Sweep from Half Guard – AKA Thailand

Hello, guys. My name is Marcio Cesar. I am
the BJJ and MMA coach here at AKA Thailand. This is my student Daygo. Today I will show for you one sweep from half guard, when my opponent makes the Whizzer
to block me when I try to take his back. So I am here in half guard control. When I try to move and take his back he makes the Whizzer and blocks my movement. At this moment I need to move my hands. I can grip, just close here. Or I can grip my lapel. It doesn’t matter. So, close here now. What I do, you just come back for deep half guard. So I am here in half guard. I try to take his back. He makes the Whizzer. I come — I move my left hand and make tight, because I block his hand now. Now I just come back for the half guard. This position is very effective because when my opponent tries defense, he doesn’t have this arm. Because when the guy tries to sweep in half guard If he has his arm he’ll use it for defense. You cannot. You see? He tries in half guard and just block. So what happens now, he doesn’t have this arm. Push, try to take the back. You block his arm. So you go — when you go for deep you see? He doesn’t have the arm for defense. And you sweep. So one more time. He blocks.

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