Summer vacation underway in Korea 8월 즐거운 여름휴가 시작

Summer vacation season is upon us.
To escape the scorching heat… Koreans are flocking to beach resorts and mountains.
Our Ji Myung-kil has more. Korea′s major beaches are starting to fill
up with visitors looking for some rest and relaxation, with the nation′s eastern
and southern coasts already packed with vacationers who try to escape the blazing heat of the
season. But in terms of destinations, …lakes and
streams continue to be highly sought after alternatives by those who wish to avoid crowded
beaches. ″I think it′s a great place to get some
rest. It′s very cooling to hear the water flowing.″ ″Breathing fresh air and putting my feet
in the cool water… that′s all it takes to get rid of the heat.″
Camping in caravans is also gaining popularity among families with young children as it provides
the comforts of home. ″Since we have children, we need to use
electricity and water, which is easy here. And inside the trailer, we can also avoid
insects as the children don′t like them.″ Hotels are also offering different holiday
packages that include not only a variety of foods and drinks, but also cultural events
and sports activities. And as August signals the start of the summer
holiday season in the country,… Korea Expressway Corporation is expecting major
inter-provincial roads to be heavily congested starting this weekend.
In particular, … the Gyeongbu Expressway which connects Seoul
to Busan and the Yeongdong Expressway linking Seoul to Gangwondo Province will likely experience
heavy traffic inflow. Ji Myung-kil, Arirang News.

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