Taipei 臺北 VR Interactive & Immersive Travel Tour – VeeR Experience trailer

Welcome to Taipei City. As we slowly flying into the center of Da’an district enjoy the unique architectures is a perfect blend of old and new compact but not cr owded. If you are fan of tiny planet video, please look up. You will see a tinyplanet view of the city as you can see in the distance the tallest building of Taipei is the Taipei 101 where I will be visiting the Google office if you look down you see the busy main street of Da’an district. The city feel alive and full energy As we flying back you can see the elephant mountains behind the Taipei 101 that is the perfect spot to get a full view of the city. And I highly recommend to hike up for a beautiful sunset view. If you turn around you will see my location where I will bring you into the hub of the city so follow along and let me show you the magic of Taipei City.


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