Summer vacation in Turkey | Spa Day | VLOG #1

hey guys what’s up as you can see today
I’m in a slightly different setting I want summer vacation I’ve been waiting
for this moment for a really really long time
and since I’m here and I’m not in the Netherlands I thought why not show you
around a little bit I’m in Izmir I’m in a beach town called Alacati – so today’s
video is not exactly about making it in Holland but it’s about making it in
style during summer vacation so I am all ready to go as you can see my hair is
all natural I just bundled it up no makeup nothing just really casual and
let’s just get zen in the spa I have just arrived and let’s go inside so right now I’m in a resort in Tishman
and as you can see it has a really beautiful marina with a lot of boats
parked it’s a resort as well as a spa so you can come here as a day trip if you
don’t want to stay at hotel and they have everything from Turkish baths to
massage packages just meditation so let’s go okay so this the entrance to the spa and
that’s me let’s go I’m a bit lucky right now the changing
room is empty so I can give you a little tour that’s me so you enter here and
then you have the toilets sinks a small area where you can dry off place to
leave dirty towels and then back here is the main changing room it’s quite
spacious you have showers here and then behind here you have changing rooms I
realize my slippers are making the most annoying sound but this is it life is a little bit dark I’m in the
changing room right now I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of an idea of
what just happened it was amazing incredible I just feel
super mellow right now so I just had the Turkish bath and massage session and now
I’m just gonna dry off a little bit and I’m gonna go into our own my therapy and
I just feel like so calm and just just just super mellow a very very mellow
it’s not very busy here today despite the fact that it’s a Sunday
so it’s really just calm and quiet and that most fear really sort of adds to
this Zen way of being so now for the second part of the treatment I’m on to
my massage let’s see how it will go hello again so I didn’t have my tripod
with me since you know it’s a day at the spa who brings their a tripod with them
so this is my sort of little setup i am very happy i just finished both the
turkish bath and our own my therapy massage and it was just super relaxing
in about 90 minutes everything was done so i took a package that included
turkish baths the scrub and I wrote my therapy massage I paid 375 Turkish Liras
obviously like if you compare it to a spa abroad like for example in Holland
you pay more so it’s definitely cheaper when you compare like that but it’s not
the cheapest if you know what I mean because the spy is still part of a
5-star hotel resort and thermal spa so you do pay quite a bit but I feel like
from my experience I had a very good time so I would definitely say that’s
the money is really worth it so I’m all dressed up and I feel super mellow but I
want to talk to you guys some more about the spa and the kind of treatments you
can get should you wish to come here so I’m going to be cheating looking at
the prices on my phone but I hope this will be useful okay before that I’ll
tell you a little bit about what is it that I got done so I’m a very very very
big fan of the Turkish bath and the whole hamam ritual so I went for the
traditional Turkish bath which involves scrubbing so you get rid of your you
know upper layer of dead skin and you start to glow and following from that
you get a very beautiful again very traditional Turkish soap massage and in
the Turkish is soap massage basically well it’s pretty my self-explanatory but
the soaps they use are mostly based off of olive oil so they’re super hydrating
the whole idea is that you come into the Turkish hammam you sweat off a little
bit and now you scrub up your dead skin and their following from that you get
your pores tightened again with the sole okay so now you guys might be curious
about the pricing so I’m gonna cheat a little bit and read you off of the most
current menu they have massages body treatments skincare Turkish bath
treatments but also packages the massages range from anywhere between 100
and 50 lira and they go up to 280-300 area so that’s the range you’re looking
at they have the body massage Thai massage hot stone therapy Swedish
aromatherapy which is what I got done they also have body treatments that are
a bit longer and also ranging yeah and the cheapest one that looks
like it’s under the 20 lira I opted for one of the packages so the package that
I went for was the peeling foam and aromatherapy package and I was very very
happy I mean I’m very happy with the result and I thought it was really worth
the money as well so if you ever come to Turkey you know where to go to unwind
for a spa holiday definitely recommending time to go back


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