, shio-based, pork-chicken blend. It’s supposed to be
really elegant and clear. First shio ramen on our
world noodle tour. (slurping) Mm! (speaks in foreign language) Mm, mm! Mm! Oh, wow, that is the specialty of Hakodate that we’ve been looking forward to trying. And, look at this, guys,
Japanese chili oil. I don’t know if this is
breaking the etiquette, but we’re total chili lovers so let’s just get a chili oil egg. Oh, wow! (slurping) Mm! Oh, slightly smokey with a
melt-in-your-mouth egg yolk. If you love a little more
strong with miso or chili, mm, this is not for you but if you want a
wholesome seafood flavor, salt-based stock, mm, this’ll bring it right to life. And next up, to finish our day before getting up bright
and early the next morning to go try the dancing squid sashimi, we’re going for another
must-try noodle in Japan, soba. And look at where we are, guys. This is Hakodate. We’re just exploring
through these wide streets, quite empty-looking. And, right up ahead, we’re looking for a
local soba noodle joint. So, buckwheat noodles and
dipped in a light soy sauce. And it should just be right up here, and it’s gonna be good. Let’s go check it out. And here we are, guys. And we’re gonna get tempura. It’s gonna be really
delicious, all of the food. I feel like every meal in Japan
is hard to have a bad meal. (speaks in foreign language) – Hi! (speaks in foreign language) Hi!
(speaks in foreign language) – Oh, we can sit down in these
traditional seating areas. Wow, amazing! And here’s the set meals, guys. We’ve got all different compliments that go with the cold soba. We’re gonna get the
tempura, tempura set meal. (speaks in foreign language) Ooh! (speaks in foreign language) Tempura? Mm! Tempura’s arrived and now
we’re waiting for soba. Oh! Look at this. We got a ton of food
going on here, beautiful. Buckwheat soba noodles and it’s served with the real joy I’m really
looking forward to trying. We’ve got daikon radish, Negi greens, and then look inside here, let’s see. Oh, that’s a raw egg! And the real secret here is you gotta crack this raw
egg open and fill up this cup. And we’re just gonna pour that cold, sweet soy sauce in there and we’re gonna dip our
soba noodles in there. I’m just gonna mix that egg yolk in. Oh my! This looks unique. And here we go, let’s just dip it. Let’s just dip it all in,
get it coated in that. (Trevor slurping) Mm! Oh, wow! Oh, that is refreshing. And this is the iconic piece
of flesh from Hokkaido, guys, crab leg tempura. You gotta come to Hokkaido
Island to get the real deal. And here we are, tempura,
local restaurant, traditional Japanese style. We’re gonna dip it right in. This goes so well. This whole meal is just a perfect set. You got cold, refreshing soba noodles, a bit of a buckwheat flavor, you got that eggy, sweet soy sauce, and then you got fried tempura. So, you got fresh, and then you got oily, and it’s mixing together. (tempura crunching) Mm! And it all goes so well. And last up, to finish our seafood and noodle tour of Hokkaido, the next morning, we’re going straight in with a full on dancing
squid sashimi rice bowl. Oh yeah, look at this. We’re gonna get some live squid sashimi. Barbecue crab legs, oh. Look at this steamed action! (speaks in foreign language) Hi!
– Hi! – How are you?
– How are you? (speaks in foreign language) – King crab legs, steamed. And we can also get it barbecue. – Yes, and barbecue.
– Barbecue and steamed. – Steamed, yeah.
– Wow, beautiful. And all the fresh seafood here! – King crab.
– King crab! Whoa! Tasty! (speaks in foreign language) Amazing. I think we’re gonna get
a couple king crab legs. Maybe two? – [Vendor] Two. – Barbecue.
– Barbecue, oh yes. – Please.
– Okay. – And, maybe some ika! – Ika!
– Ika. – Squid.
– Ika squid. (speaks in foreign language) Ika. – Ika.
– Ika don. – Ika don.
– It’s okay? – Okay.
– Okay! Let’s try it out. Oh, wow. Barbecue king crab legs in Hakodate! (lively music) Wow! (speaks in foreign language) – Very good.
– Very good! Oh, wow. Look at those giant crab legs! And, over here there’s a live squid tank. We’re gonna get a live squid
right over rice and try it out. Okay, so we’re gonna grab
the ika, the squid out, and, we’re gonna make a live squid bowl. Oh my goodness! – [Vendor] Okay, okay. – Like this? Ooh, there it is. Okay, we got it. (speaks in foreign language)
Oh, look at that! Whoa! – You put it there.
– Oh, that’s the danger. – That’s the danger. Danger.
– Danger! Oh, that’s the beak! Oh, pull the beak! Oh, there. Safe! Wow, safe. Okay! We’re gonna go cut that up. Wow, here we go in the kitchen, guys. Okay, here we go, guys. We’re gonna slice it up. Whoa! And, I must admit, I’m a little nervous to try this squid head just
directly over the rice. It’s (speaks in foreign language)? (speaks in foreign language) Okay. – (speaks in foreign language) Delicious. – Delicious! Wow, and we’re just gonna slice that up, put it over a rice bowl, and we’re gonna get ikura
salmon eggs with it as well. This is incredible. Coming to the source of
fresh seafood in Japan. Wow, incredible! (gentle music) (speaks in foreign language) Whoa!
– The soy sauce in there. – Soy sauce, okay. The squid is still moving. We’ve also got a beautiful
lunch set here as well. King crab leg. We’ve got a nice pacific
saury, lots of salt on there, and grilled over the coals. I’m really loving how there’s such rich
seafood miso soup here. And then, of course, we’ve got the natto, the fermented soy beans. We’re gonna try the natto. (lively music) Mm! It’s bitter and slimy. That is actually, really,
in my opinion, nasty. I have not developed the
palette for that yet. It’s like eating the
snot from a sick dragon. (speaks in foreign language) We’ll try it again. Mm! It’s bitter and slimy. Ooh. Whoa! (speaks in foreign language) I don’t know about that. Let’s go in for a crab leg, oh! King crab leg. (lively music) Mm! Oh! Whoa! That is so tender! This is insane, look at that! It’s still moving, just sliced. Wow! And it’s served with ikura, salmon egg, and the body of the squid
is sliced underneath it. So, we’ve got this squid sashimi, and we’ve got this squid body, and the deal here is you
just pour a little soy on it. Oh! Oh my goodness! That it just crazy. Enjoy. And you can also see, there’s
these squid guts here. And that’s a specialty! Chef was slicing those up for us, and that goes perfectly
with the sliced squid. So, this is kinda like a squid sashimi with the guts coated all over it. Let me try it out. Okay, let’s go for it, guys. – Wow! – Mm! Mm! Mm! – Good?
– Mm! Oh, it’s suctioning on to my tongue! – Okay, okay! – Mm! Oh, tasty! (speaks in foreign language) Mm! – Very good. – It’s crunchy! – Crunchy.
– Crunchy, mm! (speaks in foreign language) – Thank you. (speaks in foreign language) – Thank you! Oh wow! Definitely took a big bite from there. That is really all about the
crunchy, springy texture. The flavor, it’s very just,
very quite clear and simple. Just like raw squid, pretty much with a bit of a salty soy sauce. (speaks in foreign language) Very nice, thank you. Mm! Beautiful. Awesome, guys. And we are heading and
continuing on our noodle journey. We’re heading to Osaka now. Thanks so much for watching. Please click the little
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