Sundance Vacations Testimonials

it was going to be a lot of pressure to
buy I will admit I was skeptical about the
whole procedure in the whole process what I thought it was a joke another
little bit apprehensive I wasn’t quite sure I’m not really what I expected this can’t be real a pretty much believe the right away I
thought it was too good to be true they were preparing a presentation there
was no pressure on me whatsoever they were very friendly they
were very professional they were right up front with us about
everything the spoke with one person one I want me to
feel comfortable he tried to help but that anyway we wanted to purchase
something things they put online really scare you. but I went in there and these people were just so night and
time with down there you know they tried to relate with you and you know they understood they weren’t too pushy or anything like that and you know this isn’t for me at this time
and he gave me myvoucher and sent me on my way I’ve been the high-pressure sales
pitches before and this was not one of them I felt very at ease when I booked my vacation there was a very simple process you put in like five minutes each step
and done can’t really complain with that and
it was like boom, boom, boom, and it was done and I’m like okay or what do I do next and she says that said
that’s it, your done, your booked. Sundance Vacations offers your choice of
one of three Caribbean fly away adventures including four days and three
nights hotel accommodations and roundtrip airfare to historic Cancun Mexico Cancun is the
jewel in the Mexican Caribbean with 14 miles of pristine white sand beaches
turquoise seas bountiful underwater world in my an archaeological wonders the history of them I in world is before
you with many temples and ritual sites to visit and explore Cancun is on the southeast coast of
Mexico in Quintana roo on the yucatán peninsula One life, one love, in beautiful Montego Bay, Jamica share their rich culture and learn about
the art language music traditions and amazing
cuisine at this Caribbean paradise treat yourself to undersea tours
rainforest rafting and safaris along the Black River Montego Bay offers a delightful blend in
learn in cultural activities and gorgeous scenery that will engage the
heart imagination and any visitor. San Juan Puerto Rico the island of enchantment. Puerto Rico’s capital city San Juan, offers a mix of fun culture and history including two fortreses and the 16th century Plaza de Armas which translates into place of weapons. San Juans metro area is a great place to shop enjoy night light and stroll along the
waterfront overlooking some of the Caribbean’s most glorious golden sand
beaches while in San Juan you can book kayaking
horseback riding scuba diving in the host a wonderful experience. It’s
a great destination I tell everyone about it. we did
recommend it’s like friends of ours it would come highly recommended from us. If you get the phone call, don’t hang up on them.


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